With only days left before the Republican Presidential primary, the Tea Party is going to Florida.


Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Express, Our Country Deserves Better and the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and some other of our friends are all participating in a get out the vote drive through Monday.


Here is the schedule:


9:00 AM - Jacksonville Rally (11437 Central Parkway, Jacksonville FL 32224)


1:30 PM – Winter Park Rally (1815 State Road 436, Winter Park, FL 32792)


7:00 PM – West Palm Beach Rally (701 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401)



Sunday, January 29

1:30 PM – The Villages Rally


4:00 PM – Gainesville Rally


Monday, January 30

12:00 PM CST – Panama City Rally


5:00 PM CST – Pensacola Rally (Jerry’s Cajun Café – 6205 North 9th Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504)



Come out and join us at these events and pass the word to everyone you know.  We must get the Tea Party out to vote this Tuesday in Florida!


Check in to Tea Party Nation, as we will have updates from the Tour through out the weekend and through Monday! 

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Well it's about time we get back out there and make some noise! Sheech I was beinging to forget about us...lol Thank God they are hitting the road again! WE need our voices back! :) GO NEWT! ;)

yOU ARE ACTING LIKE ows. And damaging your own country.

I see that G. Szaki has only 14 comments on this web-site. 

I wonder if her nasty comment to Katie Kalpin was because Katie is for Newt? 

The tea-party has gathered before, way before the OWS, and made a real difference for this country. Maybe G. Szaki should do some review before making comments like she did.

I am a HE. I hate OWS. I signed up here looking for people to join up with. I am a conservative with an open mind and sense to move forward, not back. But I found unreasonable comments and sensesless Romney bashing from the depths of some deep darkness. I apologize if I hurt some of you. I just think that you are not seeing the real picture.

sad thing here is that we do see the real picture and you are the one who dose not. If Romney get's elected are you going to admit to people after you see that he is indeed Obaaaaama light that you pushed for him? No you will not, but we will remember. Newt is the way to go and the Tea Party see's that..either him or Santorum. If you want Romeny Fans..wrong page...find the 9/12 project they are mitten fans..you see that we are not yet you continue to attack us. So my question here is...how much were you paid by Romney to do this?

Not sure you really are a HE... but  ..  anyone who tries in any way to use OWS and Tea Party Members in the same sentence or as the same ...  I sure could use some of what you are smokin!!   I want you to go back and look at ...lets say .. the pictures of the people at the Tea Party Rallies  versus the ows folks!!   and then the lawful Tea Party folks against the ows lawbreakers ... and then the messages of the Tea Party folks (freedom, small govt, Republic!)  versus ows ( gimmy, gimmy,  gimmy oh and where can I go to the bathroom!)    How dare you make that comparison.   It sure looks like you are a CINO   (conservative in name only...just made that up)   Bill Miller ..

I have nothing to do with OWS first. Second, I won't support any of you folks going to Florida to play bad games and destroy the party and its only acceptable candidate, Mitt Romney. You all need to realize that, it is not the Republican party that became so called "moderate"..The truth is your kind of people pushing this party to the far right. That is not going to help  in general elections, when the biggest challenge is to catch some independents, centrists, women and most importantly minorities. You all act like a bunch of crying kids, because "real average" Republican affiliated voters not favoring a flawed, fat burnout who is constantly calling his rivals names..like he said to Santorum:"He can not set up a national campaign" (Now that is just arrogant from Newt) OR about Romney "He is a moderate" (Simply not true, especially from someone like Newt who changed positions more frequently than Mitt) OR attacking the media OR acting like a ticking time bomb yelling "I am going to be the nominee"..This is all arrogance.I don't care about how "brilliant" he is when another minute he says some really painfully dumb thing.  And you really need to know. A huge voting group "Middle aged and younger women DO NOT FAVOR HIM for his past and his unhealthy looks.Consider this a serious note for all you people and think about that how selfish and dumb you would look if the Republican party would crumble because you can not grow up and step into 2012. Ronald Reagan (God Bless Him) is dead. Nixon is dead. Palin is a joke. You either support the viable candidate or stay away. We will fight the fight.

Greetings from Seattle,


Like I said before, there are people out there that are too scared to be Tea Party yet. They are afraid because the liberals have done damage before and they fear what the liberals are going to do now. This woman is showing that to be true! Instead she wants Obama light. The only reason I am calling Mittens Obama light is because he will fight a little more..his skin is a little thicker. Other than that..see how this person is yammering? Well that's liberal!


Thank you Kelly ;)

"I won't support any of you folks going to Florida..." G. Szaki ?

You folks and your kind?  This is at least your 6th attack against Tea Party activists in this thread. It is past time that you quit attacking  the Tea Parties. I will help you in achieving this goal!

go get'im Vern


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