There is a story that you need to hear about but may not because the story seems to be disappearing from the web.  Why is it disappearing?  Could it be because it embarrasses Obama?


What is the story?


The story is that Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter has gone on spring break to Mexico with some friends.  Why someone would let their 13-year-old daughter go to Mexico on spring break is a separate story.


Because she is Barack Obama’s child, she is traveling with 25 Secret Service agents.


Is it just me or does anyone else see a problem here?


Obama wants his kid to go on Spring Break.  That is fine but the problem we have is that we the taxpayer are footing the bill for it.  How did Malia Obama get to Mexico?  I’m willing to be she did not fly Air Mexicana.  Even is she flew commercial that means that she flew down there, 25 Secret Service agents flew down there and there has to be accommodations and logistics for those agents. 


How much is all of this costing the American taxpayer?


Perhaps someone should remind Obama that we are in the middle of the Great Obama Depression.  Millions are out of work.  Millions are wondering how they are going to pay for the $5 a gallon gas we are about to see thanks to his policies.  Many are worried about losing their homes.


What is Obama’s reaction?


He takes a vacation.  His wife takes a vacation.  And now his daughter takes a vacation.  It might be nice if they showed at least some sensitivity to the real Americans who are suffering because of what the Party of Treason has done to the economy but to be blunt, they do not care.


The other interesting part about this story is that since it first broke, it has been disappearing from various websites. 



If Obama were a Republican and his child were doing this, the media would be screaming about it.  Instead they ignore this.


The Blaze has a great story about the disappearing story.


Inquiring minds would like to know how much Malia Obama’s trip is costing the American taxpayer. 


Don’t expect the Obama regime to reveal that information any time soon. 


And don’t expect the drive by media to be very interested in this story either.


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I'll give you my bong when you take it from my cold dead hands...I have more in my gun safe!

I wonder how much $$ we paid the Mexican govt to make sure the kids don't disappear?

...probably has something to do with someone's private 'stash' that will go up his nose......

Google "OAXACA TIMES", which is the local newspaper for the city, in English.  According to story, arrived on commercial flight with escort of 25 guards, Marines and Secret Service.  Kind of reminds me of the Mayor telling the city councel man and his family to get in the water in the movie Jaws.

The Marines went along to protect the Secret Service.

Oh, come on, Judson!  Haven't you heard?  The economy's getting better.  Unemployment is dropping.  And Americans will pay $10/gallon for gas if we can give those d*** Iranians a good shellacking for daring to try and build an atomic bomb.  Lighten up, will ya'???


{The foregoing was sarcasm and not intended to be taken seriously.  For those with severe humor impairment syndrome, please try to forget the above text.}



Between his wife and now kids taking vacations all over the place while he sits there and tells us to suck it up and buy a volt that bursts into flames. SCREW HIM and his family.

I am so tired of him spewing his hate and yet he lives just like a dictator. In fact I am sorry if this insults anyone BUT he is a Communist. And lets all remember that the democrats were called communists back in the 50's they did not like that so they changed to liberals and now they call themselves progressives, BUT remember they are COMMUNISTS follow it back there is no difference between them.

What's the matter, Rob? You don't like Utopia?  I don't like it either.

Rob, you certainly haven't offended me. Progressive is communism. They had to disguise this under another name, or they may not have been as successful. Same thing. They have near accomplished their 45 communist goals to put an end to the country as we knew it.

Lets just hope we can reverse this. We now have to pay attention to who is in office. I also think we should play some of their games, lets do some recalls on the communists that are in office.

You forgot the dog, the dog... He gets his own flight...:O)

Another thing, thirteen is barely out of diapers...Way to young for this kind of vacation.

No worries there Carolyn.  She's got some of the highest paid babysitters anywhere to be found.


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