There is a story that you need to hear about but may not because the story seems to be disappearing from the web.  Why is it disappearing?  Could it be because it embarrasses Obama?


What is the story?


The story is that Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter has gone on spring break to Mexico with some friends.  Why someone would let their 13-year-old daughter go to Mexico on spring break is a separate story.


Because she is Barack Obama’s child, she is traveling with 25 Secret Service agents.


Is it just me or does anyone else see a problem here?


Obama wants his kid to go on Spring Break.  That is fine but the problem we have is that we the taxpayer are footing the bill for it.  How did Malia Obama get to Mexico?  I’m willing to be she did not fly Air Mexicana.  Even is she flew commercial that means that she flew down there, 25 Secret Service agents flew down there and there has to be accommodations and logistics for those agents. 


How much is all of this costing the American taxpayer?


Perhaps someone should remind Obama that we are in the middle of the Great Obama Depression.  Millions are out of work.  Millions are wondering how they are going to pay for the $5 a gallon gas we are about to see thanks to his policies.  Many are worried about losing their homes.


What is Obama’s reaction?


He takes a vacation.  His wife takes a vacation.  And now his daughter takes a vacation.  It might be nice if they showed at least some sensitivity to the real Americans who are suffering because of what the Party of Treason has done to the economy but to be blunt, they do not care.


The other interesting part about this story is that since it first broke, it has been disappearing from various websites. 



If Obama were a Republican and his child were doing this, the media would be screaming about it.  Instead they ignore this.


The Blaze has a great story about the disappearing story.


Inquiring minds would like to know how much Malia Obama’s trip is costing the American taxpayer. 


Don’t expect the Obama regime to reveal that information any time soon. 


And don’t expect the drive by media to be very interested in this story either.


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What is so shameful is the black community finally get their day to be proud and the one they choose has made a mockery out of it.  They should be ashamed of their choice.  It just makes people like the KKK say, "See!  We told you so!"  What a disgrace.

He's only 6.25% black!

That's why he is telling US lies about gas,the reason gas is so high is because he's devalued the dollar.

No because his wife and kids are using all of it on vacation.

A 13 year old going to Mexico for Spring Break? What is wrong with this picture? Can you say entitlement? No wonder the upcoming generation has no clue what hard work and paying for it means!


Agreed. Our family used to think driving from Detroit to Hammond Indiana, about a 4 hour drive back then unless my lead-foot dad drove, to visit our aunts, uncles and cousins was a huge deal.

The other times we had a school break or vacation we were expected to work for our money. Yes, my father was a child labor supporter. We cut neighbors grass in the summer and we shoveled their snow in the winter. We had newspaper routes that we took care of before we went to school in the morning. We did our homework right after school before supper and then we could go out and play.

Today I can't find a kid to cut my grass or shovel my snow if my life depended on it. We are all to blame for allowing 100 years of Progressivism hidden behind political correctness and social and economic justice for all of our problems.

We must stop this assault in November. We MUST strengthen the House majority, retake the Senate and make every effort to remove the trespasser we have in our White House.

ABO (Anybody But Obama) 2012


gee, Obama spends money like a preppy teenager with a Platinum AX card, and his daughter spends money like a president on vacation... And we the people get to "eat cake..." over and over and over...will someone tell me where the cake line is...oh, never mind...I saw it at the Food Stamp line, next to the unemployment benefits line, next to the hospital's illegal alien express delivery line...



H3LL i wouldn't even let my grown kids go there, much less a teenager...what the H3ll is this man thinking...

Hey Obama was not even sworn in when most of us realized Obama  was going to spend money like there was no tomorrow on himself and his family...

Then take a look at the first informal dinner he had less than a month in with $100 a lb meat...

I worked Civil Rights back in the 60s and was so very proud of MLK...yet I have a feeling that MLK has been doing a ton of rolling in his grave.

"SEVERE TOTAL STUPID LUNACY!" Where is November 6! I have issued a warning----- have you read it? I truly do not want to go thru that ordeal, but what ever it takes!

Well, you gotta figure SS agents probably make about 60 or 70 G a year plus benefits.Then one of those jets probably use several thousand dollars worth of fuel per hour. And I'd guess that they won't be staying at a "youth hostel", but at a thousand dollar a night suite. Oh, and don't forget the chaperone.

It looks like they dont care about the 13 year old and what kind of parent would allow this to happen?   Some one should call child welfare on these creeps. 


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