There is a war for the heart and soul of America that is being fought.  The outcome of this battle will determine the political future of this nation.


It is not the battle for the Presidency.  It is far different and if anything it may be more important.


What is this battle?


It is the recall fight in Wisconsin. 


In 2010, the voters of Wisconsin put Governor Scott Walker in office.  They also gave the Republicans a majority in the State Senate. 


Walker promised change and delivered.   He broke the ability of the Unions, particularly the Teacher’s Union, to be funded by the taxpayers.   The left went nuts that the Republicans in Wisconsin would actually put the needs of the taxpayers ahead of the Unions.


Last August, there was a recall vote for six Wisconsin State Senators.  Republicans lost two seats, but held on to a one-vote majority in the Wisconsin Senate. 


Earlier this year, because of threats and intimidation by the left, another Republican State Senator resigned and the Republicans have lost their majority. 


This year, the left and the Unions have worked to put Governor Scott Walker on the ballot for recall, along with Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and four Republican State Senators.


There is one reason and only one reason for this recall.  The Republicans took away the ability of the Unions to take public money and then use it to elect Democrats who would give the Unions even more generous benefits. 


When the Republicans passed their agenda in 2010, school districts all across Wisconsin were immediately able to save millions of dollars and the Unions lost the Goose that laid their golden egg.


So now they are fighting back with recall.


The message here if the Unions, Democrats and far left win is simple.  IF you are a Republican do not ever mess with our means of taking money from the public trough.  Do not even think that the taxpayers are more important than we are.


Fortunately things in Wisconsin do look good for Scott Walker and hopefully for Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch as well.


Our friends over at Tea Party Express have taken the lead in fighting the battle in Wisconsin.  They did it last August and are doing it again this year.


If you have not visited them recently (teapartyexpress.org) you should.   Take a moment and thank them for helping fight for freedom and liberty and against Union thuggery and liberal tyranny in Wisconsin.


The public employee unions have worked out a system.  They get generous contracts from the states and then take the money they get from the taxpayers, through the states and use that money to help elect more liberals who will agree to even more generous pay and benefits for unionized government employees.


If we win in Wisconsin, we can turn the tide.   We can help dry up the money that keeps liberalism alive.  We can beat them and advance the cause of freedom, liberty and smaller government.


This is what is at stake in Wisconsin. 


This is why Wisconsin is so important.  If we win in Wisconsin, we can move to other states and start turning more blue states red.


This is the true battle for America in 2012.    

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I like Gov. Walker and what he has done. We must help in this battle.

Absolutely. Great post. Everyone in each state must continue to fight against the giant behemoth of big, overbearing government. Local city councils, State Assembly, Governorships, et al must be fought for.

Beautifully put, Judson!

Public sector unions are destroying America. They are doing so by creating a class of government that lives far better than the people that they serve. This is wrong! I am encouraged that Governor Romney recognized this and promised corrective measures. For now, we need to take an aggressive stand against public sector unions. Solutions should not prohibit states and counties from total abolition. We tax payers should not be held hostage by people meant to serve us. Yet we are! In addition to having higher wages and better benefits, public sector workers typically receive pensions. Is this fair? I agree with Governor Walker. Public Sector Unions are an "entitlement."Obama constantly talks about "fairness" What about these people? What is "fair" about public sector workers earning more and having better benefits than private sector workers? Could it be because they are a key part of the president's support base?...


The Left and big Labor Unions are trying to do the same here in Michigan.  Rick Snyder was elected to reign the overspending and outrageous union pensions & pay.  As soon as he began to do what he promised he'd do, then the unions and Democrats began screaming like banshees and then the recall petitions began to circulate.  Last year, there weren't enough names to get it on the fall election ballot, so they are trying once again.  Every state will be a battleground in the 2012 election.

God bless the governors fighting Obama and his Socialist cronies.  Alabama and Arizona hold strong against Obama's allowance of illegal aliens having American 'rights'.  I live in Pennsylvania so I'm just waiting for the floodgates of the liberal war machine to try and roll over Chris Christie and Tom Corbett as well.  I've said it before and will always feel that our founding fathers who birthed the Democratic party must even in death feel shame at the liberals of today calling themselves Democrats.  The party of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson who were symbols and supporters of 'the common man' has become the party home to Stalinists and Marxists who desire nothing more than total subjugation of the 'common man'. 

Amen Ron!  That's why I will fly the American flag and the Rebel flag.......STATES RIGHTS!

Agreed, David.

If your support is specifically for Gov. Walker, your contribution should be direct!

Along similar lines, many of the actions of the RNC I do not now support. Getting money from me is akin to getting blood from a turnip.....

From what I read and see on TV the Federal Unions are well aware of what is going on in Wisconsin.  I have a suspicion some of them are dragging their feet and not working wholeheartedly for the tax payer's good.  Not just the big headline cases but the ones who don't make the news.  I say this from conversations with a person who has a middle management job on DC.

The country was founded because we didn't want to support a privaleged class, the Lords.  It's terrible that we have allowed a new privaleged class to enslave us.

I understand NY and CA have gone to the Democrats because of excessive promises delivered.  I'm still waiting for one of our learned people to publish a breakdown of this 'promises' versus the ELECTORAL COLLEGE.  Are we, as a nation, already too far gone down the 'promises' road to make winning in NOV impossible?  Get the elderly in your circle an ABSENTEE BALLOT in case we still have a chance to alter our course.

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I wish we had a Gov. Walker in Illinois. He is a good man. It's about time the taxpayers came first.

This is an important battle in the larger war of cultural and political marxism. Wisconsin is very important and a win is essential, but not the end of the fight if we don't win.

AFCME indeed is about far more than Walker. Take a look at their Website. A handy list of all things we should oppose!

I don't know if the Capital Police and the Wisconsin State Police are the same, but, yes, they are unionized. The head of the department publicly stated that he was not a Walker supporter and had no intention of enforcing particular laws when it came to the protesters. Yes, a dereliction of duty worthy of firing, but Madison is a liberal city, so, of course, nothing came of it. There were also a number of "doctors" from the University Medical System that handed out sick notes to teachers who were protesting rather than teaching, and the "doctors" validated their law breaking by saying that the teachers were "under stress" at the prospect of losing their jobs. Most of the "doctors" got a written reprimand and warning, a few got suspensions, but that's about it. If the Walker administration would insist on upholding the law, then the union thugs would cry even more loudly about the "bullying" tactics and "thuggery" of the Walker administration. Just more examples of liberal hypocrisy.


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