Who is the real Mitt Romney?  Mitt Romney has been trying to sell us on the idea he is a fiscal conservative for months now.  Of course, that does not dove tail with his past.


Which is the real Mitt Romney?


There is no question that when Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, he was a liberal Republican.  When he ran for the US Senate against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts in 1994, he ran as a liberal, often claiming to be to the left of Kennedy.


People do change.  Could Romney have changed?  Possibly.  I could win the lottery too, but I’m not counting on it.


Romney left the governor’s mansion in Massachusetts and immediately began running for President.  When someone moves from being a liberal to a conservative, they usually have an epiphany of some type.  The only epiphany Romney had was he would need to be much more conservative if he wanted to secure the Republican nomination.


Who is the real Mitt Romney?


In 2005, Romney decided he was going to run for President in 2008 and not run for reelection as the governor of Massachusetts.  From that date on, he was basically a lame duck.  So what did he do?


He consulted with Jonathan Gruber, MIT Professor and in 2006, signed into law the Massachusetts Health Reform Law, which Obama has said, was the basis for Obamacare.  Obama also consulted with Gruber to create Obamacare.


Romney consulted with John Holdren, who would later become Obama’s science advisor.  Holdren is the same guy who has called for massive, involuntary sterilization, forced abortion and the de-development of the United States.  With Holdren giving him advice, Romney signed Massachusetts’ cap and trade law that went into effect on January 1, 2006. 


In 2006, Romney started and Obama-esqe program called the “Car Ownership Program.”  Welfare recipients were given cars.    Not only were they given cars at no cost, Massachusetts paid for the car insurance for the recipients.  Massachusetts also paid for car repairs and even gave them AAA!


People in Massachusetts started calling the program “Free Wheels for Welfare.” 


The program was not well known and continued on for three years, until it became much better known, much more embarrassing and was eventually killed.


Why all of the attention on the real Mitt Romney?


We have a narrow window.  In 2012, we will elect more conservatives to the House and will take control of the Senate.  We are going to need a conservative President who will help push through a conservative agenda that will rip socialism out of government root and branch.


Mitt Romney is a big government Republican.  The Mitt wing of the party is trying to gloss over that, by selling him as the inevitable winner and the only one who can beat Obama.  Neither is true. 


We will have the two-year window between 2013 and 2015 change the government and take big government apart.  If we fail, then the Party of Treason will have won and we will never get rid of big government. 


We cannot get rid of big government with a big government Republican leading the charge.   We need someone who believes government is the problem and that problem must be corrected.  Mitt Romney thinks big government is just fine.


That is the real Mitt Romney. 

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I do not believe that Mitt Romney is the man to be president.

Actually, Romney trails Obama while Cain leads them both!


No Mitt. No $-it. He's too slick, and nowhere near being conservative.
The question I have can CAIN BEAT 'O'  I have already made my mind up that I like him better than any of the others that have a chance to beat 'O' The question is CAN HE ??

Of course he can. Read his book to gage the man. He can if after he is nominated we all unite to make that happen. Polls say 15% of voters are Tea Party self identified. I'd say that is a low estimate. Even that is over 20 million to start.  If those 20 million take the bit in their mouth, he will cream the Obamination. He won't get near the money that Barry will, but we can more than make that up with our financial and political support at the grass roots level. That is where it will happen, community organizing Tea Party style.



You are absolutely right Mike. The criminal in the White House will have many more $ to lie with from all his globalist/Marxist buddies and their useful idiots, but "we the people" have the numbers to kick him to the curb.My biggest concern is the potential the Marxist and his buddies have to create enough social chaos, by talking up the idiots who are marching all over the country against Wall Street, that he has his excuse to suspend the elections due to social crisis via non reviewable (legislative and/or judicial) executive order. He is so power hungry and such a narcissistic psycho-sociopath, that he would do it in a heartbeat. It is my belief that these demonstrations are only a dress rehearsal for the planned social chaos and rioting that I fully expect to occur next Summer as no serious anarchic movement has ever really been conducted during the Fall-Winter period..

If you listen to Romney at the debates you will hear him talk of managing the government better than democrats.  He says little about cutting the size and scope of government.  He talks of "programs" to help create jobs, I have not heard him speak of getting government out of the way so that business can create jobs.  He has no more grasp of what conservatives are asking for than Huntsman.  I do think he is beginning to see that republicans need conservatives in order to win.

He, like Ron Paul, will start to sound more and more conservative in order to persuade us to support him.  Not everyone sucks into ABO.

I am tempted to call Romney a Judas


But that  probably is unfair to Judas


Judas, too late, realized his mistake and threw the 30 pieces of silver at the high priest's feet before killing himself. Romney keeps sticking his hand out for more pieces of silver. 

There's A LOT of Judas' out there...  Be weary...  Be prepared... Have unshakeable faith....

I had no idea Massachusettes had a cap and trade law..........jeeze I really need to start paying closer attention.
You would think the other candidates would have made that an issue already -- that's why I think we need to stop trusting the alleged intelligence of politicians, and push them in the direction we want this country to go.


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