There are two things that are on the endangered species list.  The first is the brain cells of liberals and the second is freedom and liberty.   The second is endangered because of the first. 


With the Obama Regime using crisis as an excuse to further erode our liberty, the future is very grim.  Do you want to see a shocking example of what we will see in the future if we do not stop the left?


In May 2012 80 year old Barbara Mahaffey died in Vernal Utah.   Vernal is small town America.  It is a town of about 10,000 located in the eastern part of Utah, near the Colorado line.


Barbara Mahaffey’s death was not unexpected.   She had colon cancer and her family had made arrangements for her to spend her final days at home.  Her husband of 56 years as well as a friend was with her when she passed.


As Ben Mahaffey said good-bye to his wife after she passed and was making arrangements for her body to transported to a mortuary, the police came crashing through his door. 


What was Ben Mahaffey’s crime?


Ben Mahaffey did not commit a crime.  The police did not have a warrant.


Why were they there?


Because of Barbara Mahaffey’s terminal condition, she had been prescribed very powerful painkillers so her last days would be peaceful and she would not suffer.


As Ben Mahaffey still held his wife’s hand, minutes after she passed, the Vernal police department swept into the house and demanded that he assist them in finding all of his wife’s painkillers and they be confiscated.


After the shock of not only losing his wife but also the invasion of his home, Ben Mahaffey started asking why his home was invaded at such a tragic moment.


According to Mahaffey, the Vernal Police told him that the Utah Controlled Substances Act gives the police the “right” to conduct such a search and seizure.   The police told Mahaffey that they were concerned and wanted to make sure these powerful painkillers were not misused.


According to a lawsuit that Mahaffey has now filed, this is a common practice in Vernal where the police go into homes of people who have died, seizing controlled substances that have been prescribed.


There are several lessons to be learned here.  First the nanny state is no respecter of the Constitution of the United States.  If the 4th Amendment and the Right to Privacy means anything, it means the police do not have the right to crash into a house without a warrant minutes after a man has lost his wife of 56 years.   Not only do the police not have the right to do that, the 4th Amendment was created just to stop such and outrageous abuse of government power. 


What separates America from most other nation is the fact that our Constitution was created not only as a document that organizes our government but it is a document that specifically limits the powers of government so that Americans are not abused.  What so many liberals do not realize is that Americans are citizens, not subjects.  When we talk about public service, we really mean that those who work for the government are our servants, not our masters.


Our founding fathers, in their wisdom not only created the Bill of Rights to put serious limitations on the power of government, it also gave citizens a powerful tool to fight government or even just powerful individuals.


Ben Mahaffey is suing the government.  The 7th Amendment gives him the right to do so.    As dangerous as the assaults on the 4th Amendment are, as Ben Mahaffey learned personally, there are equally dangerous assaults on the 7th Amendment as well.


Ben Mahaffey went to the government of his town after this incident and those people acted like they were his masters, not his servants.   When he could not get answers or even a decent response, he did what Americans can and should do to resolve their problems. 

Ben Mahaffey took his government to court.


Ben Mahaffey will get his day in Court.   The government of Vernal Utah will be held accountable for what they did.


But we the people must remain vigilant for our rights are under constant assault.   The Obama Regime and other branches of government are making war on our freedoms. 


If we do not fight back, we will see those freedoms become as extinct as the Dodo bird.

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Incremental loss of rights systematically ignored by the mainstream media. I'll just bet the ACLU won't raise a finger to help this guy.

Doug i really believe the MSM is bought and paid for. i trust only the internet and then im picky.

Who owns NBC?   GE.

Who is the GE CEO?  Jeffery Immelt.

Where does Jeffery Immelt live?  The East Wing.Get the picture?

Yeah, I understand obama has "friends" In high places,

Right now there one front line fighting organization against government tyranny. That is the NRA.  The rest of us must get behind the NRA either as members or as donors.

This is the time for unity. Tea Parties, Heritage Foundation, Faith and Family, unite. Get behind the NRA.

    Where is  our military? they pledged an oath to defend the constitution didn't they! 

   Obama is a hoax who can't prove he's American! No real birth cert; no real SSN; He even visited Pakistan on a Indonesian passport!  he's a hoax foisted on America by college campus commies!

    The military better act soon or the won't be any country lefty worth defending!

Could this be one of the main reasons for the sequester of the military?  There won't be enough of them to

defend American citizens.  I recently heard obama and ilk have thousands of foreign troops standing at the

ready to "subdue" the American public when he "takes over" as in, crowns himself emperor.      

You're right on, Harold. I can't understand why most people who own guns do not belong to the NRA yet they want the protection they offer. For the $35.00 per year NRA dues- thats pretty cheap for what we get. We few members

(in comparison to numbers of gun owners)  can't do it all.  Please join the NRA. 

Hold on Harold and Rich,

When ObamaCare was being negotiated in congress, the NRA voraciously opposed.  Then, suddenly, when the NRA received exemptions along with the unions to ObamaCare, the NRA dropped its opposition to Obama care.  Sounds like a back room deal to me.

If I remember correctly tens of thousands of memberships in the NRA were cancelled and the members joined Gun Owners of America.  I was one of those.

La Pierre is more politician than gun advocate. In his speech recently he called for armed guards in every school.  Doesn't that sound like another division of Homeland security like the TSA with another several thousand bureaucrats on the government payroll.  The Federal government has no business policing the schools.  That is a states' issue. 

For my money, Gunowners of America is the best firearm advocate organization.

Phillip--I belong to both!

All of the quote  "same sex " places in San Francisco thanks to the Senile old bitty Polosi,

You are correct Phillip C.  I too cancelled my NRA membership and already belonged to Gun Owners of America.  Virginia Shooting Sports Association is also a good organization in this area.  I also believe that the NRA supported Harry Reid for re-election before they got smacked by members and pulled their support.  How hard is it to figure out what Harry Reid is about?   Ray


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