As we approached the 40thanniversary of the moon landings four years ago, there was a renewed interest in the space program.  Not the current space program, but the space program of the 60’s that put Americans on the moon.  Obama killed the current space program, so all we can do now is look back with nostalgia at our glory days.


The Republican Party is the same way.  Every year, almost every local Republican Party has a Reagan day dinner.   Republicans remember the glory days when they ran Washington.


The Republican rank and file is much like the average American.  They are now looking back at the good old days with nostalgia while the current Republican leadership destroys the Party. 


The Party of Reagan is dead.  Long live the Party of Liberty.


Why is the Party of Reagan dead?


In 2010, the Tea Party swept Republicans into power in the House.   They had run on an anti-Obama, anti-socialism platform.  They promised to cut spending, defund Obamacare and block the massive expansion of government.


Unfortunately, we did not take into account the Republican Establishment.   They were thrilled we were supporting the GOP and we were thrilled the GOP was telling us what we wanted to hear. 


Then we both had a massive case of shock.  We were shocked that the John Boehner led GOP did not keep their promises.  They were shocked that we wanted them to keep their promises.


During the first two years of Boehner’s tenure, spending went up, government grew and the GOP ignored the Tea Party.


Today we have the Democrats pimping socialism and putting America on the expressway to Greece.  They have us on the highway to Hell, unfortunately for America, Hell would probably be a preferable destination to the end they want for America.


And then we have the Republicans.  The Tea Party once again lined up to help Republicans.  The GOP kept control of the House of Representatives and how did the GOP thank conservatives for their support?


John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the Republican leadership thanked conservatives by removing fiscal conservatives from powerful committees.


David Schweikert (R-AZ) was taken off of the powerful Financial Services Committee.   Walter Jones (R-NC) was also removed from that committee.


Justin Amash (R-Michigan) and Tim Huelcamp (R-KS) were removed from the budget committee.  Huelcamp is a Tea Party favorite and he minced no words in a statement to the press.  He said he “was given limited explanation for his removal but clearly his consistent, principled, and conservative votes have riled the GOP Establishment.”


The Party of Reagan is dead.  The current leadership of the GOP killed it.  The Republican brand is dead.  Boehner and the GOP are caving on the issue of taxes and spending.  They cannot even explain to the American people why these issues are important. 


The Republican leadership of Boehner and the Establishment have been so out maneuvered by the left, a huge majority of Americans sees the GOP as simply the Party of rich old white men who want to cut taxes on the rich while screwing the Middle Class. 


The symbol of the GOP might as well be Henry Potter, the scrooge like character from the Jimmy Stewart Christmas classic, “It’s a wonderful life.”


Incompetence and arrogance is a dangerous combination.  That is what we have in the leadership of the Republican Party. 


The leadership of the Republican Party will not fight the Democrats on anything, but are quite happy to cut the throats of conservatives.


Anyone remember how Mitt Romney went after Newt Gingrich and other conservatives in the primaries?    Yet against Obama, the most vulnerable incumbent in sixty years, Romney went belly up and managed to totally screw up.


What does the next four years hold?


The Republican National Senatorial Committee is already trying to get involved in primaries to stop Tea Party challengers.    The establishment is already trying to line up Jeb Bush as the nominee for 2016.   Does anyone other than someone named Bush or a Republican insider think this is a good idea?


It is time for a Liberty Party. 


The GOP has not only destroyed its brand, the spectacular incompetence of the Republican leadership has pretty much guaranteed the Democrats will keep the Senate in 2014 and might get a supermajority in 2016.  If they push Jeb Bush as the nominee, Hillary Clinton will be sworn in as the 45thPresident in 2017.   If they keep up, the Democrats will take the House back in 2014 and conservatives will never lead this nation again.


Even if the Republicans were to take control again, which is an idea that borders on delusional, based on their recent history, all we would have is another party of big government. 


It is time for a new Liberty Party.


It is time for conservatives to unite behind a new Party.   The Republican Party is no longer the home of conservatives.  It is no longer the Party of Reagan.


Conservatives can no longer play the useful idiots for a party that wants us to come out at election times to make sure they get their votes and then go away until we are needed again.


One of the major objections conservatives have is that if we bolt from the GOP, we will split the vote.  True, we will. 


But at this point, what are we getting?


It’s time to start from scratch.  Perhaps it is too late and the left may have won.  They may have achieved what their goal of transforming American from a Constitutional Republic to a socialist hellhole.  But one thing is certain; the Republican Party is no longer the Party of Ronald Reagan, small government or conservatism.


If you vote for the Republican Party these days, you may as well just vote for the Democrat.  With the Democrats you are getting more of the same, while with the Republicans you are getting less of the same.


The end result will be the same.


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It's about time. :) We Conservatives have NO Representation AT ALL!! It's time we split from them and take the third party out of a test drive. I am pretty sure that as long as we do the right thing here and do our rallies and what not we can get 90% of those that voted the GOP!! I am DONE With the GOP!!

While the Conservatives should continue to support Conservative Republican elected officials and we should also still become GOP committeemen to reform the GOP from the bottom up. We should test supporting 3rd party candidates in 2014 mid-term elections to learn if they can win. In the 2012 election a new 3rd party the Constitution Party http://www.constitutionparty.com/ was formed in many additional states. We must find out if it is possible to form a viable Constitution Party that follows Conservative values.

There have many cases over years when a race, for public office, included both a liberal Republican and Democratic candidate that 3rd party conservative has often won. A viable Constitution Party would give us another choice; If the Republican party nominates another candidate similar to McCain or Romney in 2016, instead voting for a weak candidate we do NOT really want to support.


While your idea sounds good...to reform from the bottom up....it is not realistic and will not work. 

I speak from experience here in Ohio.

As a Committeeman from my precinct, I ran against a RINO congressman, in a district larger than Delaware.  At every Reagan Day dinner, he was given the microphone for 30 - 45 minutes of lying blather.  I was given only 3 minutes or denied completely.  When I challenged him on legislation he had voted for, he grabbed the mike from the emcee and read a statement quoting paragraphs that were NOT in the legislation passed.  This is not to re-run my candidacy here, but when my right to vote was revoked by the local Board of Elections, breaking our Ohio Revised Code when they did so, they succeeded to pry me off the Central Committee.

That is exactly how it works with the Republicrat Party, dba GOP, dba Democrats.

With the GOP all you get is a politician claiming to be conservative while in truth acting more liberal than the Democrat.  It is like a rooster crowing about laying the egg.

If you would like to validate anything I say here,  please do.  Start with www.voteforthevictor.com .


Vic Smith, Conservative

Vic, I agree with the problems you are raising here.

The Republican party is not conservative or religious, but it panders to both communities while campaigning.  When the Tea Party proposes to "reform" or "re-take" the GOP, it is suggesting that we do what the Ron Paul group tried to do.  We are not welcome and we do not belong.  Of course the GOP will use every trick and scheme available to thwart us.

What the GOP did successfully was encourage the Tea Party just enough to get us to vote Republican. How long will that be acceptable?

When we look at the Communist Party's success in taking over the DNC, please note that it was not a comprehensive takeover.  The communists had one goal, that of taking over the platform, and had no starry-eyed plans to reform the party in general.  The communists had no problem with corruption!  They let every rotten dem take and give all the bribes they wanted.  They have no issue with donations from China and Saudi Arabia.  They have no intention of holding the party up to any moral tests.  They don't need any lasting successes because their intent is destruction and overthrow of our economy and political system.

That's not an example we can learn a lot from!  We are trying to do something completely different!

And it's time to set out on our own.

I'm sorry Lizzie, that's wrong. Conservatives have done a great job in 2010 & even through the TEA Party's dozing off in 2012 of rising through the grassroots in state legislatures especially. We are seeing the fruits of that with the huge victory in Michigan & Tennessee's governor going against former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's lobbying efforts for a state exchange.

The Republican Party is not the leadership - it's the grassroots. Instead of doing a slumber 3rd party we need to get back to what worked so awesomely in 2009 & 2010 - grassroots activism! Some of us in Tennessee have been calling Marsha Blackburn & she has come out publicly to say no tax increases on anyone - if the TEA Party gets on the phones & faxes, & visits congressional offices, more congressmen will be emboldened!


With the threats against us, we can ill afford to go backward. 3rd party fantasies are as effective in the political arena as gun free zones are effective at keeping kids safe when madmen decide to come murder them.

Whitehorse, you are ever vigilant.

However, it does not change my viewpoint!

You are so sweet to call me vigilant - many people call me things that end in ...hole... :)

I hope you will, whatever you do regarding party identification, get back into the habit of contacting your congressmen & senators, calling them like we did in '09 & '10. It gets results, & we don't have elections until 2014 for most of us. There are so many things happening & we cannot just sit back & hope they do the right things without encouragement, praise, or correction - whatever's needed.

My direct congressman is Jim Cooper, a Democrat. I still call his office & fax him along with the Republican congressmen & senators. We can't let up.

I asked this question before.  How many voters are tea partiers at heart and actually go to the polls to vote?  And how does that number compare with those who vote Republican but are not as conservative as the rest of us?  Who is in the majority?  Are we in the minority among GOP voters?  Can someone please answer that and please back it up with evidence?

The answer to that question matters greatly.  Yes, we are frustrated with the likes of Boehner, et al.  But if we are in the minority amongst voters, why would he listen to us?  Why would the GOP establishment give a flip about us?

Another issue is that many supposedly conservative Christians do not vote.  At least, that is what I have heard and read.  I have heard and read that this number is in the millions.  That seems unbelievable to me. 

There has to be a reason why the GOP ignores us.  The reason that occurs to me is that our numbers are not large enough compared to the number of other GOP voters.  They have many influences, including rich donors.  Those rich donors keep them afloat.

I see where you are coming from. Romney never asked for TP support. I fear that caused a bunch of TPiers to stay home on election day.I think that was a big mistake for Romney. He also could have asked Sarah Palin and/or Michelle Bachmann to speak at the Convention, but he didn't.  I think that may have cost us the election (putting aside cheating, the 47%, Unions, etc.).

Supposedly Romney was going after the so-called "undecideds" who do not like the Tea Party.  But what kind of idiot is an "undecided" in the first place? 

I would certainly go with "The Liberty Party" or anything that doesn't have a republican label on it.  It's time to do or die, what do we have to lose that we haven't lost already?  Ray

Great article. It would have come to this even if the GOP had been swept into the Whitehouse and Senate. It just would have taken longer for us to realize that they will never do what conservatives want and the Constitution demands.


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