If you are looking for courage, there are a lot of places you can find it.  You can find courageous men and women in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  You can find them in the police and fire departments.  You can find courageous people in every day life. 


These are people who will do something amazing that takes courage.


There is one place you will not find courage.  This is a place where courage is totally extinct.  There is a false, bravado for show; they have an abundance of but no real courage.


Who are these people? It is Republicans in Washington.


With John Boehner, Eric Cantor and their freshly laundered white flag of surrender, that is probably something everyone knows.


There are issues they need to make a stand on and there are issues that where fights are crucial. 

What are they and how can the GOP possibly stand and fight?


Next week, the Obama Regime is posed to release job killing, economy destroying environmental regulations.  These regulations are to fulfill Obama’s campaign promise that he would engage in radical policies that would necessarily make the cost of energy skyrocket.


What are the Republicans sitting around doing?  They are like Eunuchs in the harem trying to figure out why they are there and what they should be doing.


Meanwhile, as the Obama Regime prepares to completely destroy the economy, the Regime is also working on something called “Operation Choke Point.”  It is allegedly an investigation to stop high-risk lending and bank operations to porn sellers and drug dealers.


Instead, firearms dealers are finding themselves as targets.  Instead of going after these establishments directly, the government is pressuring banks to drop these stores as clients.  Without merchant services, they cannot process electronic payment transactions as well as access other services like credit.


In January, Congressmen Darryl Issa and Jim Jordan wrote a scathing letter to the Department of Justice demanding documents on Operation Choke Point. 


Wow!  A scathing letter.  I bet that really got the Obama Regime’s attention.


Here’s a better idea for House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  Why don’t you try pretending you are Congressmen and you are Republicans and do something?


The significance of controlling the House of Representatives has been lost on the Republicans since they took over in 2011. 


They have the power of the purse. 


It is simple.  The GOP should tell the Obama Regime that Operation Choke Point ends and the new radical EPA regulations are not implemented or neither agency will see another dime in funding.


The Democrats will call in their allies in the drive by media to help them.  The media will go bat guano crazy, claiming Republicans want to let criminals walk free and poison children. 


Wait, they are already saying that.


Here is a message to the GOP.  You were put in power to fight the Obama Regime, not to surrender to it every time.


America is waiting for you to prove you are patriots, not eunuchs.



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Thanks for keeping me up on issues like these, Judson!  Yes, I hear about some of the "plans" from talk radio or other sources, but seeing them with my eyes in print helps reinforce the importance and occasionally causes me to act outside my daily encounters with others and the "politics" I seem to be talking everywhere I go.  I think I see a personal visit to my congressman's office in my near future.

Obama gets his way

Consistently attacking the wrong people based on the American people's desire for conservative values is everyone's problem. Neither party comes out clean.

IF ya'll haven't heard, the House passed legislation to STOP "Operation Choke Point" by REFUSING to fund this program, so effectively the GOP has used their power of the purse to shut this program down today.  Now it's time for GOP to do the job the Tea Party organizations and REAL conservatives showed up in 2010 to vote them control over the House:  STOP THE SPENDING, STOP OBAMA!  I think it's TIME FOR CONSERVATIVES TO VOTE A NEW SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE IN THE NEW CONGRESS 2015!

Send Boehner and company a pair of neuticles. Neuticles were designed for castrated dogs so they would look intact and wouldn't feel embarrassed in front of other dogs.


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