There is a myth floating around this election that Ron Paul has massive Republican support.  As with all myths, it is not true. 


Ron Paul has his supporters.  They are rabid and many of them are, well Mark Levin had a pretty good description of them. 


But they are not Republicans nor will they support the GOP nominee, even if that means a win this fall for Obama.


From the Washington Examiner:


Margaret Winn Sandown of N.H., an ardent Rep. Ron Paul supporter, has a message for political journalists trying to press the Texas Republican on whether he’d run as a third party candidate if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination: you’re wasting your time.


“Nobody controls us,” she told me following a huge rally at an airplane hangar here. “Not even Ron Paul. So if he doesn’t run third party, it doesn’t matter, we’re writing him in. There are tons of us.”


Many political observers have speculated about whether a third party run by Paul would split the Republican vote, and thus hand the election to President Obama.


His passionate following was apparent at this rally, where he was introduced by his son, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. He received a rousing ovation from the crowd, who offered rousing applause throughout the speech and showered him chants of “President Paul! President Paul!” But his supporters tend to represent a different voting block than you’d find at a typical partisan GOP event.


Sandown, 47, said she and her husband, both independents, had heard about Paul back in 2008, but were turned off by media accounts that portrayed him as “crazy.” Her husband ended up voting for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and she voted for Obama, which she said now makes her “ashamed” because he didn’t live up to his promise.


This is the threat Ron Paul supporters are making towards the Republican Party.  Either the GOP selects Ron Paul or they will write him in as a third party candidate. 


One thing is very obvious.  Ron Paul is in this for Ron Paul.  He has his shtick that he throws out to his followers but Ron Paul is in this for Ron Paul. 


He realizes he will not win, yet he does nothing to discourage those who would bolt from the GOP even if it means Obama gets a second term.




It is simple.  Ron Paul is setting the stage for his son, Rand Paul.   If Obama wins in 2012, Rand Paul inherits his father’s organization for a run in 2016. 


There are many Americans involved in the political process this year.  Many are running because they love America.  Many are doing this from the most selfless of motives.


Ron Paul is not one of them.



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On fox news last night Ron Paul clearly demonstrated how low a human will go. Ron Paul is dirty. I am talking about attacking Huntsmans adoption of a chinese girl named Gracie. So Ron Paul, crawl back into your hole.

I think Ron Paul is a "sick" man,,, mentally.

Now I'm not sure about Rand. Major disappointment losing hope & trust in Niki Haley & Rand Paul.

GThe campaign had nothing to do with it, and in fact, there is now circumstantial evidence that the Huntsman daughters are behind it...and that's according to Politico.. 

The problem isn't Ron Paul, the problem is that people are far apparently far too gullible to actually make informed decisions.

Read this before you judge.


Another thing: the claim is that the "ad" is the work of a "supporter" not RP.

I found this article by DevvyKidd to be very interesting.  It explains why 'the powers that be' have shoved some of the oddest ducks down our throats as presidential candidates. McCain? Romney? and of course that lovable Obama.:



Gee, are they trying to make us just go, "aw heck, I guess it really doesn't matter"?  Ol' Ron Paul, he just doesn't pay it much mind.

I didn't think Tea Party members were card carrying Republicans either. I know I'm not. I will support whomever supports my ideals, especially where the Constitution is concerned. So I will support a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent if they believe what I believe.

So it's no surprise to me that many Paul supporters aren't necessarily Republicans.

I'm surprised that a supposed Tea Party member thinks that's an issue.



You will find this link apropos to your statement: http://patriotupdate.com/articles/rinos-dinos-and-one-good-democrat

it should be an issue if ron paul is running as a republican. so if he does not win the republican prinary he is going to run as an independent? thats called dividing us. he may as well campaign for obama if thats what he is does. if your an independent then run as one. not as a republican.

The Republican Party has been hijacked by progressives and the Party platform is nothing like it was under Reagan. They have moved the Party to the left and sadly, many of its members believe in those leftist ideas.

Paul has been a Republican for many decades and is fighting the good fight to trying to lead the Party back to its roots of constitutional, limited government, which again, many rank and file members don't seem to believe in anymore.

While I do believe the Party has left him, and many of us who believe in those things, I'm not sure he will make a 3rd Party run. That seems to be more media spin than anything else to try to disparage the man even more than they already have.

Sure - he threatens the status quo.  But he's not going to run 3rd party, although it would serve the party right if he did.  For the past 4 years they've done nothing but be hostile, so it's rather pathetic for them to suddenly realize they can't win an election without his supporters.  

This is only one group of people calling themselves the TEA Party.  Our local group focuses only on conservative fiscal party, hence the name "Taxed Enough Already."   It's got a lot of independents in it.

I agree Gary. It's Paul's views on government, freedom, and the Constitution that gains his ardent supporters. I see that as a good thing for this country. Its unfortunate that some are more concerned about electing a politician with an "R" behind his name, than actually fixing this country.


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