Myths have this habit of hanging around, growing and even be repeated and believed.  Mitt Romney is the center of one of the biggest myths going around.


What is the myth of Romney?


The myth of Romney is that he is electable.  It is right up there with the myth he is a conservative. 


The headlines for today by the Romney friendly media are that Romney one two states.   As always the drive by media does not go into the story the way it should be delved into. 


Romney won Arizona handily.   He took 47% to Santorum’s 26%, Gingrich’s 16% and Paul’s 8%.  That sounds impressive until you realize the other three did not challenge Romney in Arizona.   Romney had the endorsement of the sitting governor, was not really contested by the other candidates and he still could not break 50% of the vote. 


In Michigan, even though Romney won, the results can only be called a disaster.  Romney calls Michigan his home state.   He was raised there and his father was a popular governor there.  He went in, as always out spending his opponents.  In this case, he only had one real opponent, Rick Santorum.   Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul both passed on Michigan to concentrate on other contests.  Once again, Romney one but he only won by three percent and while this time his vote total exceeded what he had four years ago, this is the first contest in a while where that has happened.  Even with two candidates basically sitting Michigan out, Romney could only barely break 40%.  Almost 60% of the voters of what is allegedly Romney’s home state do not want him. 


That says something.


There is a trend here that even Myth Romney should be able to figure out. 


When Romney wins he must outspend his opponents five or ten to one and he is depressing the Republican voting base.  If Romney cannot, even with a huge financial lead, draw more voters than he did four years ago in the primary, what is he going to do this fall when he is the one being outspent five to one? 


It is time for the Republican Party to act.   It is time for the Party hierarchy to sit down with not only the establishment but with Tea Party and conservative activists to find a consensus candidate who can in fact beat Barack Obama this fall. 


Myth Romney is not that candidate.  He has proven that repeatedly.  The GOP electorate has not really fallen in love with any of the candidates this year.  The closest candidate who has excited the GOP base is Newt Gingrich.  This is because where Gingrich has won, the voter turnout was up.  This is something that will be desperately needed this fall.


Last week I said that I would support the GOP nominee this fall, even if it was Romney because Obama is simply so bad. 


I am now rethinking that. 


Obama must be beat.  I am willing to support almost any Republican who can get in there and beat Obama.  But that is the rub.  I am willing to support almost any Republican who has a chance to beat Obama. 


Romney has no chance. 


The Republican Party needs to realize this train is going down the rails and off the cliff.


If the Republican Party wishes to commit ritual political suicide, why should any conservative activist waste their time playing Doctor Kevorkian to the GOP?


Meanwhile, perhaps we conservative activists should be asking the GOP, if you don’t want to win, could we borrow your party for a little while?




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You say Romney is un-electable, well why is he winning in all of these states.?

Debra, I have had the same thought. BUT here is what I have seen on that one. These are just the Conservatives that are really voting. I don't think that the independants are voting right now. So what we are seeing are just "Conservatives." If we throw in the Independants then you get more votes for obama. I think that is where he is going there. I am not 100% sure if I am right..but I am too depressed to think right anyway. I am so worried about my America disappearing. :(


"If we throw in the Independants then you get more votes for obama."

While I think that there are enough voters receiving government largess to give Obama a chance to win, I don't agree with your assessment of independents. My experience is that many people are independents because they don't want to be identified as Republican due of the smear job done by the Democrats and the media. Don't you know that all Republicans are evil and without compassion.

You are right, that's what they are. But most that I have talked too say that if Ron Paul will not get the votes, then they will vote for Obama, others say that they want Romney or they are voting for Obama as well. That's the Trouble that we have with the Independants. But you are right again, most of them are Closet Republicans lol. ;) Others just don't have any idea what they are or what they want and they go where the wind blows, then you have the ones that have not yet realized that they are nothing but liberals. So that's why most of them are not voting in the Primaries.


LOL I did know that we are evil :D We are the Anti-liberal.... :D GO US! lol.

The Independents are voting in the primaries.

Romney got 50% last night in Michigan.

This past Nov though was the only time they were on our side for many years as they typically lean left.

With all the infighting between the candidates..there is a good chance they will return to the left.

Well that's the first that I heard of that one. But they did say that they want Romney. So like I said, if they do vote it is going to be for Romeny or Paul. And that's what they did. Maybe in Michigan, but they didn't in Az...well not all of them did atleast.  I am not mad at them but it is what it is. I just want them ALL to wake up. I am just worried and sacred.


Don't be worried or scared. Just saw your area..you are in the same as my daughter..BEAUTIFUL!!

Much of the subject matter that is used to start these blogs off with, are written by someone who wants a specific candidate to win the election.

Such as the one above.

So, they write things often not true, to get lots of responses....and with the hope that they will drive the readers to their side of thinking.

All who are running are decent men..none of them are evil and each one, if they were to win, I am quite sure they will do their best to undo what Obama has done.

When there is a nominee, the negative thinking and writing must stop and we must stand behind that person. We must unite.

Whichever one it is...will stop Obama in his tracks as he will be removed.

We then have a fighting chance of taking back this country.

They are all good Katie.

Take good care.....

Don't be depressed, the Republican Party doesn't want to win. I don't think the Tea Party, which is now co-opted by the RNC has a right to comment on anything that is occurring. When M.B. was 'named' as the head of the Tea Party, I knew it had been usurped by the RNC and it is over. As the song almost said, "Don't be happy, just worry". It's done lady. Also, maybe the person that wrote the Tea Party piece should check his grammar school books. "Won" and 'One" are not interchangable! Eg. "Romney one but only won...".  Rocky sends

Romney wins because the real Conservative vote is split between Paul, Santorum and Gingrich - if you look at the total the three have against Romney, Conservatives win.  

Why is Ron Paul not campaigning against Romney?  Will he throw his support behind him instead of the one of the other two?  Maybe, after Super Tuesday, it will be time for the real Conservatives to band together - let one man take the lead and throw their delegates behind the real Conservative. 

I think Ron Paul is most interested in his agenda, which really is a good one and knowing he can't win and this is probably the last run he will have at it. that he has reached some sort of agreement that in the end Romney if elected will help keep that agenda alive....I don't thing they in together but Romney may have made some sort or promise to him to keep him off his back.....

Ron Paul is reason is simple. 

Just like Mitt needs the conservative vote split. Ron Paul needs the conservative vote split and the moderate vote splitting away from the conservative vote to have any chance at relevant.

His 18% of the vote is only relevant if no one can get a majority. He attacks whoever is threatening the balance of this 4 man race.

I think there is a fallacy everyone assumes the center comes to the Republican Nominee. Romney wins because he wins the center. Both Santorum and Newt are wining conservatves, but what does that say about there inability to attract moderates.

I think Romney will have an easier time getting conservatives to stick with him as opposed to Newt or Santorum keeping Romney supporters. 

I believe my endorsement of Romney was the first on this site. My endorsement came understanding he wasn't the best conservative but the most capable conservative to actually beating Obama.


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