In what has to be one of the most obvious statements of all time, the commander of the United States Cyber Command has said it would be a really bad idea for the United Nations to be in charge of the Internet.


Do you think?


From the Washington Times:


The commander of the U.S. Cyber Command said Thursday that he does not favor giving the United Nations the power to regulate the Internet.

Some regulations are needed to protect critical networks that control electrical power, banking, transportation and other key elements of society, Army Gen. Keith Alexander, who is also director of the National Security Agency, said after a speech to a security conference.

But asked whether the U.N. should have a regulation role, Gen. Alexander said: “No. I’m not for regulating, per se. I’m concerned about it, and this is a tough question. I would say, generally speaking, I’m not into that portion of regulating as you would espouse.”

Last month, Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan submitted a resolution to the U.N. General Assembly calling for giving individual states the right to control the Internet. The resolution, submitted Sept. 14, calls for “an international code of conduct for information security.”

It requests “international deliberations within the United Nations framework on such an international code, with the aim of achieving the earliest possible consensus on international norms and rules guiding the behavior of states in the information space.”

China tightly controls the Internet through a cybersecurity police force estimated to be more than 10,000 people who monitor Internet users and websites.

Russia’s authoritarian government has taken steps in recent years to curb Internet freedoms. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan also are authoritarian regimes that seek to control Internet use.

Gen. Alexander said that, rather than seeking U.N. regulation, individual countries “first need to step up and say, ‘Look, how do we do this without regulating it?’ “


Information is an amazing tool for liberty and freedom.  That is why every time tyrants take over, one of the first casualties is free speech and freedom of the press.


It more than states the obvious that the United Nations should have no control over the Internet.  We should not even allow the United Nations to have Internet access!


Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press is unknown in a majority of the nations that make up the United Nations. 


The excuse for regulation is to protect the Internet from terrorists, criminals and hackers.  Protection is always the siren song of the tyrant. 


Liberty carries risks.  You might make mistakes and you might even have someone hurt you.  But taking risks is what liberty is about.


Speaking of the United Nations and liberty, why is America still coddling this association of dictators?  Perhaps our next President will have the good sense to send the United Nations packing.

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I am a citizen of the USA - the UN has no authority over me.

Hey ya'll Have you noticed that Sec. of State Billary Clinton is trying to subjugate our 2nd Amendment

by giving gun control to the UN! ! ! ? ? ? Of course, that's in addition to Agenda 21! !

 There's no end to the libs attack. Go Patriots

Lois that is why the oil rig blew up to cover up the fact that Billary was at the UN working on the gun control for Obama... When the rig blew all the news went to the gulf.. Just like Fort Hood happened when the tea party was going thru the halls of Congress an the Senate, Then all the media went to cover the shootings and nothing in Washington on the tea party...

Pat, after listening to engineers that knew of the BP rig, the consus was that with all the

safety valves built in, at any point of interruption the valves would close in on themselves.

Only an explosion of total destruction and of course the sacrifice of men on the platform

I shall always believe was done by Dept. of Energy. remember it was days before

Ovomit made a statement of the tragedy. I shall always believe Ovomit was the

instigator of that whole tragedy. Everything coming out of DC is a LIE! ! Evil! Marxist!

O is the one giving the orders to cover things up.. But we still have attacks by the Terrorist that the gov is covering up like the passenger train in calif. They blamed the operator for using the phone 15 min after the wreck and it happened 100 yards from the tunnel and the siding the train was suppost to be on was 1/2 mile back down the track.. there has been over 20 train wreck and all chemical and they all burned with never a reason why they wreck or how the fires started....
Obama has announced the troops will be home for the holidays. Now, I could not help but think, control, the internet; ie cut off communication, and isolate the people and call for marital law.
If he calls for martial law it will be his brown shirts and they will say they are US marshals, but infact it will be the muslims they have trainning in the us today..
Invest in precious metals...buy lead!
I would look more to the CIA/DHS/FEMA operatives for this. Especially if there are no witnesses.

Pat, those are some interesting coincidences.


The BP oil rig was owned by South Korea. Some sources have said a North Korean sub planted charges to destroy it. Could have been the DOE/DHS/CIA/FEMA. However somebody had advanced knowledge because Goldman-Sachs dumped millions of their stock in it weeks before. BP CEO dumped millions of his shares several weeks before. Obamakov was reported to have made several+  million on the oil-rig tragedy as well. 

@Lois, I have been posting stories on that the past year or two on several boards. Glad to see other folks here are aware of that.
We need to get rid of the UN, EPA, DOE, the Fed, and a bunch more that are eroding our liberties and taking our children hostage.


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