John McCain represents everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.  He acts more like a liberal democrat than a Republican. In fact, a few years ago, he actively toyed with the idea of switching parties.  Had he done so, we might have been spared the Obama regime.


McCain has been leading the charge for amnesty, except of course, when he needs to people of Arizona to reelect him.  He has led the charge against the First Amendment.  Now his latest bit of lunacy is a comment he made in an article in the Washington Post.


McCain said, I disagree with many of the president's policies, but I believe he is a patriot sincerely intent on using his time in office to advance our country's cause.”


Has John McCain totally lost touch with reality?  Barack Obama a patriot?  Yes, and I am the Pope.


Obama is intent on using his time in office to advance our country’s cause?   When?  When he assaulted the rights of Americans? When his regime tried brand patriotic Americans as extremists?  When his regime tried to take over the Internet?   When they tried to impose a “fairness doctrine” on the only media conservatives dominate?   When they tried to shove a socialist agenda down the throats of Americans, despite overwhelming proof that Americans did not want this?  How about when he went out apologizing to every third world tyrant for America?  How about when he bowed to foreign leaders? 


What about when Obama regime put oil business in the Gulf out of business?  What about when Obama was squandering America’s wealth at an amazing rate?   Was destroying our economy a patriotic act?  How about refusing to secure the border?  Was that a patriotic act?


Patriotism is something that is not unknowable or even not immeasurable.   If John McCain claims Obama is a patriot, may we see some evidence of this patriotism?   Perhaps he might actually act like he loves this country.  Of course, we could ask for the same from John McCain.


If Obama were simply incompetent, we might expect that he would occasionally get something right.  What we see from Obama is not an incompetent fool.  He knows exactly what he is doing.   From being raised by a mother who hated America, to associating with America hating communists in his youth, he gravitated to communist, America hating professors in College and associated with America hating political groups until it looked like he might actually go somewhere in his political career.


Obama is no patriot and neither is McCain.  McCain’s supporters always point to the years he spent as a POW in Viet Nam.   He did serve this country in ways most of us cannot imagine.  But that does not give him a free pass for the rest of his life. 


Obama hates America and that is obvious.   Why John McCain aids and abets this may end up being one of the great mysteries of life.

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The Manchurian Candidate comes to mind.
He should have been gone after the Keating five scandal. He should have been gone after McCain Feingold. He lied in order to win re-election this year. Arizona needs to get it's house in order.
Here, here
Excuse me?  You sound like a liberal troll.  I've been involved in quite a bit in this movement.  We do not have big corporate dollars to pay for our site, our events or anything else.  Even Tea Party Express, who I assume you are slamming, relied on small donors to provide their expenses.
Yeah I agree....like when he told an elderly woman during the campaign that she shouldn't be scared of Obama..."he's a nice man" he said to her......or that we can't drill in Anwar because "it is  pristine"he told O'Reilly but said he had never been there.....with leaders like him we need no enemies.....
You are exactly right!!
Carla:  It has been pointed out (every election cycle) that McCain was a POW.  I really regret that this happened to him but it's no reason to vote for him.  This easily leads to PTSD ..Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.... this may possibly be the reason that he is so unstable in many of his discisions and discussions.  In trying to be "normal" he over compensates and becomes liberal while at the time claiming to be conservative.  Just an opinion.

All the RINOs have a record like one;


John "Juan" McCain http://bit.ly/lhXZ0


Mikey "The Huckster" Huckabee http://bit.ly/bLpjaV

Willard "Mitt" Romney http://bit.ly/bad8PI 


Rudolph Guiliani http://bit.ly/gKVip3 


Sad but true
Why expend energy disparaging McCain? It IS His last term (or so He says). He is just a typical "pragmatist" professional politician. He was never in business except for anyone but Himself. He was able to B.S. the people enough to stay in His Senate seat as long as He did, mostly because Mr. McCain knew how to go with which ever way the political wind was blowing, so long as whatever He did and/or said kept that wind blowing in His favor. We have only Ourselves to blame. I'll bet He (McCain) has actually laughed Himself to sleep (some nights). Laughed Himself to sleep over the fact that He has manaaged to Bulls_ _ _t so many people for so long. Ha ! You wind up with the Government You deserve. HA ! It makes Me nauseous sometimes to think about it all, and the way We as a Nation are going. Yeah, We can VOTE. Yeah, as they say, "Vote the bums out". I truly feel that it is getting closer to the day when it will take substantially more than "votes" to resolve the problem. That day could arrive in My Lifetime and it won't be pretty. Trust Me, "IT" has happened before and can happen again, and "IT" can happen here. {: )
What do you mean by "IT"?


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