Many times numbers and statistics are simply thrown at us.   It is almost a mind blurring information overload. 


If we take the time to look inside the numbers, what the numbers show is frightening for America.


How bad is the Great Obama Depression and what is it doing to America?


The Great Obama Depression is distorting the American work force and for many Americans in their prime earning years, they are not finding work so they can earn.  For many who are approaching senior citizen status, they are in demand.


In November, 146,000 jobs were added to the economy.  That is an interesting statistic but if you break the numbers down, it gets even more interesting. 


Employment among workers aged 25-54 dropped by 359,000!


The biggest growth in employment demographics was in the worked aged 55-69.  Their employment grew by 177,000.  Workers 20-24 rose by 62,000.


Looking at statistics in other ways, the full impact of the Great Obama Depression is evident.  Since Obama became President in 2009, four million jobs have been added for workers age 55 and over.  For those under age 55?  They have lost three million jobs.  For workers who would be in their prime years (25-54) 2.5 million jobs have been lost!


In short, the American economy and the American middle class are dying under Obama.  Baby Boomers are holding on to their jobs longer and longer, putting off retirement.  For those who came after the baby boom, the members of the baby bust, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials, they are facing something no American generation has ever faced before.


For the first time in our history, our children will not be better off than we were. 


Thanks to Barack Obama and the Party of Treason, the decline of America as a great power has begun.


Unless real Americans act soon, America’s decline may become irreversible. 


But then again, that has been Obama’s goal. 

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Things are getting a lot worse, and quickly.

I see that Govt.now borrows 46 cents of every dollar it spends.That's 2013 spending, started in October.

Up from 40% in 2012, as I recall.


The skids had already been greased by Lyndon Johnson and his successors beginning at least 45 years ago, long before Obama arrived in Washington.  We have two left-of-center major political parties both of whom worship at the shrine of large government.


The only jobs are GOVERNMENT jobs. There are no new jobs in the private sector at all. So all you KING B.O. supporters get on your knees and thank your KING for your daily bread! FOOLS and TRAITORS all!   

I have avoided television news since the election.  Still listen to Rush but mostly I keep music in the background and get 100% of my news from Drudge, Free Republic and other similar sites.  I am sick to death about what has happened to my country and still have no plan of personal action.  I need to be with like-minded persons and have a few friends who see what is happening.  My children do not.  My spouse does not.  This scares me - when a loaf of bread is $10.00 what will the food channels have to discuss?  I asked my spouse and he thinks I am worrying over nothing. 


  Send him to my house and I will get him in line for you!!   You have every reason to be worried and if he does not see it, he may be living in denial or he does not know how to do simple math.  Here is a little tidbit for you, get an offshore account and try to invest in some foreign stocks.  My suggestion is the market in Asia.  They do not rely on Europe or the US for most of their existence like other markets and they are fairly steady.  If you get this going quick enough you will have a nest egg that is not in US dollars and when they collapse this economy and your dollars are worthless worldwide, you will have a lot of money compared to others.   You have to find a good offshore bank to handle your money and spend a little time figuring out which currency is the most stable but it will payoff big soon!!

The Bible says gold and silver will be worthless and a loaf of bread will cost a week's wages.

You have every right to worry.  Ask your husband to read what happened in Germany when overnight a loaf of bread became a loaf of GOLD.  You could not buy bread without an enormous amount of money,  Money was worthless and used to fuel the fires in the homes to at least be warm.  We had our first meeting here in my town of people who want to barter,  I agree with bartering, but I am concerned about having anyone know how much food I have stored away.  Your husband will thank you someday if you store away food now and he finds out later that you did. 

Things are not good.  My concern is if the president of a Country will consider using chemicals on his own people,,,,,Will our government ever do that?  Your children were never faced with WWII and the difficulties that faced our nation.  If they do not prepare it is in your best interest to also prepare for them.  But keep your supplies hidden and do not discuss how you are storing food with anyone.  

Carol....... +1

Judson,  excellent article!!  This is a real eye-opener.  Will pass this along others especially to stonch liberals that I know.

Of course, they will blame these stats on Geoge W. Bush.

Ha!      Right, Gerald.

Not only liberals, but many here blame G. W. as well!

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. ” ― Joseph Goebbels

Thought it was Hitler that said that.

Hitler wasn't smart enough to think of something like that...


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