The left wing establishment has gone overboard try and protect Barack Obama.  The establishment media is now the Obama propaganda media.  There is one Barack Obama video the establishment has tried to prevent Americans from hearing about.


What is it and what does it mean for America?


In 1998, then State Senator Barack Obama spoke to Loyola University.  In the tape, that Loyola has done its best to keep from the public view, lest their hero Obama be damaged by it, Obama made his now famous statement, “I actually believe in redistribution.”


The larger part of that tape is something that Obama and the left do not want out.  That is Barack Obama talking about using welfare recipients to create a “majority coalition.”


Alexis de Tocqueville warned us about this almost 200 years ago when he wrote, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”


We are seeing this throughout the Western Democracies.  In Europe, the fiscal crisis they face comes from one simple reason.  The political parties in Europe have pandered to their constituencies, offering ever increasing, more lavish benefits that cannot be sustained.  In the blue states in America, we are seeing this as well. 


The left is the party of death.  Their policies result in death.   Their end result is death of freedom, the death of prosperity and far too often the death of people.


Barack Obama is going to the United Nations to speak tomorrow.  He is once again likely to apologize to the seventh century savages in the Middle East because America has freedom.  The Islamists want to eliminate our freedom of speech by criminalizing “Insulting Islam.”    Instead of standing for freedom, the leftists are all lining up to throw our freedoms into the sewer. 


America has set the standard for wealth in this world.  Never has there been such a prosperous nation.  We are rapidly losing our prosperity because the left is now pandering to those who they can give the wealth of the public treasury to in exchange for their votes.


Barack Obama, almost 15 years ago, talked about welfare recipients as a “majority coalition.”   The Democrats want to expand welfare.  They want to expand unemployment benefits.  They want to expand food stamps.  They want to grow the welfare state.


Here’s one simple question.  Has anyone ever become wealthy from being on welfare?  Has a nation ever become prosperous with a massive social welfare sector?  The answer is no.

Look at every nation that has tried massive social welfare spending.  Their economy has tanked.   Britain has gone from being a world power to being just another nation; thanks to it’s out of control welfare spending.    Redistribution, as Obama likes to call it, does not work.


Why is it leftists like to kill people?  Perhaps it is not enough that they impoverish and enslave people.  Perhaps it is not enough they start wars that kill millions, but every leftist regime supports abortion and rationing health care (except for the elites). 


Socialist healthcare has failed every place it has been tried.  In Britain, the National Health Service has gone to turning sheets over between patients instead of washing the sheets in order to save money.    Doesn’t that make you feel good?  In Canada, people die because it takes months just to see a doctor or a specialist.  Unfortunately many people with treatable conditions die because instead of being treated, it is cheaper to make them wait and die.


Socialism is nothing more than a glorified death wish.  It is drinking the kool-aid flavored cyanide.  Why else does the left have to lie to us about their real intentions?


If liberalism were a great system, it would work.  It would deliver peace and prosperity.  It does not and its adherents like Barack Obama are left with no choice but to lie to us.


This election is the battle between good and evil.  Either we defeat liberalism in this election or we lose our freedom.  Freedom lost is almost never recovered.


We must not only win this election, but we must start turning the tide and rolling back liberalism.  233 years ago yesterday, John Paul Jones uttered his famous words, “I have not yet begun to fight.”  For real Americans, those of us who believe in freedom and liberty, the battle does not end with this election.


We have not yet begun to fight.








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If this marxist insult wins the election, I fear another American revolution.

I not only fear it, I prepare for it.

I not only prepare for it, I will enjoin a patriotic movement in removing these Marxists, and bring back true American Constitutional Law, the true source of Freedom in all the history of the world.

Thank you, Ralph, for the voice of reason.

Completely Agree!!!


Who could have MORE Animosity for the American People than BO and all his Islamist "friends"???

Just look at the void where the twin towers stood!  WHO celebrates Ramedan in the WH instead of

Christmas? They want to talk "about animosity and intimidation"??!!!  We need to give it right back

to them, and place the blame where it ought to be! We have got to stop be "Whimps"and go after these



So many people aren't considering their freedoms, just the monthly check is their only concern.  What this group of people call free is never free - the taxpayer's are the ones who pay for these perks. I don't know how you educate these people - too many years of being totally dependent upon the Government. 

I quote Patrick Henry, and feel the same."Give me liberty or give me death!"

You should have included the sentence before it, "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?"

So true!

Bama has got the left to buy into the spread the wealth idea, redistribution, because they think that it pertains to people in america. He lets them believe that, but look out, What bama means is not redistribution within country, he means redistribution of americas wealth around the world, especially the middle east except Isreal. That is what he truly means.

The left has been a spread the wealth party for as long as I can remember. Obama had nothing to do with the start of that. They also believe in NWO and that happened long before he can about.


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