According to the Mayans, the world will end on December 21.   The world probably won’t end on December 21, but something else may end around that date.


What is it and what can we do about it?


December 21 of this year might herald the end of the Republican Party as a major political party.


At this point, the Republican Party is making it very plain that the only role it expects conservatives to have is to be cheerleaders for the establishment and be boots on the ground for people like John Boehner or the next great RINO hope, Jeb Bush. 


Otherwise, conservatives are expected to shut up and simply follow the Party Line because the party leadership knows what is good for us.


Obviously the Party Leadership is clueless about conservatives.    For we conservatives, the words liberty and freedom are not applause lines for sound bites.   These are concepts we believe in.  These are concepts that drive us.


Let’s make this message to the Party Leadership.  You can have the RINOs or you can have the Conservatives.  You cannot have both.  You can have John Boehner or you can have the Tea Party.  You cannot have both.


Since 2009, there has been a massive John Boehner movement.  There were John Boehner rallies and John Boehner conventions.


Oh wait.  No, those were all Tea Party rallies and conventions. 


The GOP must make a choice.  Choose wisely.


The choice right now is simple.  John Boehner must be deposed as Speaker and replaced with a conservative who is willing to fight Barack Obama. 


It will only take 16 Republicans to defect and vote against Boehner and he will not have 218 votes.  If that happens, he is not the Speaker.    If 16 Republican members of Congress publically announce they will not support Boehner, the GOP establishment will have to cave.  Without that majority that Boehner needs, he will have to step down before the election.


The Republicans can ignore us.  The GOP leadership in the House will no doubt pressure members to fall into line and support Boehner.


The question is why would anyone support him?


His tenure as Speaker has been marked by defeat after defeat and surrender after surrender. 


If the Republicans have any prayer of maintaining control of the House of Representatives in 2014, they must depose Boehner.   If Boehner surrenders to Obama, does not cut spending, raises taxes and gives Obama what he truly craves, the ability to borrow money without congressional oversight, the Republicans are finished as a national party.


If the Republicans in Congress refuse to depose Boehner and leave the same failed leadership team in place, then it is time for conservatives to leave the GOP for the Party of Liberty. 


If the GOP is no longer going to be the home of conservatives, but instead simply going to be Democrat lite, then conservatives have no business supporting this party.


2012 may have been the last battle in the long-standing civil war in the Republican Party between the conservative wing and the establishment wing.


Despite the Tea Party and conservatives saving the Republican Party in 2010, the Establishment made it a point in 2012 of defeating the Tea Party.  Mitt Romney and the Establishment made sure they won without Tea Party support.  And instead of reaching out to the Tea Party and the conservative wing, Romney and the RINOs ignored conservatives.


Look what happened.


We conservatives are the heart and soul of the Republican Party. 


Either the Party of Reagan is going to be a conservative party or those of us who are the heirs to Reagan’s conservative vision will leave the Party.   Let’s see how well the RINOs do without the millions of conservative foot soldiers who make the party run.


But we really won’t be leaving.  As Ronald Reagan once said of the Democrats “I didn’t leave the Party.  The Party left me.”


Leaving is now up to the Establishment. 


Leave conservatives and conservatism, we will stand there, wave and watch as the moderate modern Republican Party sails into oblivion.


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Members have to do more than type, notify your representative that you want Boehner gone.

My rep is a Democrat until January.  Not likely he will want to see Boehner out!

While the Conservatives should continue to support Conservative Republican elected officials and we should also still become GOP committeemen to reform the GOP from the bottom up. We should test supporting 3rd party candidates in 2014 mid-term elections to learn if they can win. In the 2012 election a new 3rd party the Constitution Party http://www.constitutionparty.com/ was formed in many additional states. We must find out if it is possible to form a viable Constitution Party that follows Conservative values.

There have many cases over years when a race, for public office, included both a RINO and Democratic candidate that 3rdparty conservative has often won. A viable Constitution Party would give us another choice; If the Republican party nominates another candidate similar to McCain or Romney in 2016, instead voting for a weak candidate we do NOT really want to support.

I live in the biggest blue state there is, Connecticut. We have no republicians. Retired and stuck here.Would love to see a Constitution Party.


Can you post a list of likely GOP defectors that would oppose Boehner?  I would like to see him replaced with a conservative Speaker and want to write in.


States independence is the only answer. Go to texasnationalist.com.

That would take some doing and will introduce some "hard times" because you MUST first establish a means of exchange for your achievements and value-adding and for now the greenback is our medium of exchange.  There are a few years of preparation needed before there can be a viable secession movement.

I would start by having a "Governor's convention" of the states that are willing to part from Washington, D.C. and bring in speakers and planners from the Objectivist Movement.  We can surely separate from them without going to war with the blue states.

There was an Artical the other day about how there is a Strong movement to have Boehner removed by the Republicans. I am sure that the message is getting out and we are going to win this battle. I know that I have written to Patrick Toomey about this and he replied saying that he is well aware that there is a Tea Party Movement in the party and that he was offended by Boehners statement. He is a member of the Tea Party and he stands with us. So I am hopeful that Mr. Toomey will talk to our house member about this. We need to keep up the work of Twittering this. I hate the fact that I don't have a party, I feel abandoned. But WE CAN Change that and we can fight Obama and the party of treason. I am pretty sure that after two more years of Obama Torment those idiots that voted for him this time around will vote Republican congress IF we can fix the GOP. It's a NEEDED move that we have to make now.

you are 100 percent correct in that cry baby boehner has to go, I knew from day one he was not going to be worth a darn & have been proved right again but the rinos in the party are not going to let him go, they think he is useful to them & they can control him. I see the end of the Rs as they do not want to do what the people want but what enriches their back pocket. Pretty sad

"The Party of Liberty" has a nice ring to it.  I'm all in.  Ray


But can we make it the "Liberty Party" -- sounds more consistent with the other parties that end with the word "Party."

Let's start our own party of conservatives / constituional originalist combined into a "Libertea Party" and no i did not miss spell the word.


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