As we wind down to the last few hours of the year, it is only fitting that before the year ends, we take a look back and award our Obnoxious Jerk of the Year.


Who is our winner?


Well, our obvious runner up is Ron Paul supporters, who Mark Levin accurately described in a famous blog this year.


However, our winner is the Occupy mob.


What a bunch of self centered, over inflated, egotistical obnoxious jerks. 


While the Occupy mob was a creation of Adbusters and funded by George Soros sponsored groups, they have on their own reached a new level of, well being jerks. 


If these clowns were not so problematic, they could be funny.  After all, how can you not laugh at many of these so-called protestors who are being funded by Mommy and Daddy, screaming about how terrible capitalism is, while using their Iphones, Ipads and Macbooks.   They scream about how much they hate the 1%, which many of them come from, while wearing designer clothes, carrying their North Face backpacks and make regular runs to REI for more camping gear. 


While their laughable behavior is bad enough, what makes them our Obnoxious Jerks of the Year is the way they treat other people. 


They took over property, some private, some public, without regard for the rights of others.  In many cases the property was damaged or destroyed.   They invaded businesses and in some cases shut them down.    They do not care that they cost real Americans their jobs; Americans who were working to support themselves and their families. Nope, as long as they could raise hell, they did not care. 


However, the Occupy mob’s true moments of first class, cranial-rectalitis comes with their infamous “mic-checks.”  The members of the Occupy mob believe in their right to speak and no one else’s.  They have shouted down people ranging from Scott Walker, to Michele Bachmann to Newt Gingrich.  Even yesterday, they invaded a coffee shop in advance of a Newt Gingrich appearance.  They were quite happy to try and deny him the right to speak and offer his ideas to the voters of Iowa and the were equally happy to disrupt the operations of a small business.


2011 brought us the Occupy Movement.  They are our Obnoxious Jerks of the Year.


We can only hope 2012 will bring us relief from these fools. 

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So Time magazine calls them man of the year, and TPN calls them jerk of the year.

That's about right.

what did Mark Levin say about them?

He had a very pointed and slightly obscene name for them.

One of the many, MANY things I like about Mark Levin is his use of the vernacular.

Some obscenities may just be what the occupiers need to shake 'em out of the euphemistic and padded lifestyle that they desire to manufacture on someone else's back.....give it to 'em George S Patton Jr. style.....maybe they will understand then! 

My winner is the same one that held the title last year and the year before; Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Soetoro, or whoever the heck he really is!

He is the muslim squatter.....

I figured it was Ron Paul sheep or the OWS terrorists.

If the Paulians had been around to suck up more air this year, THEY would have been my hands-down winners. Walking examples of close-mindedness, the lot of them.

Obama's too easy; but we'll deal with him around this time next year.

Yep I agree those people that think the Constitution is important need to go. They just keep talking about the founding fathers and the constitution and don't understand that we need to keep an open mind about that. We should probably only follow the parts that agree with our superior interpretations.

"The Ron Paul sheep or the OWS terrorists" Douglas?

One and the same, really! 

Ron Paul Praises Occupy Wall Street, mentions the Tea Party, then says " I put them together—I put both groups together."

So. those who worship at the Alter of Ron Paul must support Occupy Wall Street. Both qualify as Jerk of the Year, right?

You all know that it's true! :)


Proof positive: there is one in the oval now...


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