An illegal immigrant can be described as someone who sneaks into another country.  That is a fair definition, even if they do not stay long. 


One illegal immigrant has done massive damage to America. 


Who is this illegal immigrant and what did he do to damage America?


The illegal immigrant is John McCain.


McCain sneaked into Syria yesterday and met with the so-called Syrian rebels.   McCain spent Memorial Day, the day we honor America’s fallen heroes, meeting with a group who hates America and Americans.


That’s right.


The Syrian rebels are not simply rebelling against Bashar al-Assad.  They are radical Islamists who want to turn Syria into an Islamist state.   It was only last month that these Syrian rebels pledged their loyalty to Al-Qaeda.


These are the same Syrian rebels who have received permission or a Fatwa to rape women, particularly if they are non-Muslim.


McCain has the track record to prove he is an idiot.


He supported America’s intervention in Egypt against Hosni Mubarak.


How did that work out?


It took a nation that had been a solid America ally for thirty years and transformed it into a radical Islamist state.  On September 11th, radical Islamists stormed our Embassy in Cairo, taking over the outer grounds, tearing down our flag and hoisting the flag of Al-Qaeda. 


 Libya is another great John McCain achievement.  He and the other worst Republican in the history of the Republican Party Lindsay Graham went to Libya to demand that America support the Libyan rebels.


Prior to the rebellion, Muammer Qaddafi, Libya’s dictator had been behaving himself.  He had given up Libya’s weapons of mass destruction program and was pretty much keeping himself at home.  Qaddafi was not a saint but he was certainly better than what replaced him.


On September 11th, Libyan Islamists overran an American consulate, killing the American Ambassador and three others.  Many of Qaddafi’s weapons, including surface to air missiles are missing and may be in the hands of Al-Qaeda or groups that are sympathetic to Al-Qaeda.


Now McCain wants us to do in Syria, what we did in Egypt and Libya.


A reasonably sane man would ask how has this worked out for us?


Perhaps after two unmitigated disasters, McCain would learn.  Or perhaps there is a reason McCain graduated at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy or managed to crash a couple of airplanes.


McCain isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.


Unfortunately for America, he managed to get himself elected Senator from Arizona and now the damage he can do to this nation is incalculable.


In 2010, McCain was up for reelection.  Regrettably, Arizona has an open primary and with no serious Democrat challengers many Arizona Democrats crossed over and voted for McCain, helping him defeat a challenge from a real conservative, J.D. Hayworth.


John McCain is the poster child for why Republicans need to pick their candidates at a convention of Republican activists, not in an open primary where Democrats can pick the Republican candidate.  This has worked out well in Utah, which bumped off RINO Bob Bennett and gave us Senator Mike Lee and in Virginia, where RINO Bill Bolling dropped out because he knew he could not defeat conservative Ken Cuccinelli. 


John McCain is a part of the Gang of Eight, which is helping illegal aliens do massive damage to this country.  Now as an illegal alien himself, albeit briefly, he continues to do massive damage to America.



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This is another perfect example of why the Tea Party would have come into existence even if McCain been elected President.

Senile old crackpot.  Can't we put him in a home or something?

He's definitely been in D.C. too long.

John McLame has enjoyed the status of "Hero" for many years, and it likely was deserved for his brutal incarceration at the hands of a barbaric North Vietnam government. However, over the long haul, he has revealed himself to be liberal, knee-jerk sensitive to criticism, opportunistic, shallow, and less than a true "Hero". My once tremendous admiration for McLame has gradually diminished and evolved into dislike. The last-straw was the 'Gang-of-Eight' amnesty bill recommendation that would basically turn the U.S. into North Mexico. No, on second thought, John McLame is not a "Hero".

He's never been a true conservative.

To Herb Irish......Agreed wholeheartedly!


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the out comes to be different each time.


Judson, he is an illegal tourist, not an immigrant. I'd wish he'd immigrate to Syria. I understand the Syrians considered holding McCain for ransom, i.e., the U.S. would have to pay or the Syrians would SEND HIM BACK, but they decided not to do it.

Good one!


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