Occupy Wall Street and other places where Real Americans have jobs, is now into its third week.  The clueless revolt continues and it is painfully obvious those who are showing up to “protest” do not have a job.  In most cases, it is painfully obvious why they don’t have a job.  To paraphrase the Jimmy Buffett song “Margaretville,” it’s your own damn fault.


Why are the protesters so funny to look at?


The most ironic moment of the “protest” came two nights ago as word Steve Jobs had died.  Protesters pulled out their Iphones and Ipads to get the latest word. 


They protest corporations and their profits, yet who do they revere?  Steve Jobs and Apple.   Apple is one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the world and Steve Jobs was one of the wealthiest men in the world.


As these people scream about the evils of capitalism and how terrible it is that these corporations put “profits above people,” perhaps they should take a look around.  A majority of the protestors seem to be under 30.


The all have cell phones.  Where do they think those came from?  Here’s a hint: a profit-making corporation.  What about their laptops, IPads and tablet PCs?  Ditto.  What about Facebook and Twitter that they are using to spread the word about the “revolution”?  More of those evil profit making corporations at work.


What about the video cameras they have been using?  Ditto.  For those camping out, what about their nice sleeping bags and clothes?  Those also came from those evil profit-making corporations. 


Something else the protestors missed.  You know those other people in downtown.  The one’s walking past the protestors.  The one’s who took a shower this morning, are called employees.  Those evil profit-making corporations hire those people.  But protestors cannot be bothered trivial details. 


The demands of the so-called protestors are pretty funny, if not totally incoherent.  They demand single payer healthcare.  They have that system in the UK, where people are pulling their own teeth because it takes so long to get see a Dentist and where there is an eighteen-month wait to see a medical specialist. 


The demands include debt forgiveness of every debt in the world.  Literally.  Wait, can I go and run up my Amex before we do this?  And do you think this will also apply to Louie the loan shark?  


They also demand a “living wage” whether you work or not.  Hey that would be great.  I’d like a wage for not working.  So would they.  They could then spend all day in front of the TV, playing on their Xbox, updating their Facebook status, smoking some Marijuana and heading down to McDonalds when they get the munchies.


Of course, if you get the same pay whether you work or not, who is going to work?




This has been tried before.  It did not work.  Socialism never works.


The protestors are demanding we adopt socialism.  The problem with socialism is the end result of socialism is always poverty, tyranny and most of the time, mass murder.


We can laugh that these protests get these 26-year-old kids off their parents couch and gives their parents a break from the sound of their kids video games and the smell of marijuana. 


What we cannot laugh about is that there are people behind this push who want to bring down American society.   The backers want to destroy American liberty and freedom.


That is nothing to laugh about.

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I think that these are just stupid people who have nothing better to do and just want to get their faces on the news.  I don't what they think this will prove.

Judson, why don't you identify the people behind the scenes of this anarchy. I wonder how many of them are

collecting an unemployment check. . . can they possibly have a PERMIT to stage this protest? ? ? Every

union thug supporter, Soros, Obummer should be charged with insurrection. Go Patriot

It is my sincere hope that the city of New York charges the Unions and Move-on which are supporting this fiasco, for the cost of Security and Clean up.

a couple of frigid nights and they'll go home to mama.  besides many of them are running low are on their


The police need to hose them down with water just about dust.
An SEIU organizer this morning admited that they are paying some of the protester. They are also pushing for Romney to be our candidate so they can hit him as a big banker ( he was involved with Bain capital) and put BO back in office.
Roger that Jim.....Why is there never a torrential downpour, ice storm, or an early season blizzard when you need one?  But have no fear...Winter is coming.
That would be bath night for them...
the unions are part of this as well. the communists that run the unions. this is very similar to the anti war protests of vietnam that were often funded by the kgb. the young people are being used by these people who also the people behind obama in my humble opinion. world net daily has an article of russian money funding this movement.
Who is paying for there trip to NY and their food etc. while there?  Interesting that they don't seem to have jobs yet they are well off enough to travel and spend time in NY.  I have just been ignoring them.  I wish the media would also, but we all know the mainstrem media!

They are just the Americanized Marxist/Leninist version of Useful Idiots!  

Few even know why they are doing what they are doing - - whatever that is?  They should be in Washington, deCeit - - - - the source of this economic disaster . . . but of course, the White House/Soros House are the ultimate puppeteers in this Street Theater.

What we cannot laugh about is that there are people behind this push who want to bring down American society.   The backers want to destroy American liberty and freedom.

Sounds like treason to me. Maybe we should treat them like traitors


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