The drum beat for Amnesty is here.  The Obama Regime and the drive by media are pushing Amnesty with stories about illegals who are just here "to make a better life" for themselves.  The media is ignoring stories of the horrors if illegal immigration.  At TPN, we want to highlight some of these stories.  We need your help. 

We have set up a forum for stories of illegal immigration.  If have been the victim of a crime by an illegal, or if your business has gone under because your competition uses illegals, or if you have lost your job to illegals, we want to know about it.  If you have photos and videos of illegals or their supporters doing outrageous things (like burning the American flag or putting the Mexican flag above ours, or showing racist posters), please share those as well.

We need to get the true story out about illegal immigration and we need your help to do it

Stop by and contribute.  Take the time to read some of the other stories and share them.   We must stop illegal immigration.  The future of our country, for our children and our grandchildren, depends on it.

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Well put!!! This is the fight of our lives.
Thank you for starting a forum for the victims of illegal alien crimes. Each week, my phone rings and my email box is filled with numerous reports of Americans suffering from marriage fraud, rape, gang rape, assault, injury, theft, murder, child molestation, and much more at the hands of illegal aliens.

While many illegals are 'just here to work' there are very strong and prevalent anti-American sentiments in their ranks. Many of them hate Americans with a genocidal rage that manifests in many ways.

The word is out in South and Central America that if you are a criminal, the best place to be is in America where there is little chance you will ever receive justice for your crimes due to language barriers and the support illegal aliens get from the highest levels of our own government.

Americans have been betrayed on the highest levels of our government and the results are that thousands of Americans are being slaughtered each year. Many atrocities, that are only getting worse, are being committed against our innocent citizens. This trend will only get worse if we do not enforce our existing border and immigration laws.

Should John McCain and Obama's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty pass, the next wave of millions of illegals will descend on us rapidly and the extreme violence seen in Mexico will descend on American streets coast to coast.

As each of us endeavors to stop Amnesty and illegal immigration, each day we should remember the innocent countrymen, women, and children, that will suffer today and pay the ultimate prices for Bush, McCain, and Obama's Open Borders.

William Gheen
You are so right....thumbs up!!!
I've been driving for 65 years and never been stopped for a traffic violation. however, I have been stopped a number ot times in S. Florida at road blocks. Every single time I have been asked for my ID, which I certainly don't mind, and I present my driver license. The LE officers have been without exception quite courteous and friendly. Seems to me that if you are driving you should have a driver license and if you don't then it would be reasonable to suspect that you must might be here illeagally. So what's the big deal?
I see no problem with showing id and proof of insurance and proper vehicle registration. But then, Im an American
citizen...nothing to hide.
Amazing that the best response i've seen on here is from Kunaal Malhotra, a legal alien. This person hit the nail on the head. These are the type of immigrants that make America great. Nice to see that some folks have some common sense. It's a shame the politicians in this country don't have as much. Sorry to hear you want to go back, but with the way this country is headed, you may be better off. Let's just hope the legal voters do the right thing in November.
About three years ago there was a story of six illegals picked up in town by I.C.E. Three were named but the other three,the article stated,were protected by PRIVACY LAWS!!!! The horror for me was that one was picked up at 4 a.m. the morning before right next door! He was wanted by Interpol for child rape in Costa Rica. He and his "wife" ? and infant child had lived there for about 10 months. He worked for a n Hispanic owned landscaping co. He was picked up in the morning by a co. truck sometimes he drove and my wife often commented about how carefully and slowly he drove.Now we know why.

This house had a history concerning illegals for quite a while and on a couple occasions I'd complained to the local authorities but those fell on deaf ears.Cars would pull up to the house after dark two to three times a week and drop off one or two women with their ditty bags. I wouldn't see them again until any where from a week to a month later when a car would pick them up in te afternoon and take them away,never to be seen again. Then there were single men,couples,couples with children,single men and women with kids; all brought in at night and after a stay of anywhere from 3 or 4 days to a month,were gone. Cars in the driveway sported license plates from N.J,PA.,Md.,N.Y.,TX.,CA. and VA. over the course of two years. One car sat there for about two weeks with no plates,the license plate blank covered with velcro!!! Then one morning it was gone.

A car sat in the yard of the house next to that one for about two months behind a shed. It too, had no plates. Then one day there were six or seven Hispanic men working on it all day long and in the end the car was running,complete with plates and an inspection sticker. The next day it was gone and I never saw it again.At the house next to that one,on several occasions I saw cars pull up and young Hispanic women,dressed to the nines would exit the house,get into the car and be driven away. At night I would hear women laughing and talking and men seemed to have an a attraction to that house,especially on week-ends, I saw some pretty burly guys there too,who would come out once in a while to have a smoke. One night a car pulled in and I saw 8 people wearing back-packs Jump out of the car and scamper into the house. This crap went on for years and may still be going on as far as I know,but I'm not spending that much time outside anymore. Can't take the music or the jabber.All the neighbors have passed over the 30 years we've been here and now we're surrounded. Tried to sell the house,but we were too late;the market bottomed out,so I guess we're here 'til the Government decides we've lived long enough!
This is all so plain and simple. If you are an illegal alien, you need to get the hell out of the USA. Try doing it the right way. Obama and his cronies seem to be waving a carte blanche flag for all illegals to just come on in and reap the "benefits" of being in the USA. These aliens bring in the problems of crime, murder, drug addiction, and the idea of reaping benefits LEGAL American citizens should be due. I have been a victim of illegal cheap labor. I applied for a job in WA state for summer work in Eastern WA, and did not even get considered due to illegals willing to work for much less than minimum wage.
My husband was laid off about a year and a half ago, in the process they laid off people who had a lot of seniority, 20+ years, and kept the illegals along with a scattered few American legal workers. This goes on all over the place. My husband fortunately found a job in January, but he is now making less than half of what he was... And of course there are more illegals working where he works now than Americans, because the employers can pay them minimum wage and they think they are making a fortune. My son had a hard time finding employment too, and I heard on Fox News the other day that his age group (18-25) are the highest unemployed because illegals are taking up the entry level positions. I am about sick of the illegals and they really need to do something about it and the employers that hire them.

Thanks for listening/reading.
My friends 16 year old daughter was presued by an illegeal Mexican who is 36 years old. She is now the mother of his child. when she told him she was having the baby he told her he'll take care of it. When he found out that this would not keep him in America Legally....he took off.

To pay for coyotes (human smugglers) to get more illegals over the border.
The link below ties the Mexican war history to today's immigration issues.

As a student of history I see no fallacy in this brief article.

Economic troubles only? Georgia-Russian border relationships? Kosovo? Poland-Germany ? War in the Southwest?

We can do something to avoid troubles---both economic and border-wise.

We have a class of people who thrive on complications, chaos, never letting a good crisis go to waste, obfuscation, etc. We will have the butterfly effect (sensitive to small changes) if we set up the conditions for stress and stress our Nation to its limit. The Russians moved into Georgia and set the stage for war and suffering in Georgia.

But, if we know history as George Freidman exhibits, we can smooth the trajectories into our future. I think we can greatly reduce our troubles if we take care of a few basic things. When we do not, we stress our National system to a point in which sensitivity is so great that any small change can lead to chaos.

The Constitution basically was devised believing--- if the Nation would be informed and stick to personal responsibility with government limited to (1) supporting commerce, and (2) defending the people and the commerce, all would be well. Government was to establish the rules for immigration. In those days immigration was greatly desired for both commerce and defense reasons. Today we have more than rules --- we have laws but they are not enforced.

If we rapidly change our culture, we will place the stress in the Nation that will lead to great sensitivity and then to chaos.

I am fearful that a significant number of the Latino activist see themselves as governors or some leaders of Mexican states in the Southwest. Perhaps they only lead the criminal elements but lead indeed. We still, I think, need to stick to the Constitution and minimize the effects of the current "Political class". Then sensitivities will be reduced and immigration will be rationally managed.



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