The drum beat for Amnesty is here.  The Obama Regime and the drive by media are pushing Amnesty with stories about illegals who are just here "to make a better life" for themselves.  The media is ignoring stories of the horrors if illegal immigration.  At TPN, we want to highlight some of these stories.  We need your help. 

We have set up a forum for stories of illegal immigration.  If have been the victim of a crime by an illegal, or if your business has gone under because your competition uses illegals, or if you have lost your job to illegals, we want to know about it.  If you have photos and videos of illegals or their supporters doing outrageous things (like burning the American flag or putting the Mexican flag above ours, or showing racist posters), please share those as well.

We need to get the true story out about illegal immigration and we need your help to do it

Stop by and contribute.  Take the time to read some of the other stories and share them.   We must stop illegal immigration.  The future of our country, for our children and our grandchildren, depends on it.

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I live in North Eastern Wisconsin, where our tomato season is very short.
A close family friend had her car smashed at the local Walmart one night within days of Christmas.
The police were there within minutes, because they received several calls that night from the same location.
The same driver caused thousands of dollars of damage.
The cart boy witnessed the entire accident and stopped the driver with his carts.
The police made NO arrest!
The police officer told my friend,It would be useless to arrest him. He'd give a false name and get bailed out and be gone.
She was saddled with a thousand dollars of damage right before Christmas.
It just amazes me that there are some blithering liberals who profess that legal people kill each other, like maybe
we should overlook illegals who do????? Like it would have happened anyway so the illegal part doesnt matter.

Uh, oh yes it does. If the illegals who ran down, killed, raped etc. those things wouldnt have happened to those
people because the criminals wouldnt have broken into our country and wouldnt have been here to do it.
The police should be arrested for not doing thier jobs
You forget that they broke the law by coming into the country without the proper checks associated with immigrating. Therefore the term ILLEGAL.
Thank you! Very well put. I have friends from Peru, Mexico, the Netherlands and many other places. They ALL worked hard and did it the legal way
In years past, you had to have a sponsor to come here...one who would support you so the government wasn't going to (the way it should be) My father in law jumped a merchant ship and when he was found (not sure how I never asked him) they deported him...even though all his brothers and sisters were here and would have taken care of him, he was still deported. Back in Italy, he applied for immigration was granted and moved here and became a citizen back in 1960's. Illegals are only looked at as potential voters( primarily Dems). It's a shame. God help us.
Liar !
Who exactly are you calling a liar? Illegal immigration is just that ILLEGAL!
I doubt then that you have dealt with human traffickers, drug dealers, Mexican and or Guatemalan gangs, hordes of
people packed into a vehicle with a driver who is drunk and cant read road signs.

And until we hit that tipping point between "minority" and majority there will be statistacally more crimes committed by
the majority. That tipping point is on the horizon.

If you have been a multiple time victim of anything, maybe you should move to a better community....just a thought!
What would you do if there were no better communities to move to?
I too have not been a victim in terms of violence done to me. I've been an ESL teacher throughout my career, and worked in the barrios of Houston and Phoenix. I have met many wonderful families, and am charmed by the children I have taught. However, I have met mothers who are emotionally disabled because of violence done to them on their way across the border. There are now trees and bushes along the Tucson sector displaying underclothing shed by women and children who were raped by coyotes on their way here. I am also furious with the Mexican government for abuses to its own citizens. I am aware of the fear that Americans along the border experience every single day. This has escalated to a point that can not be overlooked anymore. If you care about the Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvodorans, and others making their way here, stand up for reform in that region. Stand up as well for your fellow citizens who have done nothing more than try to earn a living. Pray for the rancher who was executed by an illegal.
Alicia Williams


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