There is no other way to put this.  The Tea Party movement should find a candidate to run against John Boehner in 2012 and should set as a goal, to defeat in a primary, the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives. 


The Tea Party movement sprang up in 2009 as a reaction to insane government spending.  In 2010, the American people spoke, demanding change.  Everyone realizes that the level of spending cannot be sustained.  


John Boehner did not get the message.


Early on, the GOP promised to cut $100 billion from the budget.  The Republicans in the House quickly went squishy on that and had to be cajoled into cutting only $61 billion.   Now, John Boehner is saying when the Senate comes back and they start negotiating with “Dingy” Harry Reid, who does not want to make any cuts, the $61 billion figure is not safe.   Then, Boehner had the gall to have a “mission accomplished” moment when he declared they had fulfilled their commitment by passing a budget in the House that cut only $61 billion.  Not making it law or making it happen, but only by passing the budget in the House.


Charlie Sheen is now marking more sense than John Boehner. 


Yesterday, the Government Accounting Office released a report on waste in the government that could be a road map to cutting hundreds of billions in waste.  Senator Tom Coburn said it best when he said,  “this report will make us look like jackasses.” 


Where are the calls for the cutting of “hundreds of billions?”  They certainly are not coming from Boehner. 


Boehner is simply going to the old tried and true Republican tactic of saying, “we promised you we would vote on it, and we did!”


No, John.  You were not put in the Speaker’s chair simply to have votes and pat yourself on the back.   You were put in the Speaker’s chair to do something.   This nation is $14 trillion dollars in debt.  We now owe all that we make.  We are broke and sailing towards bankruptcy.    Imagine this for a moment.  You are downsized in your job and your salary is cut from $3500 a month to $2000 a month.  Unfortunately, you are spending every dime you make at your old salary level. 


What is the first and most obvious thing you have to do?


The answer is, you cut your budget.   Does any sane person think that reducing your personal budget by $61 dollars is going to cut it?  That is the equivalent of what Boehner and the House GOP are saying.  And Boehner is now saying that even the $61 dollars may not be cut.


If this is the best John Boehner can do and John Boehner is the only hope we have right now, then we are sunk.  By the time we can replace Obama as president, in 2013, we will be trillions of dollars more into debt and may hit the point of economic collapse. 


Tom Coburn also said, “anyone who thinks we don’t look like fools up here, hasn’t read the report.”


Congressman Boehner, he’s right. You look like a fool.


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Oh, my God, here we go again. It's Kick Boehner time!

I call it R*I*N*O*itis ........ they're elitist.  And they are livid that the Tea Party people aren't just 'going away'. 


Keep calling them and holding them accountable.  It does work.


The amendment with Ron Paul put on the floor to end aide to just Israel was pulled from the floor by Ron Paul.


Of course later he tried to say that it 'did' include the other countries (after he pulled it) ......WRONG!  Congressional record stated OTHERWISE!


So don't lose hope!  If RON PAUL can cave .......(after being called out by democrats and republicans alike)......so can BOEHNER!

I agree with you 100%. Amen!

Hey! Is this the John Little who I used to share brews with in Holland, MI.?
ha ha ha - who put this country in the shape it is in - DEMOCRAPS
Yes here we go again!!!  What's with bashing Speaker Boehner all the time!!!  He has done what he said and is trying hard to cut the budget.  With the Democrats still in the majority in the Senate and Obama in office the Speaker is doing everything possible!!!  Instead of wanting to get rid of him let's get a majority in the Senate and concentrate on getting Obama out in 2012.
I don't think we need to 'get rid of him'.  I think we need to keep CALLING HIM and holding him accountable when the promises he made are incessantly BROKEN!
The problem is he is caving in to threats of a govt. shutdown........He needs to use it to his benefit.  If the govt. shuts down, the earth won't tremor, the seas won't dry up, and the moon and sun won't fall from the sky. Everything needed for the govt. will keep on operating.  What won't operate are the glut and senseless departments in our govt. will close office.  That would be a blessing.  It would show people just how much big govt. exists that is not needed.
I agree with you Shirley, He can do only so much and he is sure trying. Harry Ried will not bring up the cuts and Boehner is giving him 2 more weeks to get the job done. When the Senate stops him from getting any thing done It's time to again to get Ried out and stop blaming Boehner.
Donna: Boehner is just kicking the can down the alley. Everyday that pases the liberals win a moral victory for the left. The libs did not pass a budget last year so why should they now? The corruption that has been exposed shuld be stopped NOW. There is positive proof of it so no debates need to be held. We are fighting a cancer and everyday it grows bigger. Do we wait until it consumes us? The cliff of no return is in site. God Bless

Been doing that.  His sttaff both at DC, and his district offices are sick of hearing from me.  Pity ......


They will be hearing from me again!

Nora: Cool down and think about your statement? All of us will have to suffer if we shut down the government. Do you really think that we have until 2013 to stop this insanity. I for one will be hurt but the alternative will be worse. Our objective is to stop runaway train and than in 2013 can make changes.


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