Coming soon, may be the first Tea Party victory of 2012.  Richard Lugar is the crown prince of RINOs.  He has had a long and slobbering love affair with the Democrats.  He has been described as Obama’s favorite Republican.


In 2008, a favorable quote from Lugar was included in an Obama ad and Lugar did not even demand that it be removed.   There was even some discussion of Lugar as Obama’s Vice President.


That was then and this is now.


The people of Indiana have not forgotten nor have they forgiven the former resident of Indiana who now lives in Washington.


From NRO:


Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock leads Senator Dick Lugar by one point according to a poll commissioned by the Mourdock campaign. Conducted between April 16 and 17 by the firm McLaughlin and Associates, the poll surveyed 400 likely Republican primary voters and found Mourdock in the lead, 42–41, against Lugar. The poll had a 4.9 percent margin of error.


Since January, Lugar’s favorability rating has fallen ten points, from 57 to 47 percent, while Mourdock’s has risen by eleven, from 35 to 46 percent. “These results clearly demonstrate that Richard Mourdock has the momentum to win,” a memo from pollsters John McLaughlin and Stuart Polk notes.


Mourdock has been endorsed by almost every major Tea Party and conservative group.  The simple truth is that Lugar is not a conservative.  Lugar is now depending on John McCain to ride to his rescue.

There is a word for that:  Pathetic.


I have endorsed Richard Mourdock because he is the kind of Senator we need.  Visit his website and see if you can help Richard Mourdock send the crown prince of RINOs into retirement.


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Boehner will go unchallenged in Nov--there was a gentleman running (who stated he was a Tea Party candidate--but that was always unclear)--Boehner beat him in the Mar primary, so he'll be back--in his part of the state, no one aggressively challenges him and he's very revered by his constituents.  He'll be re-elected so our only hope is that the House GOP (when they retain the majority) will have a spine and vote for someone else for Speaker.



These are the days I've longed for and I pray to hear more good news as the year progresses.

I am sure Luger will pull a Spector and cross over to the DemoRats side..

No question it's going to be a very tight race.  Mourdock yard signs are only available until Tuesday, April 24th and the Mourdock campaign is asking for all the volunteers (polls, telephone, door-to-door) they can get.  Meanwhile both Mitch Daniels and John McCain are airing endorsement tv and radio ads for Lugar.  Anyone who can help Mourdock with time or money, please do so.  Primary is May 8th!  Vote for Richard Mourdock.

I, too, live in Indiana, and sincerely hope that we'll be able to send the old boy into retirement, a case for term limits if there ever was one.  This is the first time of which I am aware, that the Republican Party in Indiana has produced a credible threat to this incredibly arrogant, and ever more dangerous RINO.  Wish us luck!

Good luck Indiana in sending Lugar into retirement.  We won't miss him.

the tea party is no longer just a movement. it has become an attitude that millions of americans have adopted and a lot of them already had. the tea party gave life to this attitude and i believe it is going to be responsible for landslide victories this fall that we have not seen in our life times. obama has become a sickly joke to every 1 i talk 2. gettin harder and harder to find any 1 who actually voted for him? lol


This is the way we take our nation BACK . . . one RINO or Democrat at a time!  

We sent 60 honest folks to Congress in 2010 . . . . lets shoot for 100 in November☺

The Republican Party is still wondering why we don't align with them . . . . Lugar is a perfect example!


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