The end of the United States?  Is that even possible? 


Are we about to see the post-American age in this world?  How would that happen and what would it mean?


This is more than idle speculations.  What could the end of America be?


Following the reelection of Barack Obama, the hottest thing on the Internet was petitions at the White House website demanding that various states be allowed to secede.


The White House finally responded saying there is no right for states to secede.   The White House is wrong on that issue.   A compact voluntarily entered can also be voluntarily exited.


The petitions signed at the White House were meaningless.  They were less than meaningless.  What we have not seen yet are resolutions introduced in state legislatures for the respective states to leave the Union.


Will these resolutions be introduced and more importantly will any legislature pass one of them and have their state governor sign one?  If Texas does, I’m driving to Dallas!


Unfortunately, while secession makes for an interesting discussion, there is a serious truth that underlies the talk of secession.


The secession petitions were simply the first sign of a more dangerous trend in this nation.   Americans see their freedoms and liberties disappearing.  Americans see this nation going in the direction of becoming a European socialist state.


The left has pushed America in a direction most Americans do not want to go.  Most Americans do not want Obamacare.  Most Americans do not want major and massive tax increases.  Most Americans do not want to give up their guns.  Most Americans believe we have the right to our own opinions and have the right to express those opinions.  We do not want to give up those rights. 


The left is making war on our rights across the board against all that has made America great.  While the current crisis we face is over the left’s attempt to strip us of our right to bear arms, it is by no means the only fight.


Todd Starnes on Fox News told the story of an American Pastor who traveled to Uganda in 2009 and one of the things he preached about in Uganda was his traditional view that homosexuality is a sin.


A George Soros funded group has filed suit against Scott Lively charging him with crimes against humanity.   Fortunately Liberty Counsel is representing him free of charge, but the precedent is dangerous.  It is the use of our justice system to silence people and intimidate them from exercising their rights to free speech.   The concept is called “Lawfare.”  The litigation has the purpose of trying to bankrupt the defendant and to intimidate others from expressing the same opinions.


For the last fifty years, the left has made an all out assault on American morality.  A lot of people go nuts when you mention the word “morality.”  The left loves to scream at conservatives, “you can’t impose your morality on me!”  Unfortunately too many conservatives buy that argument, ignoring the fact that someone’s morality will be dominant in a society.  By vacating the field of battle, conservatives have ceded the morality battle to the left.


Morality does not mean religion.  Morality is a common group of beliefs that we share that governs our daily behavior.  It is immoral to kill someone or to steal their property or assault someone.  Traditional American morality taught that marriage was a man and a woman and either you did not have children until you were married or if a woman became pregnant before marriage, the father of the child married the woman.


In the 1950’s society was far from perfect but we did not have mass shootings.   We did not have rampant drug abuse.   In the 1950’s we did not have a police state.


For over 50 years the left has made war on American morality.  The results have been predictable.  In black families today a child has only a six percent chance of being raised by a mother and a father under the same household.   The statistics are not as extreme in the Hispanic and White communities but the result of illegitimacy are the same:  poverty and the expansion of the welfare state.


There is a joke that is floating around the Internet that says the Red States are ready for a divorce from the Blue States.  The Red States will take our military, low taxes and oil.  The Blue States can have high taxes, welfare, socialist healthcare and gay marriage.  The Red States will take freedom and liberty and the Blue States can have socialism.


Unfortunately for America, we now have a huge and insurmountable divide.   People in the Blue States want socialism.  They want to trade the freedom and liberty generations of Americans have fought and died for, for the cold embrace of statism. 


Americans in the Red States, or as I like to call them, “real Americans” are unwilling to surrender to the tyranny of statism.   


There can be no compromise in this divide.   There is no resolving this chasm.   Patrick Henry said it best.  “Give me liberty or give me death.”


The 21st Century Blue State version of Patrick Henry is simply “give me.”


Real Americans still want freedom and liberty.  Real Americans are not willing to surrender freedom and liberty to a bunch of nitwit politicians from the shallow end of the gene pool. 


Today, the Party of Treason controls the White House and the Senate.  They continue to push America towards statism.  The Republicans control the House but are more interested in their power and their Washington parties than they are in fighting for freedom and liberty.


If the Democrats continue to push statism and the Republicans continue to surrender on this issue, I’m happy with the idea of breaking up the nation.  I’d rather have half of a free America than a united America where we tell our children and our grandchildren what it was like to grow up in a nation that once was free.


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The gruesome monster O thinks he is the ruler. And make no mistake he is one evil dude.

An ancient Arabian proverb states, “When the camel’s nose is in the tent, it won’t be long before his whole body will be inside. A little later the Arab awoke to find that the camel had not only put his nose in the tent but his head and neck also.”

The metaphorical tent of American freedom as provided by  the Constitution is under lethal assault. The repugnant specter of socialistic oligarchy has insidiously invaded the tenets of freedom since the turbulent years of the 1960’s.  Reincarnating the failed socialism of W. Wilson and FDR’s New Deal, the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) led by revolutionaries Hayden, Fonda, Ayers, and Dorn following Alinsky and Cloward/Piven poked the camel’s nose into the tent. The principled leadership of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush forestalled the camel’s insidious advance.  But now the camel is back with a vengeance. His nose is undeniably in the tent of our freedom.  While the guardians of liberty slept lulled by affluent prosperity, the camel subtly crept beneath the tent flap.  Now the only course of action for freedom loving people is to sear the camel’s nose with the white hot branding iron of the Constitution. The camel must be exorcised from the tent of freedom or he will soon occupy the entire encampment. The camel’s name is Barack Obama.

"Yes and when Abdullah woke up, he found that not only had the camel got into the tent entirely, he defecated all over him as well" should be the exact line for that little parable!  Judson you couldn't be more correct about this country!  I always said I had an affinity for Texas since I first visited there when I was 20 and would like to retire there; but methinks this might occur before retirement age!  When Obama was re-elected I told my dear parents who are in their 80's, they lived long enough to see the Death of America.  By the looks on their faces, they already knew it! 

Judson - read my book - The Rebirht of the Constitution - it covers this exact scenario - you can get it from Amazon - go to Amazon books - search Richard Banko - I agree 100% - this will have to happen

All of the above is true.  Handouts have ruined this country.  Not only have they become lazy but they are stupid in their beliefs.  Education used to be a good thing but it is ruined this country by the dumbing down method.  It is not a good thing that is happening to this country.  I agree with the above letter!

WOW!   I thought Judson was ignoring my prior posts about this, but I see you do get it!... And everyone who really thinks about it will get it too...here's a recap of my thoughts on this:

                 HOW to REALLY SAVE the NATION:   
Since we can't get away from these fools now and are completely surrounded and out numbered,
and we also don't choose to go down the pauper path they're “dragging” us,
and realize we will never be able to beat Santa Claus, We should be through trying to win by the “old” rules.
We real Americans need a secession movement now!
We need a Capitalist /Christian / Conservative nation,
with a sacred constitution that won't allow parasites or illegals to vote, we know how we lost the country now let's find
a path to getting our own nation so we can compete against the socialists and secularist old USA.
To protect our fledgling movement from the certain attacks from the thugs that are now in total control of the old nation,
we will need suitcase nukes and allies like Israel...it won't be easy but its our only path to getting our country back!!
There is no hope to change this country anymore, the freeloaders and parasites and lawless thugs know how to get out
the vote and we're out numbered...forever!
However just like in economics 101, the free market system; “Competition” will prove that we Christian/Capitalists
are right, the world will see the contrast of our nations and our prosperity will soon draw the others back in!
The contrast between our CCC country and the old socialist / secular parasite nation will make their nation quickly
wither up.
You know there’s no hope of fixing this mess, its gone too far and has deeply rooted problems in all institutions,
and everyday the colleges turn out more!
Even if we would've won the election, we would have to fight the left for everything, why should half the population be
victims of each election results??
why not let each side go its own way and hold its own elections and do its own thing?
We know they'll fail without the guidance of God . We Christian/Conservatives need to stop preaching to the choir and
lets get this secession party started! Reality is about to grow fangs, does anyone really see a path to victory with what
the old tea party/GOP says?
Think about this, Any other fresh IDEAS?

Mark Levin has brilliantly and accurately described this period in American history as the post-Constitutional era. And since the Constitution is the foundation of this republican union, then, of course, it is obvious that the Republic in its current form cannot survive.

The founders, astute historians, well-understood that the union wouldn't survive in perpetuity, for such would defy the lessons of history.

What we see, therefore, is an unravelling, a dissolution which I, for one, do not fear. I welcome it. Why? If constitutional order/repubicanism cannot be sustained throughout the whole of the union, then, thru secession, it can survive and, indeed, fluorish, in at least parts of it.

Thus, given the loathesome political and economic crisis we find ourselves, I do not view dissolution as a tragedy. I view it as a remedy and a step forward for those of us who value constitutional order and traditional American values.  


Mark Levin ia a powerful voice for liberty! (If only his voice didn't sound like Maxwell Smart!)

Mark Levin does NOT sound like the late great Don Adams (aka, "Maxwell Smart", "Tennessee Tuxedo", etc.).

Sorry, but that is a very bad comparison.

This article "End of the United States is excellent. This patriot preacher has been suspended from "patriot' groups for publishing articles like those posted in Tea Party Nation.  America is very deep trouble, unless all true patriots come together in perfect unity, and row the boat in the same direction.  I have been expelled for exercising Freedom of Religion, Press, Speech:  Article I, Bill Os Rights; Constitution Of These United States Of America.

This Nation "Under God" must "{REPENT}" so The Most High God can ""{{SAVE AMERICA}}".  II CHRONICLES 7 : 14

The Battle Cry in our War for Independence: "NO KING, BUT KING JESUS"!

A Well-Armed Sheep

By Phillip Cowan


The term democracy comes from the Greek word: δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) "rule of the people", which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (Kratos) "power"

The sage statesman Benjamin Franklin further elucidated the term by analogy: "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome."

The American system of government is not a democracy as defined above; it is a constitutional republic governed by three  separate and distinct branches of government:  the legislative, the executive and  the judiciary. Two of these branches are democratically elected by the American populace, hence the mistaken notion that American government is a democracy.  (In this writer’s opinion, the judiciary should also be elected by the people rather that appointed by the executive branch.)

The singular commission issued by the people to the three branches of government is to enforce the Constitution. Nothing more, nothing less. Moreover, an intricate system of checks and balances is established intended to prevent any third of the government from dominating the other two.  The framers of the Constitution also recognized that strict adherence to the principles set forth therein would not be easy to enforce; ergo, the second amendment:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The term militia used in the first clause refers to a military force composed of ordinary citizens to provide defense, emergency law enforcement, and paramilitary service, in times of emergency without being paid a regular salary or committed to a fixed term of service.  This clearly is not the national Armed Forces, but the National Guard under the command of the sovereign state duly elected governors—another check and balance.

The second clause clearly establishes the necessity of the people’s right to keep and bear arms. No doubt Benjamin Franklin was referring to that necessity when he spoke to Dr. James McHenry, a Maryland delegate,  at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 saying:

“Well Doctor, what have we got; a Republic or a Monarchy? A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Note well that Franklin did not confuse the terms republic and democracy, and that he recognized the necessity of the second amendment.

Today those who would overpower the republic in favor of a socialistic oligarchy are adamantly intent upon disarming the populace, for they clearly recognize that well-armed sheep defended by a well-regulated militia cannot be vanquished by tyranny.

cogito ergo sum Conservative!
"Do not believe for a moment that
 progressives and other leftists hate guns. 
What they hate is guns in the hands
of those who will not march in
 lockstep with their ideology."
                                                               Stanislav Mishin, writing Pravada

Good even great think piece! I rate it an A.


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