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The left likes to call it the “birther” issue.   The term birther is used as a derisive term by the left, much as truther is.   Of course the difference is truthers beliefs are based on a paranoid ideology, where as the birther issue is based on facts.


I prefer to call it the eligibility issue, not the birther issue.  Whether you agree or not, the people who are pushing the eligibility issue are on our side.  It is certainly counter-productive to deride them like liberals do.


Recently a whole stream of Republicans have come out, at the prompting of the drive by media, to reassure us that Obama is a citizen and oh, yes, he is a Christian too. 


Last Sunday, at the prodding of David Gregory on Meet the Press, or as Rush likes to call it, Meet the depressed, Boehner said, the State of Hawaii had said he was born there, that was good enough for him. 


Karl Rove, not a friend of the Tea Party, pushed the RINO line that Obama is a citizen and Sarah Palin, at a meeting in Long Island, a few days ago, also denounced the eligibility issue.   Palin ended her remarks on the subject by saying, “let’s stick with what really matters.”


This issue does matter.


There are three variations on the eligibility issue.  Two are based on undisputed facts.  The third is in dispute.


The most commonly reported of the eligibility challenges is the claim that Obama was actually born in Kenya, not Hawaii.   I believe, based on the available evidence, that it is more likely than not, Obama was actually born in Hawaii.   Obama has spent a lot of time and (other people’s) money, keeping his original birth certificate out of sight. 




Jack Cashill is one of my favorite writers and he has a theory which I think makes sense, that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, but there is something else on his birth certificate that would destroy the myth of Barack Obama.  (See his website,   In the law, there is a presumption that if a party has exclusive access to a piece of evidence and will not release it, the evidence must be adverse to their position.


The second eligibility issue is the claim that because Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan, a British subject at the time of Obama’s birth, he is not a natural born citizen.


The third is the argument that because Barack Obama was adopted as a child by an Indonesian and moved to Indonesia, he is not an American citizen.   Under the law at that time, if an American child was adopted by a citizen of another country and moved to that country, he lost his citizenship.   He could regain his citizenship by applying at an American Embassy when he was 18, but would then be treated as a naturalized citizen and thus ineligible to be President. 


What is stunning about all of this is the mainstream Republican reaction to the eligibility issues. 


The RINOs turn their noses up at the people who want the answers, which, incidentally is 60% of Republican voters.  They turn their noses up at the Tea Party movement.  Yet, they do not take a moment to consider why this is important.


If Barack Obama is proved to be ineligible to be President, everything he has done is wiped out.  Obamacare is gone.  The START treaty is gone.  The liberal lunatics Obama has appointed to the Federal Judiciary, including the two he has put on the Supreme Court are gone.


Much of the damage Obama has done to this country can be undone.  Unfortunately, the Country Club Republicans remain clueless. In their minds, the Democrats are simply the lower class versions of themselves.  They do not understand that if the party of treason has its way, America will be forever changed and ultimately destroyed.


The Courts have so far brushed aside all of the eligibility claims.  None have been addressed on the merits under the claim that Americans lack standing to challenge the issue.   Recently, the Supreme Court has given some indication it may consider one of the issues.  We can only hope.


What are the chances of success?  Who knows?


Why do football teams run the flea flicker play?   It does not work all of the time, but when it does, the results are spectacular.  Why should conservatives all hope this works out?  Because this wipes out almost everything the Obama regime has done.  We get a do over.


You would think, even the RINOs who want to denigrate the eligibility issue could figure this one out.

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Lets roll and God Bless America

Happy Easter to all my teaparty patriots

It sounds like a plan which could be successful.   There is no additional news about it -- whether there is a website with detailed information such as donations, etc.

Elizabeth, there is.  It's Tea Party .org and they are legit.  I just had to get past Diogenes original post to figure it out!  These guys have been around a long time and I joined them several years ago, but haven't been active and haven't been posting there at all.  So I went there and figured out who they are, legit.

Saska, I was thinking about the large sum of donations they will need before they can begin the telephone survey.  


There isn't a place on their site where to direct donations to fund the plan..

Obama's Dead Pool:

Also of interest (I signed up for email updates) about Breitbart's MURDER:

Sheriff Joe talked to Breitbart 4 hours before Breitbart's death.  Rush Limbaugh was sent a fake bomb threat the same day. Then an attack was launched against his advertisers.  Four advertisers quit placing ads. Do you think that despite the New York Times failing to cover the Obama forgeries, that the powers that be are not concerned with how many people are opening their eyes to what in effect is a coup of the American Republic, by lying, conniving American haters.  I think they are very worried to be taking such in-your-face action against the people who are or may further the cause of reclaiming the Republic for the Constitutional way of life.

Royce a little way back word came down from Joe Arpaio's group that they knew the fabricator of the BC. Well in my research of the good Dr. using uhoo as my search engine there were two entries at a site called the Birther Report; the site really invites blogs. Well the good Dr. had two posts, and in one he claims that he developed the bc and gave it to the White House media, and which they used. Too, the reason for the research was to find creditable info on the Dr. The Dr. in one post puts out a jingle video explaining who he is, which was foolish nothing. So by my book it isn't the cabbage which smells. Best. 

 I commend the daring reporter from Yale which I still can't believe because of their liberal progressive professors Ryan Nees did and excellent job on reporting the facts on Voter Fraud run rampant when no one was watching the watch men in Indiana. So I start to wonder how many more States are being affected by this Virus huh? That's why the Democrats are constantly crying Foul because they know they are Doomed on their Merits! So they pull this BS line about Voter I.D.s and their cost which is another BS lie one right after the other huh?

I called my local GOP yesterday and directed him to look into the fraud in indianna,  i also directed him to this site. I hope he Joined. We need to wake people up!!!!


If Michael Savage is right about this, Voter ID will not be an issue.


"How Obama Fixed 2012 Election"



Over at yourtubenews--Breaking! Attack on America has started!!!    They are asking that this goes viral.


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