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The left likes to call it the “birther” issue.   The term birther is used as a derisive term by the left, much as truther is.   Of course the difference is truthers beliefs are based on a paranoid ideology, where as the birther issue is based on facts.


I prefer to call it the eligibility issue, not the birther issue.  Whether you agree or not, the people who are pushing the eligibility issue are on our side.  It is certainly counter-productive to deride them like liberals do.


Recently a whole stream of Republicans have come out, at the prompting of the drive by media, to reassure us that Obama is a citizen and oh, yes, he is a Christian too. 


Last Sunday, at the prodding of David Gregory on Meet the Press, or as Rush likes to call it, Meet the depressed, Boehner said, the State of Hawaii had said he was born there, that was good enough for him. 


Karl Rove, not a friend of the Tea Party, pushed the RINO line that Obama is a citizen and Sarah Palin, at a meeting in Long Island, a few days ago, also denounced the eligibility issue.   Palin ended her remarks on the subject by saying, “let’s stick with what really matters.”


This issue does matter.


There are three variations on the eligibility issue.  Two are based on undisputed facts.  The third is in dispute.


The most commonly reported of the eligibility challenges is the claim that Obama was actually born in Kenya, not Hawaii.   I believe, based on the available evidence, that it is more likely than not, Obama was actually born in Hawaii.   Obama has spent a lot of time and (other people’s) money, keeping his original birth certificate out of sight. 




Jack Cashill is one of my favorite writers and he has a theory which I think makes sense, that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, but there is something else on his birth certificate that would destroy the myth of Barack Obama.  (See his website,   In the law, there is a presumption that if a party has exclusive access to a piece of evidence and will not release it, the evidence must be adverse to their position.


The second eligibility issue is the claim that because Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan, a British subject at the time of Obama’s birth, he is not a natural born citizen.


The third is the argument that because Barack Obama was adopted as a child by an Indonesian and moved to Indonesia, he is not an American citizen.   Under the law at that time, if an American child was adopted by a citizen of another country and moved to that country, he lost his citizenship.   He could regain his citizenship by applying at an American Embassy when he was 18, but would then be treated as a naturalized citizen and thus ineligible to be President. 


What is stunning about all of this is the mainstream Republican reaction to the eligibility issues. 


The RINOs turn their noses up at the people who want the answers, which, incidentally is 60% of Republican voters.  They turn their noses up at the Tea Party movement.  Yet, they do not take a moment to consider why this is important.


If Barack Obama is proved to be ineligible to be President, everything he has done is wiped out.  Obamacare is gone.  The START treaty is gone.  The liberal lunatics Obama has appointed to the Federal Judiciary, including the two he has put on the Supreme Court are gone.


Much of the damage Obama has done to this country can be undone.  Unfortunately, the Country Club Republicans remain clueless. In their minds, the Democrats are simply the lower class versions of themselves.  They do not understand that if the party of treason has its way, America will be forever changed and ultimately destroyed.


The Courts have so far brushed aside all of the eligibility claims.  None have been addressed on the merits under the claim that Americans lack standing to challenge the issue.   Recently, the Supreme Court has given some indication it may consider one of the issues.  We can only hope.


What are the chances of success?  Who knows?


Why do football teams run the flea flicker play?   It does not work all of the time, but when it does, the results are spectacular.  Why should conservatives all hope this works out?  Because this wipes out almost everything the Obama regime has done.  We get a do over.


You would think, even the RINOs who want to denigrate the eligibility issue could figure this one out.

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Tea Party To Expose ‘America’s Fraud President’ To 1 Million Households!

The Problem: The Main Stream Media is corrosively silent on 'America's Fraud President' Barack Hussein Obama, many Patriots are asking, why?

Listen up, the Tea Party doesn't care what the Lame Stream Media's pathetic excuse may be, we don't answer to them! They should be answering to us!

Here's the kicker, the Tea Party is plowing forward with a bold and extreme plan to shake America and rattle the Washington cages! The Tea Party is preparing to send 1 Million dynamic telephone messages exposing 'America's Fraud President" to Grass-roots America. And we need your help to complete the mission.

Bottom line is, the Blame Stream Media has consistently protected 'America's Fraud President' and buried Obama Frauds such as:

  • Forged Birth certificate issued by the White House!
  • Multiple Social Security numbers!
  • Sealed College records!
  • Surrendered license to practice law!
  • Missing birth records in Hawaii!
  • Selective Service records sealed!
  • Foreign Passports!
  • Association with known Communists and subversives!
  • Sworn testimonies by credible witnesses proving Obama was not born in America.
  • America's top Sherriff threatened if he continues investigating the Obama Frauds!
  • ...and the list goes on!

It's about time the Tea Party takes the bull by the balls and gives them a yank! Sound dangerous? You bet it is! So was facing the British over 236 years ago with a rag-tag Patriot Army. Just like we won then, we will win now!

A word of caution: The smug media will attack the Tea Party calling us birthers, racists, hayseeds, hillbillies and tea-baggers, which is nothing more than spewing liberal hate speech, trying to punish us. Liberal hatemongers are telling the Tea Party to think twice before stepping out of line again, but they're going to be sorely disappointed. WE WILL NOT SHUT UP. WE WILL NOT SIT DOWN!

We're mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!

Astonishing, isn't it? We witnessed how vile poison was spewed from the hateful mouths of the caustic biased media against Sarah Palin trying to break her will. Just as she stood strong against those despicable attacks, so shall we! We will follow her example. The Maimed Stream media will ridicule and viciously attack anyone who defies their imperial power.

What this means is buckle your seat belts and be the heroes our Founding Fathers envisioned, or crawl under a rock like a yellow bellied coward. No more Mr. NiceGuy!

Time someone reported the truth about 'America's Fraud President'

The Preparation: 1 Million Telephone calls! The Tea Party is preparing to bring the truth of 'America's Fraud President' to the American people and bypass the Main Stained Media. Even as you read this statement, a potent and personal message is being prepared to be sent to over 1 Million Households across America. Grass-roots America will hear the truth once and for all! That's right! I said; 1 MILLION Households! Many grass-root Patriots, are wondering who will have the balls guts to stand up and declare the President of the United States of America a Fraud, and traitor to all we hold dear. It is time to expose 'America's Fraud President' for what he is.

It's time for the Tea Party to pick up the mantle and say: "America, You Can Count On Us!"

But how can this get done? We have sought out a 'Word Warrior Extraordinaire,' a brave Patriot who has more than once brought down Washington! We have teamed up with Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD to bring this powerful message to 1 Million Households.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD. has joined the Tea Party Team.

Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Harvard PhD. Author of over 37 books, 5 New York Times best-sellers. Dr. Corsi authored 'UNFIT FOR COMMAND' #1 NY Times bestseller, the book that exposed John Kerry as a fake war hero in 2004 denying John Kerry his bid for the White House. Dr. Corsi wrote the outstanding book: ObamaNation, the book which defines Obama's background and raises serious questions about the President's citizenship.

Furthermore, because of new revelations Dr. Corsi is adding to his bestselling book 'ObamaNation' new and previously undisclosed information which no doubt, will send shockwaves of fear through the liberal regime and shake America to the bone!

Mark my words, once liberals get their hands on Dr. Corsi's new information they will hold public booking burnings, but it will be too late!

Now you understand why it is imperative the Tea Party contact 1 Million Households with a potent informative telephone call and soon! Can you imagine, if 1 Million Households receive information which proves, without a shadow of doubt, America has a fraudulent President running our beloved nation?

All I can say is: WOW!

Guess what? We're going to find out, but we will need your help. Help I know you'll love to be a part of! The Tea Party is done playing Mr. NiceGuy.

From this day forward — No More Mr. NiceGuy!

The Plan: It's going to take 'all we got' and then some, to get this powerful message to America. This is where you come in. We need dedicated Patriots to step up and help us deliver the Obama Fraud message to 1 Million Households.

Here are some of the things we need to pay for...

  • Fees related to State registration and FCC compliance documents.
  • Renting targeted phone numbers of Households across America.
  • Setup an Outgoing telephone call system.
  • Write effective telephone scripts.
  • Pay for long distance charges.
  • Prepare batteries of live operators for this monumental task.
  • Create and review quality control for a uniform message.
  • Pay most fundraising costs — up front!
  • Deploy our accounting staff to manage the costs.
  • Prepare our Attorney team for the attacks from the Obamites.
  • ...and so much more!

At this point, our costs are going to be staggering! We are going to cut costs and streamline this project as much as possible, but the message of 'America's Fraud President' must be heard and heard now!

Time to expose 'America's Fraud President'!

Fact is, if this doesn't interest you, nothing will! Let's not forget we must keep the call center locations and operator teams off the radar so the Obamites can't sabotage this grass-roots operation with their minion goons! Who can forget the threat of killing and beating Citizens in Philadelphia who just wanted to vote in the last election?

What do you think will happen when the Obamite’s Imperial leader is exposed as the fraud he is!

Security must be kept at an all-time high! Heck, even this alert will fall into the wrong hands and an attempt to stop us will ensue! Time is of the essence!

I'm going to be perfectly frank. With all the discounts, cutting corners and begging for price-cuts, we are looking at a projected cost of .23 per household! Multiply that by 1 Million! Our projected cost could very well be over $ 230,000.00. God knows, America is worth it!

That's right; we must raise almost a quarter of a million dollars to reach 1 million U.S. Households! But get this! We are going to tell America about 'America's Fraud President' with unique and special telephone calls, and to hell with the Main Blame Media!

Do you want in? If not, go hide under a rock.
But, if you are as mad as hell keep reading!

I am going to ask you to do 3 things.
  1. Give a donation you will be proud of. Help the Tea Party send this message of truth in no uncertain terms, into the very belly of grass-roots America! Now is not the time to be cheap.
  2. Recruit your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers and fellow Patriots by forwarding this important email to them. Give them a chance to save America, like you are!
  3. Get involved once and for all in exposing 'America's Fraud President.' Once you give your donation, you will be directed to a page where you will find important links on how to participate in exposing 'America's Fraud President.' We don't' want infiltrators, scallywags and troublemakers involved, only strong Patriots willing to get down to business!

    1 Million Telephone calls! The 1 Million Households has 10 blocks of 100,000 households each, equaling a total of 1 Million Households. Each 100,000 household blocks will cost us approximately $ 23,000.00. At first glance $ 23,000.00 seems very attainable, BUT once the process begins we cannot stop! The first block of 100,000 Households is just as important as the last block of 100,000 Households.

Here is the schedule:

1 Million Households — 100,000 at a time is the plan!

In a nutshell, this is how we are going to set the Grass-roots on fire! ...and our good friend Dr. Jerome Corsi is going to help by providing the information about 'America's Fraud President'.

If you are as tired of this freak'n Obama fraud as I am, you will step up and be counted.

Remember To Do These 3 Things!
  • Give a Donation you will be proud of.
  • Recruit your friends.
  • Get involved exposing 'America's Fraud President'.

You had better listen up and now! If you cannot do this, then please get the hell out of the way, Patriots have got work to do and we can't get it done if our ranks are filled with spectators and baggage.

We need True Patriots ready to step up and take charge!

The Tea Party is going to dial 1 Million Households with the powerful message about 'America's Fraud President'

How are we going to do this?

  1. Test-call a geographic area and determine if that area is ripe for our message of 'America's Fraud President' if the area is ready, then on to the next step.
  2. Telephone call the Households in the tested geographic area with over 100,000 calls spreading the message of 'America's Fraud President'. Once that area has been saturated, move on to the next geographic area.
  3. Systematically move across America until 1 Million Households have been dialed!

Does this make sense to you? This plan will work in our favor because it allows time to raise necessary funds to call across America.

1 million households - 100,000 at a time is the plan!

Here are some of the highlights of the outgoing telephone Please remember is this only a partial draft of the Tea Party telephone script and some changes and/or additions may be made upon final approval.

Sample: outgoing telephone message






Yes! Now you can see how important this message is! 1 Million Telephone calls!

First of all we need your help in paying for the costs to get this potent call to 1 Million Households. Remember we are going to call 1 Million Household — 100,000 At A Time!

How many households will you help at .23 cents per household?

100 Households - 23.00

250 Households - 57.50

500 Households - 115.00

1,000 Households - 230.00

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10,000 Households - 2,300.00

Many Households - DONATE

Once you have taken the first step and give your best donation, you will be directed to an action page so you can become part of the solution. 1 Million Telephone calls!

Thank you. Someday your children will thank you for saving their future.

Support the continued work of the Tea Party on behalf of our beloved nation.


Who are  When I try to access that website, I get an auto-route to some email-sending company.  I'm willing to do ANYTHING to rid us of the Illegal Alien in the White House, but I don't want to give money and/or sweat to an unofficial group.  We are so trusting, us Americans, and we have been FOOLED by so many for so long!!


God Bless America!!  God Save America!!


Happy Easter!

Saska good question. It was was sent by Tea 24338 El Toro Rd., Suite E108 Laguna Woods, Ca. 92637. I sent it on because I saw Corsi's name and figured it was okay. Is it legit I don't know? I don't like sites that don't have names of principals but the Tea Party excels at that. One good question was whether Tea Party Nation received the same. The only Tea Party I heard was not legit was Tea Party.Net. Thanks for asking. God Bless America. Happy Easter!

Diogenes, I went to the link and clicked on the yellow flag, Don't Treat on Me, and it took me to a ning site that I, too, had joined and have received emails from, The Tea Party Command, or something like that.  So, it is legit!!  Good thing!!

Tread! not Treat!!

Saska I am hooked up to a Tea Party with Ning at the end. Because the site does not have its

principals listed was curious what Ning stood for. Turns out that Ning is a network that was taken over by a Chinese corrp. And as it happens many Tea Parties use the same format. 

Diogenes, I believe that Tea Party Nation is a NING site, too!!  Check out the format (same as the Tea Party Command Center and Tea Party .org!!

Saska, the story of Ning came about when it was difficult getting through to the principals of a TP with supposedly 5000 members. Well we had two gal whizzes who tracked Ning down, once owned by an American and taken over by the Chinese. This evening I tried to backtrack their work on the net, and it came up zero on the Chinese connection but that Ning hooked up with an outfit Glam or Gam. If I get ambitious I'll try to go back and see if I can find those posts ( old ) that came up with Ning owned by the Chinese.

Here is the comparable call to action on their discussion forum - Legit to my way of thinking as I regularly participate @ also.


we  need to email all our friends and use twitter and facebook to tell the truth  that is millions right there

Carole, I am a FB Warrior, Saska Mare, and a Twitter Warrior, @saskamare.  Let's ROLL!!  "They're" watching us, however!!  If I disappear, you will know where I am, please look for me!!

Lets roll and God Bless America


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