Who is E.W. Jackson and why does the left want to destroy him so badly?


E.W. Jackson is someone who is unknown to most Americans and even a lot of people in Virginia.  At least he was unknown before the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Convention last weekend.


Jackson and his team out fought and out organized six other candidates to become the Republican Party’s nominee to be the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.


Immediately the Party of Treason and the left wing media, such as the Richmond Times Dispatch went into action to destroy Jackson.


Why is it so important to the left that E.W. Jackson be destroyed?


E.W. Jackson is a Tea Party activist.  He has been involved with the movement since at least 2010.  He is a former Marine and a Harvard educated lawyer.  He is also a black preacher.


Many in the state know E.W. Jackson as Bishop Jackson. 


E.W. Jackson represents a serious threat to the leftist Democrat establishment.  Democrats can count on the black vote to go overwhelmingly Democrat.  If the GOP smashes the monopoly Democrats have on black America, then it is a huge game change.


If Republicans took 50% of the black vote, we would change America. 


Barack Obama took 93% of the black vote in 2012.


If Mitt Romney had just split that vote, he would be President today.


E.W. Jackson represents a threat to the left. 


Immediately after E.W. Jackson was nominated, the left wing media in Virginia began pulling out comments he had made, claiming he was too radical and extreme.  Jackson is pro-life.  To the media, if you are not Kermit Gosnell you are too extreme.


As a minister, Jackson has blasted homosexuality (as opposed to homosexuals).  Amazingly enough, his comments on that subject are popular in the black community.  That shocks and offends liberals. 


After E.W. Jackson was nominated, the Democrats trotted out a couple of liberal Republicans who whined that the Party was now “too extreme” with Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson leading the ticket. 


A whispering campaign began that the GOP establishment was upset with Jackson’s selection and they were working on a plan to remove him.


Even the GOP establishment isn’t that dumb. 


The 2013 ticket for the Republicans in Virginia represents the victory of the Tea Party over the establishment.  The establishment is not happy about this but they don’t have a choice.  They didn’t like Ronald Reagan either.


During the convention last Saturday when each of the candidates spoke, they all received applause.  E.W. Jackson’s speech got a standing ovation and it was not just his supporters standing.


E.W. Jackson represents the future of the conservative movement. 


Conservatism is not what the media wants to portray.  It is not a bunch of stuffy old white guys trying to figure out a way to screw anyone who doesn’t look like them.


The conservative movement is about expanding freedom and liberty to everyone in America.  Freedom and liberty means that everyone gets their dream.  The ability to dream and then reach that dream is not confined by race or gender.  It is uniquely human and the opportunity for every man and woman to chart their own course and use their own God given talents is uniquely American.


E.W. Jackson is an evangelist for freedom and liberty.   He is lighting the way to a conservative future in Virginia and the nation.


The Virginia election of 2013 is the opening battle for election of 2014.  This is the battle we must fight and we must win. 


We can set the momentum for conservative victories in 2014 by winning Virginia in 2013.


Let’s all rally behind the Virginia conservative ticket of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor and Mark Obenshain for Attorney General.


E.W. Jackson’s website is here.  Please click through and support E.W. Jackson.



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Good for him. We need people like him.

Yes we do - he also needs us.


Are we going to stand up & defend him or stand around & watch him be savagely hacked (politically) by the Left?

At this moment I wish I had money in the bank.  Giving a bit to support freedom is a very easy way to help save America.  I will save this link and pony up when some becomes available and continue to promote conservative causes in other ways.  During the last election cycle I promised some $ to a campaign, twice, but could not come up with the tiny bit of cash at the last minute...life in the real world.  Last week I was able to support this person with 10x as much.  Get behind good people;  some will disappoint, but that is to be expected.

Why is it when Conservatives (Black and White) support a Black Conservative for office, we are still labeled as "racists" by the Liberals and Left in general?

How can one be racist if they like and promote a Black Conservative, or is it the word "conservative" that bothers them so much?  Let's just forget what they call us because that won't change their childish behavior.  Let's keep on promoting those men and women, no matter what their race or color of skin, who are good for the Conservative movement. 

Here is Georgia, we have a new rising Star among the Conservatives who attended the Georgia Republican Convention in Athens this past weekend.  His name is Michael Neely.  Watch for him to run for higher office in the coming years.  He was voted by a huge majority of the Delegates to be the 1st Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.  He is a man of character with the knowledge and experience we need.  Another man of honor, courage and experience was our keynote speaker for the Victory Dinner last Friday.  Who was it?  Col. Allen West, a native Georgian, and a former Congressman from Florida, who continues to serve our Country well, and yes another Black Conservative and proud of it. 

Let's not forget the outstanding Dr. Benjamin Carson who address the prayer breakfast meeting that Obama attended in Washington, DC. about a month ago.  A man who was raised in poverty by a single mother, but who worked hard and became a world renown brain surgeon.  Another Black Conservative man who uses "common sense" when looking at the problems we face in this Nation.  I could go on and on about how many honest, ethical and moral American citizens we have in this Country who also happen to be Black.  So, the racist slurs made about Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and even some Democrats needs to stop.  It's not working any longer and it is getting really tiring.     

The media just throws everything at conservatives, and runs with whatever sticks.  If his stand on gay marriage or abortion doesn't turn voters away, the press will ridicule his intelligence.  If that doesn't stick, they'll be sure to have a "bimbo eruption."  

Billy: Lets pray that we can get more people like Jackson elected and just maybe return our country to greatness. Top republicans are no better than the liberals. We the people are at war with both parties.

I wish Rev. Jackson the best, and I pray he will get voted in, Now don't hold me to it but with what is going on in DC right now, I see sunny skies coming for the conservative Replublicans.

"Brother" Jackson is indeed a good man & patriot in every sense of the word! The "Left" truly needs to fear him & his views on life & politics for these are polar-opposites of each other. His background speaks of a man who loves his God, his family & his Republic beyond measure making him a natural "Target" for the "Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Movement". I sincerly believe "Brother" Jackson would be considered an example of the "Righteous Man"  the Bible speaks of in Proverbs 24:16 where we are told: "For though a righteous man falls seven timers he rises agan" and so it will be with him. Amen

Peace be with you.

Everyone will get their dream unless their dream is tons of free stuff!  It is always great to see a black man of character because Barack H Obama gives black people a bad name. Any black person who looks up to that man has a liar for a hero.

Let the Bishop do what he does.  As Rush Limbaugh correctly observes, he (Rush) survives because he is not a creature of the media.  That is, because he is popular because of who he is and what he does and has become that without the assistance of the media, the media cannot destroy him.  We know they have certainly attempted to do so.

Based on what I've read here, it seems that E.W. Jackson is in a similar situation: he is popular because of what he does and he is not a media creation.  I predict that, unless he is set up somehow and takes the bait, he will remain strong in spite of the media.

Obama is quite the opposite.  Obama is a media creation and nothing else.  If the media ever turned on him, he would be impeached and disappear from the political scene in short order.  The substance of the man -- to the extent that it is known -- is not what got him elected.  He was elected on the media myth of the man and their fictional portrayal of who he is, what he is doing and wants to do.

Amen to that!

I certainly will support E.W. Jackson, thanks for an excellent article.


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