The Republican Party was born in 1854 in Ripon Wisconsin.  It could die in 2012.


What will be the cause of death?  Mitt Romney.


Mitt Romney’s messaging has been simple.  He is the inevitable nominee.  His campaign also claims he is the only who can beat Barack Obama.  Ignoring the fact there is really no evidence to support that claim, all we really need to do is look back at the GOP’s history of picking the “electable” guy and see how that has panned out. 


There is a reason why there was never a President McCain or a President Dole.   If Ronald Reagan had not picked him to be his Vice President, there would not have been a President Bush either. 


The media is telling us that none of the other Republican candidates measure up and could beat Barack Obama.  Even people like Eric Erickson at RedState are starting to buy this line and today Erickson even talked about reconsidering Jon Huntsman, just to stop Mitt Romney.


If Romney is nominated, he will destroy the conservative movement and will destroy the Republican Party.  Period. 


Romney is certainly no conservative.  Even after he decided he was only going to serve one term as Governor of Massachusetts, so he could run for the Republican nomination for President, he continued to act as a liberal.  Remember, Romneycare, his cap and trade regulations and even his “Wheels for Welfare” program all came about after he made the decision to forego a second term as governor to run as a Republican for President.  


Romney has made his run for the nomination specifically by ignoring conservatives.  He has played it safe, trying to avoid controversy and be the last Republican candidate standing. 


The conservative vote has been volatile this year.  It has gone from Bachmann to Perry to Cain and may now be shifting to Gingrich.  Three quarters of Republicans do not want Mitt Romney, but unfortunately their votes are divided among the conservative front-runners. 


If Mitt Romney wins, it will be the death of the Republican Party.  The GOP may be dying anyway.   If Romney wins, significant numbers of conservatives will be staying home on Election Day.  Or if not staying home, at least not voting for him and certainly not going out in the days before the election campaigning for him and working for him. 


In Washington, the surrender brothers, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have shown no interest in a conservative agenda.  They have done nothing about cutting spending.  They have surrendered to the Democrats every step of the way.  Instead of standing firm for conservative beliefs and making the Democrats offer concessions, they have simply agreed to nominal changes, which are basically no changes in the way Washington operates.


Now, one by one, Washington Republicans are crumbling on the issue of tax hikes.  Boehner and McConnell gave us the Supercommittee, which is going to come out with tax increases.  The Republicans can call them “revenue increases” all they want, but a pig is still a pig not matter what you call it and Americans understand what revenue increases really mean.


If Mitt Romney wins, he will rip the conservative heart out of the Republican Party. 


If Romney is the nominee, either he will win or he will lose, but either way the American people will be the real losers.


We have been down this path before.  In 2004, George Bush was reelected primarily because of the War on Terror.  During his first term he had shown himself to be a big government Republican and the Republicans who controlled the House and Senate were spending money like drunken Democrats.  By 2006, the shock of 9/11 had faded and Americans started paying attention.


What happened? 


In 2006 and 2008, America grew tired of Republicans who were no different than big spending Democrats and sent a message.  In 2008, the GOP had not learned its lesson and gave us John McCain.


If John McCain had been elected President in 2008, we would have at least eighty percent of what we have had under Obama and there would have been no Tea Party because so much of the Tea Party came from dissatisfied Republicans.


If Mitt Romney becomes the nominee or the next President, the GOP will implode.    He will not run as a conservative and he will not govern as a conservative.


Where will conservatives go?  If the only choice is between a liberal party and a socialist party, where do conservative Republicans go? 


In surveys on Tea Party Nation, between one third and one half of those surveyed have said they would not vote for Romney if he were the nominee.   


If Mitt Romney is the nominee, he will split the GOP at a time when GOP unity will be paramount in the second Obama term that Romney will be instrumental in bringing about.  We will need Republican solidarity to not only stop further spending by the Obama regime but also to stop judicial appointments and an almost certain third Supreme Court justice that Obama would get to appoint. 


The complaints are we do not have good candidates.  We do.  I have endorsed Newt Gingrich because I believe he is the best Republican in the field and can not only beat Obama, but help us achieve a conservative agenda.


There is Michele Bachmann.  I think the world of her and would gladly support her if she came out with the nomination.  While I don’t think she has a chance of winning, she is a good candidate.


I like Herman Cain.   However, I fear these recent allegations against him have now doomed him and made him unelectable.


There is also Rick Perry.  I am not a huge Rick Perry fan.  He is much closer to Mitt Romney than he would care to admit, but if I had to choose between him and Obama, I could pull that lever.


I have said it before and will repeat it. Gingrich is the best candidate.   We do have other good Republicans.  I want to see Gingrich get the nomination because I believe he can destroy Obama in the general election. 


Right now, the future of the conservative movement, the Republican Party and America hang in the balance.   If the GOP establishment prevails and Romney is the nominee, all three will be lost. 


Now is the time we must all work to make sure a conservative is elected as the Republican nominee and the next President.


Mitt Romney is no conservative.


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You are so right. However, I refuse to let them hood-wink me.

Fellow Tea party, The only candidate I trust is Ron Paul, this man will not sell out;  without our Constitution and our Bill Of Rights our country is history. Most of the politicians that are running,  are in agreement with the making of the NAU, this is the baby of the Globalist, Free Traders, the IMS, The World Bank and the Fedral Reserve Bank. The EU is what we will become if we allow this North American Union. You decide,  Freedom or economic slavery.

You sell out Israel and you sell out America. It's that simple. Genesis 12:3

Barry, the USA allways will be with Israel, what Ron Paul stand, is for the eradication of all the military bases out side the USA. it cost billions of Dollars and will not benefit our country.

Not so. Tithing seems like money thrown down the toilet to those who do not believe, but to those who do believe, it is the main source of blessings. When you withhold from G-d and His people, G-d will withhold His Blessings from you. That goes for individuals as well as nations. Proverbs 27:18 says:

 "Who keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof: so he that waiteth on his master shall be honored."

The fig tree in Scripture represents Israel. So, he that keeps (or cares for, or tends to) the fig tree will eat from the fruit thereof. In other words, Those who care for Israel will share in his benefits. Likewise those who wait on his master (waiting here means waiting, as in waiting tables, or serving) by tending the fig tree will be honored. This all ties back to Genesis 12:3. " I will bless them that bless thee, and I will curse them that curse thee."

Doing nothing with Israel is the same as cursing Israel. We already have a president that has been cursing Israel. Think we had too many floods, fires, severe weather and economic woes this year? Just wait. You'll see that G-d said what he meant and meant what he said. Look at all of History and show me where G-d was slack in what he said about Israel.

Ron and Eugene,

I love you brothers, but you are missing the point I was making to Juan. Ron Paul is not the man to lead our country because of his stand on Israel. If he were the right guy in every other area, his failing to defend Israel would lose my vote along with the vote of everyone else who has a love for Israel and understands where we are in History and Prophesy and the importance of defending G-d's chosen people in such a time as this.

 Anti-Semitism is on the rise rapidly in America and around the world. Sometimes it's overt and sometimes it's covert. How many churches today, do not, or will not support Israel? If you are in one, you need to get out as Yeshua will be their judge. This president has already caused us damage. Two days after he demanded Israel give up land to the Palistinians, there was an earthquake outside of Washington. A little over a week after Turkey expelled the Isreali ambassadors and shut down their embassy and then sent their war ships off the coast of Israel, they were hit with a major earthquake. Do you for a minute, think this is coincidence? I know the times we are living in. I know what G-d said He would do to them that curse Israel. Keep an eye on France. It's time to draw near to Yeshua because delaying now is not very smart. We must stand with Israel at all cost.

  Shalom   שלרם

 I'm all in Ron! Let the Crusades begin!


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