We live at an amazing point in history.  We live at a point where history can be changed and we can enter a golden age of liberty and freedom. 


With so many challenges facing us, how is that possible?


Right now, even as we speak, we are seeing the death rattle of statism.  Even as Barack Obama tries to push America down the road that results in poverty, tyranny and occasionally mass murder, we are seeing the death of statism everywhere.


In Europe, the first of the statist regimes are collapsing.  In Greece and Spain, economic disaster is imminent.   For anyone who has eyes to see and pays even a modicum of attention, the conclusions are obvious. 


The statists have reached what I like to call the Thatcher point.  They have run out of other people’s money to spend.  There are no other choices. 


Both Greece and Spain are rapidly becoming failed states.  They have spent themselves into poverty.   They have created so many government dependencies they cannot all be satisfied and no one can pick the winners and losers among these dependencies. 


Greece and Spain have one alternative left.  That is an alternative that no one is talking about.   Their alternative is freedom.  The last option they have not explored is liberty. 


Greece and Spain both have massive entitlement classes.  They are going to have to offer the entitlement classes something other than welfare.  What they have to offer them is the free market. 


The only thing that will save Greece and Spain is a radical turn towards free markets.  They must literally tear down their governments, create new governments, virtually eliminate taxes and entitlement payments and offer their citizens something they do not currently have. 




American statism is in equally bad shape.  California is the poster child for American statism.  California has the highest taxes in the nation and even that cannot satisfy their massive demand for even more tax money.  California is soon hitting the Thatcher point. 


California is, for the most part, a one party state.  The Democrats control everything.  There are a few isolated pockets that still send Republicans to Sacramento but they are few and far between.  Under the radical leftist leadership of the far left Democrat Party, taxes have been raised and raised to the point where they can no longer be raised.  California is $16 billion in the hole.   The California statist government is growing and intruding more and more into people’s lives. 


Unlike Jerry Brown’s old favorite nation, the former Soviet Union, citizens of California do have a choice.  And many of them are voting with their feet.  Most people who can leave are leaving.   The productive members of the private sector are leaving.  Those who remain are wealthy leftists, government workers and members of the entitlement classes. 


California is America’s Greece.  Greece has repeatedly gone to the EU for bailouts.  They have received them, but every time the EU has demanded that Greece change and become fiscally responsible.  That has never happened. 


It will never happen.  Like the enabler for an addict, statist bailouts never solve the problem.  They only postpone the day of reckoning. 


If Barack Obama is somehow reelected this fall and if somehow, the Democrats end up in control of the House and Senate (yes, the chances of that are about as likely as Eric Holder honoring Darryl Issa’s subpoena), California will have its chance to push back the day of reckoning.  


If the Democrats control Washington in 2013, California will come calling for a bailout.  No one has ever answered the question of who will bail America out when we hit our Thatcher point, as we will if Barack Obama remains in office. 


California’s solution is liberty.  The problem is getting there.  The only answer is to let California fail. 


Only out of that failure will California address its financial problems.  Only then can California tear down the failed government it has created and start over.  California is the evidence we have in America that the welfare state is a failure and does not work.


Greece and most of statist Europe are going to fail. 


Let statist California fail too. 


Then we can open the door to liberty and freedom once again in the Golden State. 

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California will have to address it's illegal population along with other issues soon.

Amen brother!

well that is a positive look on things. Otherwise there is mass chaos, rioting and even more people clamoring for Gov't to save them. 

Points for quoting Bill Murray.  Otherwise, chaos is not yummy.  

Include New York State In That Socialist Group! Pestilence Of America Are The DemocRat Run States!

Thanks, Judson, on  The death of statism.

I've always held  great belief in the Pendulum Effect, in both Grandfather clocks and politics.

An equal and opposite reaction. Both in Physics and, perhaps more importantly in Politics!

The American people have just had a refresher course in Socialism: 6 years of Congress and 4 years of Executive as well. They see the effects, and wish to reverse. We need to push the Pendulum hard to the right! Now is the time!

In physics, the pendulum stops due to gravitational effects.

And releases it's stored energy in the return swing. The sum of all the energies in the system is a constant.

This assumes that the swing is not sufficient to break the system!

At some point, the analogy fails. We need to push hard...to the right!

The promises of politicians (mostly, but not all, Democrats) have led too many Americans to expect that governments will somehow use magical powers to provide for their wishes without any of us having to do any heavy lifting. 


I searched the internet to find what I thought would be the appropriate word or phrase to describe that expectation.  The word that I settled on was "thaumaturgic". 


Thaumaturgic - Definition and More from the Free ...

www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/thaumaturgic - Similarto Thaumaturgic - Definition and More from the Free ...

Oct 12, 2011 ... Definition of THAUMATURGIC. 1. : performing miracles. 2. : of, relating to, or   dependent on thaumaturgy. First Known Use of THAUMATURGIC ...

From there, I contend that our political system--especially that of California--could be characterized as being a "thaumaturgitocracy"--A nation whose people expect their governments to be able to use special supernatural powers which enable governments to do things that the rest of us mere mortal humans just aren't capable of doing. 

After all, the laws of physics are the primary controlling principles for everything that happens on the planet we live on as well as the universe that we live in.  That includes those, mostly poorly understood, disciplines that we have named economics and finance.  All cost is created when an amount of energy of some kind, the energy of people included, is used and dissipated.  Money was invented by mankind to provide a medium of exchange whose purpose is to facilitate and enable the movement of cost from place to place to place.  And Congress just doesn't get to legislatively amend and modify the laws of physics--regardless of expectations.


And buried in that is the explanation for why socialistic systems must fail and why socialistic nations will not and cannot persevere.  When the cost of today's social benefits is run through governments, dumped out and added to the operating costs of the producing enterprises who are in the process of trying to produce, distribute and sell those things that will be "provided" by governments tomorrow then the price paid tomorrow must reflect today's costs that have been added to the system.  And here we go loop-ta-loop.  Hidey-hi and hidey-ho.    


The First law of thermodynamics is hardly quaint. Analogy to swings in political systems is perhaps a bit novel, however...


Freesom is the only option? I think not. Onama has another option,it is called tyranny with guess who as the dictator.. What say you Vern ?

Absolutely correct, Debrajoe! We are spending a huge chunk of money dealing with illegals, mostly the cost of incarcerating the murderers, rapists, gangbangers and thieves who pour over our border. Then there's the welfare cost, education expenses and miscellaneous other costs. I ain't gonna go into the high speed rail fiasco moonbeam is still trying to push down our throats.

Right on Dave!! 


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