What ever else you want to say, there is one prediction that can now be safely made.  2012 is going to be an election like we have never seen before.  There are going to be some twists and turns in this election that even Vince Flynn or Brad Thor could not have come up with.


One of the biggest just hit.  What is it?


It is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into the eligibility of Barack Obama. 


The left has obnoxiously dismissed the claims of those in the “birther” movement.   They have done their best to ignore people like Orly Taitz.   


Sheriff Joe, America’s toughest and possibly bravest Sheriff assembled a cold-case posse as he termed it to look into the issue of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.


They came back and said there is probable cause to believe the birth certificate that Obama presented to the American people is a forgery.


The term probable cause is very important here.  It is a specific legal term. It is the level at which arrest and search warrants maybe issued.  It is the standard of proof required for a grand jury to indict.


Sheriff Joe has said he did not believe Obama forged the birth certificate, but it if it is forged, someone had to do it.  That is the target of his investigation. 


Sheriff Joe’s strategy here is great.  First, he is going for the easiest target.   Someone obviously forged the birth certificate.  With a criminal investigation, he can go places the civil lawsuits did not and courts are going to be much more reluctant interfere with a criminal probe than a civil lawsuit. 


The person who forged the document is the easiest target and as a matter of criminal law, a prosecution of him or her would be pretty easy.   One of the basic rules of criminal prosecutions, when you have a multi defendant conspiracy is to pick the easiest target, build the case and flip them. 


Once the defendant is flipped, the prosecutors and investigators just work their way up the chain.


Assuming all of this can be proven, the trail has to end at Barack Obama.   He presented the birth certificate to the nation.  He has to know at the very least the birth certificate is not real.


Why would Barack Obama release a forged birth certificate?


There are only a couple of reasons for that.   While it could be his idea of a giant practical joke, that does not seem likely.   In the law, a person who hides, alters or conceals evidence, there is a presumption that evidence is adverse to them.


That makes a lot of sense.  And the question remains, why would Obama agree to a forged birth certificate?   He knew the media would protect him, but why do it unless there is something to the story that he was in fact not born in Hawaii?


All of this goes back to the issue of why eligibility is so important.


If Obama is not eligible to be President, everything he did is undone.  Goodbye Obamacare.  Goodbye Dodd-Frank.  Goodbye Kagan and Sotomayor. 


If we can invalidate the Obama regime, we can undo the damage the left has so desired to do to this nation.  If we end up with a Romney presidency we will need to undo the damage that Obama has done just to keep Romney from managing our decline further.

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Let's get busy.

I heard the talk.  How many others did?  2% of Americans? 1%?

I heard the antagonistic questions of anonymous reporters!

Will this report ever be aired on any news media?

That's right Charles. It's sounding, but not really very sound....


The only reason the leftist media is able to hide the eligibility issue is because conservatives won't touch it either.  If our congressmen and notable talk show hosts from the right weren't afraid to speak about it, no dam would be strong or tall enough to hold back the flood of dirty water surrounding the charlatan-in-chief.

What is it that makes them so afraid to mention it or even allow it to be brought up?

I'm unemployed, so it's down to ridicule and murder.

I carry a gun, so I hope they try the latter!

Actually, since I'm unemployed, ridicule is worthless...

I heard it reported yesterday, Thursday, 3-2, on CBS radio news, but only once. It did not repeat in their next news broadcast.

Whether or not anyone heard, hears, or seen the live stream web-cast of the press conference isn't the point.

The evidence is there for anyone wanting to know. 

The evidence is foolproof. The report is not near as strong and damaging as the actual press conference was. I thought I had heard that the six videos that were shown could be found on WND's web-site, but I haven't looked yet. the Selective Service Card was also fake. 

You are right about the reporters from the various liberal news sites, lam-blasting with questions and accusations at the end. Hey, Liberal Left Wing Protectors of Injustice.....The Evidence Is There and Exposed. You Can't Make It Go Away!

Excellent article. The bigger question is (assuming there is truth in the facts presented)--do we have enough Republicans in Congress that have the backbone to follow through on impeachment, conviction, etc. and do what they are charged to do--uphold the Constitution?  Or, is this going to be another "Whitewash" of justice like the Trent Lott Republican Senate did against Bill Clinton? Time will tell. Thank God for Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

There has not been one Congressman or Senator yet with balls enough to use the word Impeachemnt!


You are exactly right. That is further proof why we need to have term limits on all elected offices. We have got to put an end to career politicians!!

Yea, and how about decreasing their numbers by say 2/3?


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