How do we conservatives win in 2014?


It is a question that we must ask and answer now.  We must have a plan now.  In our current electoral system, we are in a perpetual campaign.  This is especially true for Congress since they only have two-year terms. 


Is there a plan we can use to win in 2014?


Yes there is.  It is a simple, grass roots plan. 


What is it?


A friend of mine likes to say, we are in the conversion business.   This is so true. 


I know of almost no one who moves from conservatism to liberalism.  Yet, I have met many recovering liberals.  What is it that brings liberals to conservatism?   It is the message of freedom and liberty.


Our problem is getting that message out. 


We now live in an information age.  Incredible amounts of information are available at our fingertips.  People thirty years ago could not even imagine what we can do today.  We can access news sources from around the world with our computers.  We can reach out and talk to almost anyone we want. 


We now have thousands of friends on Facebook, most of whom we have never met.


Yet we now have an unparalleled ability to influence people.


This is the grassroots strategy for 2014. 


We need every conservative on board with this.  If we follow this strategy, we cannot only win, we can crush liberals.


How does this strategy work?



While there are many of us who are grass roots activists, who live, breath, eat and sleep politics; there are many more out there who neither know nor care.  Most Americans can name more pro athletes or music stars than they can Members of Congress.   These people get their news from a variety of sources, most of them bad.  


Do you know how many young people get their news from Jon Stewart?


For many, their only source of news is the alphabet networks, their daily newspaper or the AOL or Yahoo homepage when they check email.


They do not spend a lot of time on the news and odds are the brief news sources they hit are anti-conservative.


Here is how we change that.


You become the news source for your friends.


We all have a circle of influence.   We all know people.  Pick out five of your friends for this.   You need to choose your friends carefully.  Do not choose people who are already conservative activists.  You are only preaching to the choir.   If you have some friends that are hard-core leftists, you can choose them if you want but they are not the low hanging fruit we are looking for.


We are looking for the people who are not typically involved in politics.   These are the people who check in to a Presidential race less than a month before it is over.   These are the people that are going to talk sports or entertainment news over politics. 


These are the people we can reach out to.


Pick five people (or more if you feel like it).  Start sending them emails.   Don’t bomb their email box with five emails a day on politics.  You will just get them mad and they will tell you to stop.


Send one email every few days.  Choose news from conservative news sites.  There are dozens of good conservative news sites, ranging from Breitbart to WND to Newsmax and Townhall.  (I did not include Drudge just because Drudge is an aggregator of news)


Find a good article about government waste or fraud.  Find a good article about abuse by the Federal Government.  Find a good article about something really stupid liberals are doing and send this article to your friends.  Send these as individual emails, not as part of a list.   Put a personal comment to the person in the email so that they know you are not simply spamming 50,000 people. 


Unless you know the person is sympathetic to social issues, stay away from them.   Do not argue with them.   That is funny advice coming from me.  I love to argue.  Way back when I was in High School, my senior English teacher told me I loved to argue just for the sake of arguing.   She was right.


Your mission with these emails is not to win a debate.  If you end up in a debate, you have lost. 


My friends, we are now in the conversion business. 


If one million conservative activists set it as their goal to reach out to five friends each and convert them to becoming conservative voters in 2014, we could have another Tea Party tsunami. 


In 2009, we had the opportunity.  We brought a lot of people out into the public square who had not been there before.   In some ways we blew it because a lot of those who were willing to march then have gone back to their lives.  


We need to expand our reach by bringing in new voters.  This strategy crosses all lines. 


If we are going to stop the left in 2014, and push back this tide of liberalism, now is the time to do it.


We are in the conversion business.  We must convert the uninformed, uninvolved voters into conservative activists.


While we still have the time to do so.

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Thanks, this I can do!  I will pick carefully.  I will make it personal.  I will send an email every few days!   I think I will start with the abuse of Executive Orders.  Or Congressional discretionary spending.  Or........so much to do!  Thanks again!

Been doing this for at least 8 - 9 years now. I hope it has changed some folks minds but, who knows. I also post at least a 6 - 10 items on facebook every day. That's about all we can do is keep bombarding them with clear facts & hope it finally hits home. But, honestly, I'm not real optimistic & I'm growing weary.

Ive been doing this on facebook for the past few years and I get an email from my niece telling me to stop and that people have made up their minds and i cannot change them. But then again she lives in SanFrancisco. my nephew doesnt talk to me anymore and he is in NJ. i cannot believe  how dense these liberals are. But you are right, it has to be people that dont invove themselves in politics. But on the other hand, most of the liberals are so ignorant to the issues. ive seen Waller interview them and they didnt even know who was running for president against Obama but were voting for him. This is the future of our country. Kinda scares ya doesnt it?!


Passing on articles that target the specific concerns of individuals is important as well.

Are they young people? Send them articles about the employment situation. Perhaps the effects of Obamacare.

A bit older? January's reduction that 54% of doctors won't participate in might be of interest.

Not saying one should generally look for articles to send to individuals....but rather consider who might  be most interested in each good article you read....and email to targeted individuals.

Bottom line..almost everybody who is your friend is Conservative on many or most issues. They just don't know it!

Those few who are not....well, probably they are not your friend, really.

Nice, Vern. I've done a lot of targeted advertising through my businesses and you obviously get it.  You have to look at the world through their eyes and offer the specific "benefits" to each person to be effectively persuasive over time.  Love your examples! 

Good idea.

In addition to the conversion business the Tea Partymembers should see if aviable third party if possible. While I feel the Tea Party should continue to support Conservative Republican elected officials and we should also still become GOP committeemen to reform the GOP from the bottom up. We should test supporting 3rd party candidates in 2014 mid-term elections to learn if they can win. In the 2012 election a new 3rd party the Constitution Party http://www.constitutionparty.com/ was formed in many additional states. We must find out if it is possible to form a viable Constitution Party that follows Conservative values.

There have many cases over years when a race, for public office, included both a liberal Republican and Democratic candidate that 3rdparty conservative has won. A viable Constitution Party would give us real choice; if the Republican party nominates another candidate similar to McCain or Romney in 2016, instead voting for a weak candidate we do NOT really want to support.

The off-year elections can easily be won by the "adults on the ticket" because the National Election FRAUD is off-the-board at those times.

When Jesus fought his enemies he asked them pointed questions like:  "Whose image is on the coin?" and "If the Messiah is the Son of David, why does David refer to Him as his Lord?"

Thinking, asking pointed questions and rational thoughts should be our weapons against the power-lusting malefactors in Washington, D.C..  I've used this one:  "Who owns your life ... you or the Government?"  I've also followed up with knowledge of what "socialist" countries like Finland did RIGHT with Socialism (like using taxpayer money to fund free education as long as you wish to go to school: { i.e. enslaving the teachers, but they are already slaves to the system}).

If we would get out the message that as long as we allow government to control every aspect of our lives, this country and the freedoms that we all enjoy will eventually die.  Is that what we want?

Sage advice, Judson. Thank you sir! Over 90% of my relatives are conservatives or moderates, and almost ALL of them went for Romney. BUT, a few voted for Obama because of really STOOOOPID social issues--like gay marriage and abortion. They believed the leftist bs that was flooding the airwaves.

You're right, we are in the "conversion business", and that must be subtle for the strategy to work.

Judson, you're absolutely right.  There was a poll done, not too long ago, which showed that liberals were significantly more likely to 'unfriend' people on Facebook for having conflicting political views, or posting political material.  They have a "brand/ tribe" mentality which leaves them unwilling to discuss politics beyond bumper sticker slogans.  And they really have no idea how many prejudices they harbor, or that there's anything wrong with their prejudices.

So.  I don't know how we compete with the glassy stares of harbor seals, or vintage-soviet-style propaganda posters.  Combined with self-interest victimhood, marketed as compassion.  How much empty flattering are you prepared to stomach?  Because they expect empty flattery as their due.

Should we emulate Soledad O'Brien and read directly from printed propaganda cheat sheets?

I've been F/B blocked by almost everybody I knew in CA, just for posting articles from the National Review and the Wall Street Journal.  But I suppose those who haven't are still listening?  OK, I'll get back to work.  Wish me luck.

The Senate Is About To Vote On A United Nations Treaty That Will Eradicate Your Parental Rights, Mandate Worldwide Abortion, Sexualize Your Children And Institute Population-Control... Not In Some Far-Off Land, But Right Here At Home.
UN Flag       It's no joke... no exaggeration and your sovereignty is in imminent jeopardy because this vote is days... or perhaps even hours... away.
       But to make matters worse, nine RINO Senators (Ayotte, Barrasso, Brown, Collins, Hatch, Lugar, McCain, Murkowski and Snowe) voted in lock-step with Barack Obama and Harry Reid, on Tuesday, to bring the deceptively titled United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) Treaty to the floor of the Senate for consideration.
      And a vote on ratification can happen at any moment... and we must not al....
       Don't let the name of this treaty deceive you. CRPD has NOTHING to do with protecting the rights of those with disabilities and EVERYTHING to do with putting your very life under the control of UN thugs and bureaucrats.
       The Heritage Foundation tells us, CRPD "would subject the U.S. to untold threats against its sovereignty and invite further intrusion by UN officials into sensitive social and domestic policies."

       But you can stop CRPD. A sufficient number of Republican Senators are already inclined to oppose the ratification of this sovereignty-stealing treaty and these Senators need to hear from you right now.

Good idea


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