Barack Obama is about to bring a new crisis upon us.    Unfortunately it looks like John Boehner will be the House Speaker, so he will be leading the Republicans, so the crisis will not end well for America.


What is the new crisis that is coming and what will it mean for America?


Barack Obama has thrown down the gauntlet on the Debt Ceiling fight.   He has said he will not negotiate with the Republican majority in the House. 


He just expects the GOP to roll over and do what he wants.


If John Boehner remains as Speaker that may well happen.


Obama signaled early on what he wanted with the debt ceiling.  He wants the unlimited authority to incur debt.    He wants to borrow money without any Congressional oversight.


What he really wants is the power to be a dictator.


Barack Obama does not like the American system of government.  He doesn’t like our founding fathers either.   Our founding fathers were very wise. They dealt with tyranny in their lifetime.   The fundamental purpose of the way they set up our government was not to be efficient or even to accommodate rapid change. 


It was to block the accumulation of power by one man.


Barack Obama wants to change this.


If you read the Constitution, you see the genius of our founding fathers.  They set up three co-equal branches of government but it was the legislative, not the executive that was set up with the most power.


Over the last 100 years, we have seen the erosion of this concept as the executive branch has grown in size and usurped more power.


Barack Obama wants the authority to borrow money without even having to discuss the matter with Congress for two reasons.  Incurring even more debt is a part of his strategy to take America down as a superpower. 


Obama does not love America.  He hates America.  He looks at America through his Marxist background and sees not the greatest nation in the world.   He does not see the country that has done more good for more people than any other nation.  He sees the evil oppressive power that Marxists always view America as.


By continuing to borrow money, unabated, he knows sooner or later debt will completely bring down the American economy and possibly the American state.


There is a deeper battle here as well.


If Barack Obama and the Party of Treason can beat the Republicans down to the point where they abdicate or at least refuse to fight for their Constitutionally mandated role in controlling the purse, America will no longer have three co-equal branches of government. 


If Obama wins this next battle, it will fundamentally transform America and our government.   Which is exactly what he said he wanted to do when he ran in 2008.  Obama has spoken several times, almost longingly talking about how he wishes he had dictatorial powers.   Now, here is his chance.


The legislative branch, instead of being equal to the executive will now become inferior and submissive.   The tyranny of the strong leader that our founding fathers feared will have materialized here in America. 


Today we need strong leadership.  We need men and women of courage and vision.  We need leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or James Madison.


Instead we are stuck with John Boehner.


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Now is the time for pee wee herman with a cape,  ops forgot we already have him his name is boner

Boehner probably has the votes today.  If not, I hope it doesn't go to Cantor or McCarthy.

Darrell Issa would be a viable alternative.

If the Republicans had a spine and really wanted to send a signal to Obama, they would elect Newt as Speaker.

Or Palin.  Either way, Obama-Reid-Pelosi and the MSM would go ballistic and demonize the House Republicans.

That's going to happen anyway.  At least then we would have somebody pushing back with principles and communication skills to rally the American public rather than surrender to whatever Obama wants.  It would sure shake things up!

He wants the unlimited authority to incur debt.

If this happens We need to go to DC and hold treason trials. There is not doubt in my mind that they are handing the government over to a dictatorship. In other words overthrowing the government. That is TREASON and We better start TREATING IT LIKE IT.

That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

I am sure Eric Holder would support Treason trials, don't you think so?

That is why I said We. As in We the People.

I don't understand why someone hasn't started treason proceedings. Obama took an oath to defend and protect the constitution, and he has done everything but. Why even take an oath if congress isn't going to see that he adheres to it. Everyone can see that Obama is a communist/marxist and hates this country. We heard him say he's going to "fundamentally remake this country." Well Mr Hussein Obama, we don't want a fundamentally different country. Just because the insane, crazy, brain dead leftists will go completely nuts when treason charges are filed, that's no reason to not charge ahead. We don't want to live in a third world country (or worse), We are facing the most evil, devious, administration in our history. They have been planning this takeover for decades, while the rest of us were busy raising our families and enjoying life. But we have one thing to thank Hussein Obama for, he has taken his mask off and the masks of the godless, lying, corrupt democrats so that we know what they all are and who they all are, and where they all came from (the depths of hell). Now that we know we're facing the most overwhelming evil ever known to man, we need to fight it. Is there a politician out there with enough spine to bring treason charges against the muslim in the White House. Because we all know that Obama uses people to get what he wants, then when he doesn't need them any more, he casts them aside. So congress..................you're about to be shown the door.       

Let's demand an investigation into inept, spineless Boehner. What a mess.

Several days ago, a Cat attempted to cross the road that winds though the countryside and brings me home. The hapless Cat never made his crossing...he now lies flattened on the unfeeling asphalt, a horizontal line of what once was a fierce-some little animal. 

I would prefer this Flat Cat, emaciated as it is, as Speaker of the House, than John Boehner. It is unable to wave any flag of Surrender, and has just as much leadership potential.

Flat Cat, not Fat Cat.

I'll go to DC with you and make stand.

A better case scenario could not be put forward. 


I agree with you 100%. He IS the anti-christ.

Amie Claire Doggett: No, Obama is not the antichrist, but you're close. The Bible says we will be resurrected before the antichrist takes over. It also says there will be antichrist spirits. Hitler was one--Obama is another.


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