I would like to see the birth certificate of Barack Obama.  Not the certificate of live birth that he has been pushing, but the real one. The one he is spending millions of dollars, albeit not his dollars, in legal fees to keep hidden.


Unlike a lot of people who want to see this document, I actually believe the evidence, what little of it there is, shows that it is more likely than not little Barry was born in Hawaii in 1961, just as is claimed. 


If that is true, why is he spending so much money to keep that document under wraps?   I think there is something else on that document that he does not want the world to see.  I think there is something there that would destroy the myth of Barack Obama, if it were released.  Jack Cashill has done a great piece on his theory as to what is really on that birth certificate.


Is Obama really an American citizen, as all of the folks hitting the eligibility question ask?  By birth, probably, but there is a curve ball.  As a child, his mother married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian, who then adopted Obama and they moved to Indonesia.   The law in effect at the time stated that if an American child was adopted by a citizen of another country and moved to that country, the child lost its American citizenship.  The child could regain its citizenship by applying to an American Embassy at age 18 but would only be treated as a naturalized citizen.


I hope, one day after the end of Obama’s term, there is a ruling that he was in fact not eligible to be President.  With that ruling, much of the damage done by the Obama regime has the possibility of being undone.  But I want that done, after 2013.




It is simple.   At this point, Obama could not be declared ineligible before the end of his term anyway.   Even if a court were to make such a ruling, the case would end up in the Supreme Court and that would take more than two years.


For the next two years, our focus needs to be on selecting a conservative nominee to run against Obama. 


There is another reason why I think the eligibility issue should go to the back burner.  If I were the Democrats, I’d let the Republicans start pushing the eligibility issue.


In 1994, Bill Clinton went from having a Democratic congress to a Republican congress.   Clinton, what ever else you want to say about him, was a masterful politician.  He was able to survive and even thrive under the Republican congress, mostly by taking credit for what the Republican congress did. 


Obama is no such politician.   His bad policies, not to mention what his bad reaction will be over the next two years will all but guarantee a Republican win in 2012.  If I were the Democrats, I would let something like that happen.  Perhaps even join in on the eligibility issue.  Then you have President Biden running for election in 2012.  Or Biden might not run and let Hillary run.   Either way, they can disavow the Obama regime and try to run clear of it. 


This would be the Democrats best strategy for trying to keep the White House in 2012.



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Parents were from another country, but were those six Presidents born in the United States? The Constitution is the Constitution and Law is Law, Now and then as well. If they did not meet the requirements, like Obama there were Illegal too?

Good research for someone to do yes?
Best of luck to you!, Hopefuly the DOJ won't step in behind the scene and apply Pressure on the Judges to drop these cases as were done in Ohio and and Mich.
I suggest we recall Eric Holder and J. Napolitano before Obama.
Who appointed them? That is like picking up dogs____ instead of training the dog.
Orly, Did you ever see the evidence that Dr. Manning had in their New York trial on Obama and from the witness who was the President at Occadental College where he testified against Obama?
Rev. Manning has published the proceedngs
Dear Ms. Taitz,
World Net Daily (WND.com) is reporting that as of Nov 22nd the Supreme Court is now confering on whether to hear arguments in a case re. obama's eligibility. The article states that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of hearing arguments, they could hear it themselves or refer it to a lower federal court. And if the Court DOES rule in favor of hearing arguments, it will open the door to the kind of 'discovery' that Obama has spent $2 million to prevent.
Could you please take the time to respond. Cordially, R. McCall
I will have to wait for the January 7 hearing and see what they say
Dear Ms. Taitz,
I'm not sure how to contact you thru your website. So I came back here where it's easier. Reason being, I am in the same boat as retired USAF Col. Hollister, USAF Ready Reserve, who is a co-plaintiff in a suit at the Supreme Court level. I'm a retired Ready Reserve LCDR with the USN. Like Col. Hollister, I can still be called back to active duty at any time, at the whim of the so-called president. Would it be worthwhile, at this late date, to attempt to add my name as a co-plaintiff in your, or your collegue's suit? Cordially, Ray N. McCall, LCDR, USNR - ret.
call me at 949-683-5411, or you can e-mail me at orly.taitz@gmail.com
God Bless you for your efforts to expose this horrific fraud. Illegitimi non carborundum!!
I couldn't get a passport with my Certificate of Live Birth. I had to come up with my actual Birth Certificate, or I wasn't even eligible to travel to Canada, let alone be President of the United States.


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