To call Barack Obama arrogant is an understatement.  To call him clueless about the lives of real Americans is the absolute defense of truth. 


To call his mouth the best friend conservatives may have this year, could be very true.  The arrogant man who has built nothing in his life has now shot off his mouth. 


What did he say, why is the drive by media so interested in not covering this story and why must conservatives capitalize on it?


Obama really shot his mouth off when he was speaking at Roanoke, Virginia on Friday.  He said: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”




Obama’s argument is that if it were not for government, none of us would succeed.




What the hell does Barack Obama know about building a business?


What the hell does he know about building anything?


The only thing Barack Obama has ever built is a joint. 


Barack Obama is clueless to the American dream.  Perhaps that has something to do with the fact he is not a real American. 


He does not understand the desire many real Americans have to create something that will last.  He does not understand that real Americans want to get ahead, making a business a success not only for themselves but also for their children.


For Obama, everything begins and ends with big government.    Obama does not understand why we do not all want to work for the government.  He does not understand why we do not worship at the altar of big government.  He does not understand why real Americans do not like the government, do not want any more than the minimal amount of government we need to have an ordered society and he does not understand why Americans would sacrifice and fight to be free.


For Obama, success is not something we earn on merit.  Here is a man who has never earned anything on merit.  Does anyone really believe he got into Columbia or Harvard on merits or his grades?  If you do, you must have been smoking one of Obama’s joints.


Obama believes success is not something we can do on our own.  It is not that we need government to be successful; we need government’s permission to be successful. 


That is what makes Obama and the Party of Treason so dangerous to America.  The fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not exist in Obamaland.  They are not rights.  They are grants from the government and the government can revoke them anytime and for any reason. 


Obama will never consciously tell us what he really thinks.  But a lot of times, it simply slips out.  To him, small business is the enemy.   Why?  Because small business does not only not need the government, we don’t want the government.  Because 90% of the time, the government is the problem, not the solution.   If government would simply get out of our way, we could make a living without the need for the government to do anything.  We could do what we want without the blessing or permission of the government.


For Barack Obama, that is a problem and that is why he cannot have a second term.




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Obama's a communist and thinks that what's his is his, and what's yours is his.

so right. BO has built nothing and understands nothing. people run a business to make money not give it away.

Obama and his imps know that the way to destory America is to destory free enterprise.  He is effectively doing that by using big government oppressive regulations and taxes.  And if that isn't enough he wants to raise taxes even higher on the business sector claiming they are the evil rich.  Obamacare alone is putting the stake in the heart of many businesses.  To make matters worst, obamacare taxes and penllties on the general population will increasingly erode buying power. 

The problem is not that obama doesn't understand business.  He understands business well enough to destory it, and he's in full attack mode.  The problem is, not enough people understand what he is trying to do.

There was a time that when evil rose up in the world, we had wise and courageous leaders to put a stop to it. Four years ago we put evil in charge of our nation.  Through this election, we have one last chance to put a stop to it. This may well be freedom's last stand. 

I'm with you there John.  There seem to be a lot of good people on this site, and if it wasn't for them, I'd give up on Judson.  For a man that seems to be so interested in the rights of United States Citizens, he seems to think that if you smoke a joint, you aren't capable of reasonable thoughts or actions.  A recent survey suggested that over 50% of the population is hooked on either sleeping pills or painkillers.  I guess its OK as long as its doled out by a licensed drug dealer.  I'm sorry, I meant doctor.  Judson seems to pick the liberties that are OK with him.  He should get his head out of his butt,  he might see the world as it is a little clearer.

Gary,   you  would not be  capabable of  reasonable  thought if you  smoked a joint....what is your  point...??


You  smoking  now...????

It's always easy to tell when someone has smoked a joint - their conversation is hard to following, rambling, incoherent but he thinks he is doing just fine and even has that irrepressible lopsided goofy grin to prove how smart he is. Being hooked on pot has effects that are a lot different than those manifested with sleeping pill addiction. You're fooling no one, Gary, except yourself. Having worked with pot smokers, I know that they are irresponsible, make more mistakes and are unable to catch them, do not focus, and have little memory. That's for starters.

Sorry there fellow! Some of  us do know freedom and we took care of problems by the Will of the People. We can easily remove from office any public figure that does not believe in our Constitution! And there are far more of that believe the same way. You seem to be a plant from the far-left!

Well Judson,

Sometimes I am forced to agree with you, but even when if I dont it forms a balance that is needed...so my friend you may remove this seeing how I can not get the mountain to come to to my house and play, I will bring the mountain to you...delete this if you wish...you all ready knew I was building this, and you looked for a honest Tea Party Agenda, well my friend...soon I will link in all the sites that allow this to stand....The Tea Party Independent Forum, and do not be surprised we have around 30,000 supporters...across the USA.

                     Declaration Of Independence

 After 4 years of being at a great many Tea Party Sites, I found that all this blogging went no where at all. This forum is based on a truth, that no one owns the Tea Party, That Democrats, Republicans and Independents are by all means Tea Party Americans, by the Freedom Of Choice.
 This site page will handle only 150 members, that will seat what will be known as The Round Table. Our Goals are not blogs, but to present information that is sound and honest, and to form contacts within Government to Rebuild and bring a Reform that this Blogging Bla Bla attacks that have gone no where.
 I have all ready opt out of 10 site, I am burnt out with the Political Official Bashing, and the 700 to 1000 emails per week I get....A Tea Party Agenda and Unity is lost at so many Tea Party Sites, and I did give warning I will not allow the Tea Party to become the butt end of a joke at the end of the 2012 elections.
 this photo is found within a Google.com search.

You do realize Google tracks EVERYTHING you do and sells that information to the highest bidder don't you? Just like Facebook, another site I will have nothing to do with.

When I started my business in the early  80's I could have taken a grant from the government as a woman business owner, but did not.  I didn't because I wanted to do it on my own.  I never thought I was inferior to a man so it didn't make sense to take the money.  Finally, I did not want to be beholden to the government.  Thank you President Reagan, you gave me an environment to make money and become very successful.  Thank you mom and dad you instilled a good work ethic.

Maureen Taylor, you are an honorable citizen, your mom and dad have every reason to be proud of their daughter. Congratulations on your success. Now all we have to worry about is if the government will assist in the destruction of what you have built while spreading your wealth among those who have never done anything for others and are only concerned about how much they can get out of the government. Those who don't understand where wealth comes from and don't care. Those who will continue to vote for those who will give them the most and vote against those who understand how things really work. We are rapidly approaching having a 500 lb race horse (private sector) carrying a 500 lb jockey (public sector) and a total failure of the whole system. I wonder what the freeloaders will do when the 500 lb jockey is on foot with a dead horse?


I seem to remember one of his minions talking about how the owner/CEO of a business didn't build the business. The workers did.

What these commies fail to understand is that if it were not for that owner/CEO doing all the planning and supplying/obtaining the money, those workers wouldn't have built anything for that business because that business wouldn't exist.

Someone has to supply the idea, money, planning, and the day to day management of the business. Without the owner/CEO, the business would have no direction. I'm not saying that some of the workers couldn't do some of that, but someone has to provide direction and take the risks with their money, and that responsibility falls on the owner/CEO.


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