In some conservative quarters, the question is still being asked, “What is our alternative to Mitt Romney?”


Some people are suggesting voting for the Libertarian Candidate or even the guy from the Constitution Party who may only end up on the ballot in one or two states.


There is an alternative to Mitt Romney, if you are looking for one.


Who is it?


It is Barack Obama.


No, that is not a joke.


Absent some almost unprecedented or at least unpredictable event, next January in Washington, it is either going to be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney standing on the stage taking the Oath of Office.


It will not be Gary Johnson and it will not be that clown Virgil Goode from the Constitution Party. 


Here are your choices.  It is either A or B.  It is American versus Marxist.  It is Romney versus Obama.  It is that simple.


If you decide Romney is not pure enough for you and you decide you want to vote for the candidate who believes the most pressing problem facing this country is the legalization of drugs, then you are voting for Barack Obama.


If you choose to vote for the Libertarian candidate this year, you are voting for four more years of the Party of Treason in the White House.


If you doubt me on this and think your vote does not matter, I refer you to Florida in 2000.   Ralph Nader pulled 97,000 votes in Florida.  Most of those people would have undoubtedly preferred Al Gore to George W. Bush.  Gore lost Florida by 537 votes. 


Yesterday, Mitt Romney pulled a stunner.  His selection of Paul Ryan was a complete surprise to me.  Prior to yesterday I was almost certain that his choice would be Rob Portman.  The others I feared were in the running were Tim Pawlenty or Chris Christie.  Had Christie been the choice, it would have been as bad a pick for Romney as McCain’s first choice in 08 of Joe Lieberman.


Some people, mostly Libertarians have been assailing Ryan as not really a conservative.   Ryan voted for TARP in 2008 and he voted for Bush’s Medicare expansion. 


No politician is going to have a perfect record.  The American Conservative Union scores Ryan with a 92% lifetime record.  To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, if someone votes with me 92% of the time, I’m going to call him a 92% ally, not an 8% traitor.


Instead of tapping an establishment moderate, as most of us feared he would do, Romney made a surprisingly bold choice in Ryan.  More importantly, he reached out to conservatives. 


A few weeks ago, I said I would go into the voting booth on election day with a large and cold bottle of Pepto Bismol in one hand, a stomach distress bag in another and I would vote for Romney, praying I did not leave the rancid dregs of what was once my breakfast on the voting machine.


I lost count of the number of jury trials I did as a lawyer.  In a jury trial, at the end, the jury is given instructions by the judge.  There is one section of the jury instructions that I have always remembered.  It said, “Do not hesitate to reexamine your own views and change your opinion if you believe it is not correct.”


That is sound advice. 


I have reexamined my own views of this race and have changed my opinion because I believe my old opinion is no longer correct.


This is a battle for the soul and future of America.  It is literally a battle between good and evil.  It is a battle between those who revere America and the liberty and freedom it stands for and those who worship at the altar of socialism and the inevitable tyranny that follows with socialism.


I have been brutally critical of Mitt Romney over the last few months.  I anticipate I will continue to be critical of him on certain issues.  Mitt Romney is not the perfect candidate but we will never have the perfect candidate. 


What we do have is a candidate who right now is our best hope for stopping the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil and helping to restore America.


I endorse Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President.  I encourage every Tea Party member and conservative to go out and support them, work for them and make sure that in January, we do to Barack Obama what he has done to so many other Americans. 


We put him out of a job.




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Well stated!

I stand with you and Americas Comeback team.


You are exactly right on this call - a vote for one of the other candidates is a vote for Obamam - make no mistake about it - like him or not - it has come down to two players =- the rest are like Ross Perot - stealing votes from the opposition to Obama - please people - wake up - we MUST get rid of him or we are doomed

I got your backs

Excellent analysis; if you don't vote for Romney, you ARE voting another election of Obama; and I can only imagine you have no idea what another four years of BHO would entail; for starters, an end run around and through and over Congress; lost liberty and freedom and economic opportunity for those of us who have been out of a job in so long, we can't remember working any more. You want stringent measures? Try another four years of Marxist ideology and you have the Soviet Union, with no free speech, no religious freedom, and no America. Happy? I think not.

Why do you say that Obama wants the legalization of drugs? He has continued federal prosecution of marijuana dispensaries that are completely legal under state law. There is zero evidence to support this attack. It is not a genuine issue in this election. (The only candidate who wants to pardon non-violent drug convicts is Ron Paul.)

When Obama is attacked using bogus issues using false claims like this, it makes it appear that there are no bona fide issues to attack him on, and it diminishes both the credibility of the attacker and any legitimate attacks.

Stay on relevant, legitimate grounds, pls!

As you familiarize yourself with this group, you will catch the references more readily.  Judson is referring to Ron Paul as the Libertarian Guy, who wants to legalize drugs.  Ron Paul has never said that's the most important tenet, but he is willing to turn off millions of voters who would otherwise appreciate his message of small government.

I don't think that was the message in this piece. I believe that may have been directed at some of Ron Paul's followers who want the legalization of marijuana and have said they will vote for the Libertarian candidate as opposed to pulling the lever for Mitt Romney. And a vote for anyone but Romney, is a vote for Barack Obama.


I believe you need to go back and read the article that Judson wrote one more time.  He DID NOT

say that the Big Zero wanted to legalize drugs.  I may be wrong, but I strongly suspect that he

was illuding to the Libertarians and to their candidate.

Check it out.

Semper Fi!

Pay attention, Mark.

Judson wrote, "If you decide Romney is not pure enough for you and you decide you want to vote for the candidate who believes the most pressing problem facing this country is the legalization of drugs, then you are voting for Barack Obama."

Judson was being a little obtuse, but his message was, "If you vote for Ron Paul, you are voting for Obama."

And, I will add, "If you vote for anyone except Romney, you are voting FOR Obama, because you are throwing away your vote."

By now, after all the useless statements about "voting my principles", everyone should have caught on to how voting really works. If you don't vote for a candidate who can win, you are throwing away your vote and giving the election to the one you don't want  --  Premier Obama.

Finally Judson,a voice of reason,I have been telling you people this for weeks.


It makes me very sad that really bright people don't get it. What Obama says today or yesterday doesn't matter. The strategy used is one of saying whatever will cause controversy. As long as he keeps us divided and fighting amongst ourselves he wins.

The strategy of a community organizer (as well as a union organizer) is to create resentment. They keep looking for issues that will make people resentful and then they say that if you put them in charge they will get all the targets of that resentment.

Harry S. Truman said that the only thing new in the world is the history that we don;t know.

This strategy is as old as mankind. Point to injustice, point to a villain, build a following by saying that you will get them, thereby gaining power and wealth. Then you eliminate anyone criticizes you.

All that you say is so very, very true.


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