We are cruising towards the fiscal cliff.  The John Boehner leadership of the House is fighting Barack Obama and the Party of Treason.  The issue is will some or all of the Bush tax cuts be extended and will there be cuts in spending or will the so-called “sequestration” kick in and force automatic and ill-advised spending cuts in key areas like defense.


Is there an alternative to this mess?  If there is, what is it?


Here is the alternative. 


Do nothing.


Will that be a good thing?  Not really.


It is simply better than the alternative.


Why is it better?


Remember the fiscal cliff is largely a creation of two people.  Barack Obama and John Boehner.  The Republicans had many opportunities when they controlled both the House and the Senate to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. 


They did not.


Boehner and Obama created the sequestration plan in the summer of 2011 as a part of the Debt Ceiling fight.  Boehner will do anything to avoid a fight.   Obama knows this. 


That is why the sequestration bill was so horrible.  That is why it makes huge cuts in the defense budget and almost no meaningful cuts in entitlements.


John Boehner gave us this disaster.   What makes anyone believe that he can do better this time around?


The sequestration was not the first time that Boehner has lost to Obama.  He has lost every time he goes up against Obama.  Why?  Because Boehner is unwilling to fight Obama.   He is very willing to do what it takes to consolidate his power in the House. 


Unfortunately Boehner and the Republicans have lost the war.   Cutting taxes and economic growth have always been something that the Republicans could talk to America about and the message would resonate. 


The current band of Republican leaders, starting with Boehner, are so incompetent that they have lost this battle.


Most of America now thinks that the only tax cuts the Republicans are interested in are tax cuts for the wealthy.  The Democrats are doing a great job of messaging and now many believe the Republicans actually want to raise taxes on the middle class.


Are the Republicans doing anything about this?


Do they have anyone with even a clue about how to get a message out?


Sadly the answer is no.


John Boehner got us into this mess.  Unfortunately, he will do nothing to get us out of it.


We need someone else to lead the House Republicans.  Sadly that will not happen either. 


Sometimes the best you can do is simply doing no worse. 


I am willing to go out on a limb here and make a prediction.


The House Republicans will surrender on taxes.   They will try to call it “new revenue,” but it will be higher taxes.   The illusory budget cuts, other than cuts to the Defense budget, will be kicked down the road.   For 2013, we will have another trillion-dollar deficit.  The economy will not improve any and will probably get worse. 


Barack Obama, Harry Reid and John Boehner will all hold press conferences, announcing this grand bargain and how great it will be for America.  While they are busy patting themselves on the back and congratulating each other, American will lurch towards economic Armageddon.


America will continue to suffer while Obama does his best to tear this nation down and John Boehner simply worries about maintaining his power in the House of Representatives.


Ronald Reagan told us our best days are in front of us. 


I wish that were true.


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It will get worse. Avoid debt. Build a rainy day fund. You are on your own.

Ha! I am reminded of proof of an old axiom.

During a bad period, a good friend told me "Cheer up. Things could be worse!"

So, I cheered up. Sure enough, things got worse!

Justin, there is ALWAYS hope. Let's turn our attention to how we in the Tea Party get the right message out. We haven't been doing any better than the GOPe, since the polls show declining support for the Tea Party.

Someone else on here... maybe you! :)... posted a message on another topic, stating that we all need to work locally in our tea party organizations to get people elected locally and work our way up.  I totally agree.  This mess did not happen overnight, and it won't be fixed overnight either.  We have a long, hard climb.  Anyone up for the job?  We keep looking for answers, but do we think about OURSELVES as being the answer?  We need to get up off our chairs and get to work.  Blogging won't make it happen, except to the degree that it motivates people to get to work on the problem in the real world.  Boots on the ground.

We NEED Newt as the next head of the RNC ... and we need him NOW!


Sequestration will hit defense most heavily. But we don't need defense in these quiet times, do we?

Oh well.

Do our representatives in the Washington Brain Trust realize that cutting spending in this area means directly loss of jobs?

These are American jobs. Both in the military, and support industries. Making and maintaining ships, vehicles, uniforms and everything.

But, it matters little in the long run I guess.

Just move some tens of thousands from the roles of the employed to the welfare rolls. No sense having citizens serving a function in this society, is there?


You are correct; defense cuts will result in layoffs but that is true of any government downsizing. I am not saying that I think defense cuts make sense unless your end goal is to make us defenseless but our bloated government is staffed by lots of people. If I had a choice the Dept of Education would be shut down as rapidly as possible but it would increase jobless numbers driving up the unemployment rate and increase the cost of those benefits.  Of course, that would be less costly than paying them their normal wage and benefit package and would get government out of schools.

I really see no way to shrink government without losing American jobs but Defense cuts like that would be welcomed by nobody except Obama and his cronies. 

So, if there is nothing to do to fix it, if this isn't as bad as it is going to get, if everything is so negative with no positive to come out of it, why even bother to try to fix something that cannot be fixed? I am tired of the negativity, of all the bad that is getting and we haven't seen the end of it yet, but yet who offers solutions? no one.  I for one, am giving up.  Yes it is bad, yes it will get worse, but apparently we have no other alternative than to sit down and take it because there are no solutions.  Obama does what Obama does, and no one questions him, no one fights him, no one brings him to justice.  So let's stop complaining and just take it since that seems to be our only option.  If there is an alternative, please share it and give some positive hope.

Look Folks,

Progressives and liberals, very much like Islamic extremists and other terrorists, understand, respect, and RESPOND to only one thing ... STRENGTH. The GOP holds the "power of the purse" and must wield that like the "terrible swift Sword' in the Battle Hymn of the Republic!

Authorize not one penny for anything until the progressive, liberal, democrats admit that more citizens voted for House and Senate republicans than voted for Obama and the congressional democrats!!!

Then craft Bills one by one on single topic issues ... NO omnibus Bills and NO increase in the debt limit. If it becomes necessary to ever again allow any increase in the federal debt limit ... it must be one piece of legislation at a time. No blanket increases ... PERIOD!

Elect Newt Gingrich to lead the RNC and to transform it into a conservative organization that declares and supports both God's Laws and our constitutional valid Laws ... in ALL 50 States. We need a conservative national LEADER to spearhead this.

Thanks for the update on "it's business as usual" from both parties.  The only solution is get rid of them all and start afresh with fiscally responsible leaders.  We don't have leaders in DC.  We have children in suits and ties.  They act like it is their money instead of ours.  They will never suffer because they have their retirements and their slush funds.  It is the Middle Class (what is left of it) that do all the suffering.  Both parties make me sick and tired of listening to their "same old, same old" excuses and trite responses to emails, faxes, letters etc.  FIRE THEM ALL.

Rand Paul is the only one to come out and say he will not back down from his campaign promise f not raising taxes.


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