Ted Cruz is an absolute American Hero.  He is without a doubt among the brightest members of the Senate.  He is also one of those who we can count on for conservative leadership in the future.


He has done something really brilliant.


What is it?


First, from Breitbart:


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) aims to block any illegal immigrant from ever receiving any state, local, or federal welfare or public benefits with a series of amendments to the immigration reform bill currently under review in the U.S. Senate.

Cruz has filed five amendments to the bill. The one currently marked “Cruz 2” on the Senate Judiciary Committee website (the amendments have not yet received official numbers) has a stated purpose to “provide that aliens who have entered or remained present in the United States while not in lawful status shall not be eligible for means-tested benefits.”

The amendment would insert language into the bill that specifically says no illegal immigrant who broke the law to enter or stay in the country “shall be eligible for any Federal, State, or local government means-tested benefit, nor shall such alien be eligible for any benefit under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pub. L. 111-148), regardless of the alien’s legal status at the time of application for such benefit.”


Why is this so important and why is Cruz so brilliant?


The Amnesty crowd is telling us illegals will not be eligible for welfare or any of the other government entitlement benefits.


Well, if that is the case, what is the problem with the Cruz Amendment?


If the formerly illegal aliens are not eligible for welfare, the Cruz Amendment simply re-codifies this.


The problem is the left wants illegals to be eligible for welfare immediately and that is why they are going to kill the Cruz Amendment.


If the Democrats kill the Cruz Amendment as most people think they will, it is a flashing neon sign warning America that once Amnesty passes, millions will be signing up for welfare and we will see the bankruptcy of America.


We should be grateful that Ted Cruz is on our side and that the Tea Party got him elected in 2012.


Meanwhile we need to be burning up the phone lines reminding our Senators to oppose the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty bill.

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Brilliant. Putting disinfectant on the issue


Ted Cruz is attacking the Tea Party in N.Y. He is attending a Fund raiser in N.Y.C. This fundraiser is for Dean Skelos and the club Republicans. The Safe Act was passed because of Dean Skelos. This Act takes away our rights to keep and bear arms. Every Republican Senator voted for this bill and sided with Govenor Cuomo. This is a $1,000 plate dinner and raises money for traitors. Why is Senator Cruz doing this? We are fighting the Rino Republicans in N.Y. and Cruz is helping them by speaking at this dinner. Please help the grassroots in N.Y. call Senator Cruz, and tell him not to go to N.Y. .

THANK  YOU  TED......yaaaaaaa

Here in Texas we knew what we were sending to Dc for all Americans . . he knows everything in this library and no other person in the Senate or on the Staffs can hang Constitutionally with Ted Cruz - Reid looks like a angry old powerless loser.


We thought we were doing that with Rubio, looks like the Potomac Fever got him.

Exactly, Bob. The dreaded DC's Swamp Fever. The swap needs drained, really.

AGood for Ted.

Consider:  Illegals already here are receiving welfare, food stamps, free education for their children, free medical care, and subsidized housing.  Does changing their status from illegal to legal change this?  The answer is no.

If these invaders wanted to become citizens they would have done so before.  No, they want to come here, receive all the benefits, send their paychecks back to Mexico, and demand that they be given the same rights and priviledges as American citizens up to and including the right to vote..

As for the poor children, brought here by their parents, why did they not apply for citizenship when they became old enough?

He is good but I prefer Rand Paul

Ted Cruz though is a great senator and I have the utmost respect for the man. He is a true conservative hero who stands on principle and stands for Liberty and Limited Government and the Constitution

But Ted Cruz is helping Rino anti gun Republicans in N.Y. I thought he was for the 2nd,  and for the grass roots.


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