Yesterday, Glenn Beck dropped not quite a bombshell but something hugely revealing.  For the previous couple of days, he had been promising to release the name of a Republican Senator.  This Senator was at the now infamous meeting that has been leaked to the liberal media, where many of the GOP Establishment RINOs like New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, trashed Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Utah Senator Mike Lee for standing up for what they ran on.


This Senator said words to the effect that anyone who supports Freedomworks and the Senate Conservative Fund is a traitor to the Republican Party.  Beck made it clear that the word traitor was not used but it was certainly insinuated.  According to Beck the meaning was clear.


Beck’s source was another Senator who was in the room at the time and as Beck put it, he’s not on our side.  But this person was disgusted by what they heard.


Who is the Senator who thinks that anyone who supports Freedomworks, The Senate Conservative fund and presumably the Tea Party is a traitor?


It is Mitch McConnell.


What does this mean if Mitch McConnell believes grassroots conservatives are the enemy?


A couple of months back, two Tea Party groups endorsed Mitch McConnell for reelection.  One was our good friends over at TheTeaParty.Net and the other was Tea Party Nation.


At Tea Party Nation, our logic was very simple. 


Harry Reid and the Democrat majority in the Senate must be defeated.  If Mitch McConnell is reelected (which is the most likely outcome), the Republicans would need to pick up at least six seats in order to get control of the Senate.  They might need even more if one of the RINOs like John McCain switches parties as he threatened to do in 2002.


Then came Ted Cruz.


Ted Cruz has energized the conservative movement in ways we have not seen in a couple of years.  He focused energy and momentum against Obamacare.  If Cruz had not done his twenty-one hour filibuster and generated the response he did, it is probably the House Republicans would have caved.


While Ted Cruz was fighting, Mitch McConnell was stabbing him in the back.


Mitch McConnell is one of those Republicans who always talks about fighting Obamacare and big government but never does.  Last year, it was McConnell who reached out and brought Joe Biden back down to Capitol Hill for the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations.  The end result of that was among other things, a massive tax hike.


Mitch McConnell is the tax collector for the welfare state.


McConnell always talks about fighting but never gets in the ring.  It is always the “wrong time” or he has a better strategy.   McConnell is the master of surrender as a strategy.


McConnell could have stood and fought.  He chose not to.


McConnell has worked overtime in the last couple of years to protect his right flank.  He hired Rand Paul’s campaign manager.  He secured Rand Paul’s endorsement and he has done outreach to some Tea Party groups.


But working to protect yourself politically is far different than working for a conservative agenda.  Careerism is not conservatism.  Establishment Republicans have this wonderful double standard.  They expect the conservatives to stand behind them but never want to stand behind conservatives.


Enough is enough.


While endorsing Mitch McConnell seemed like the right thing to do at the time, Mitch McConnell has proven he is not worthy of conservative support. Glenn Beck is right.  It is time to defund the GOP until the GOP pushes people like Mitch McConnell out of leadership. 


And if they do not, there are always alternatives for conservatives.


While the odds still favor Mitch McConnell being reelected to another term in the Senate, he will do so without our support. 


Given his behavior, there is simply no reason for conservatives to support McConnell.  Regrettably there are no good choices in Kentucky in this election.



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Mitch McConnell needs to be sent packing, as do all the RINOs that would like us to think they represent We the People. If we are going to make this country constitutionally sound again, they must be voted out of office.....and the sooner the better. Surely there is somone in Kentucky that loves this country, is willing to do the right thing and can get the votes? The good people in Kentucky just need to find them.

Pray for this nation! God Bless America...again!

Barbara…..there is a good constitutional candidate in Kentucky and his name is Matt Bevin.  Although Mr. Phillips doesn't like Mr. Bevin consider the fact that Mr. Phillips endorsed McConnell.  That should tell you enough right there.  No way should ANY true conservative ever endorsed McConnell.   Mr. Phillips has a habit of bashing what many of us consider true constitutional conservatives.  I encourage you to research Mr. Bevin.  Christian, military, business man, father of 9 just for starters.  But do your own research on the candidates.  Mr. Phillips endorsement record is questionable.

Karen, I totally agree with you.  A true Conservative, would have never vote or support a Republican moderate... in our political spectrum of today, a moderate republican is Mctraitor, Graham and others...so liberals in disguise. Mr Phillips has had the tendency to "compromise" principles and integrity over party, has try to impose his views on all the members of this site, and like other sites that started in the beginning, they have become dictators on their own.  I have my personal input on this one, I have see the bias and the destruction against good conservatives that were running the previous election on this site, and silence members because those in control disagree... that is what make us better, we discuss things and tell other patriots what we know, as you have done right now, to Barbara, after gather info we have to do our own homework.

  I stay away from this site because all the bias and all the garbage that I have see, I'm hard core conservative, for the Constitution, a true conservative don't compromise their values, principles or integrity, it's two things to vote for. GOD AND COUNTRY, if we destroy one, both are destroy.

  John Jay said it the best... "He stated that when we select our national leaders, if we are to preserve our Nation, we must select Christians. "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers."

  Today more than ever, we can understand why.  The founders created this system of government, for PATRIOTS to rule, a was a sense of pride and honor to serve this Nation not of entitlements for the elite, it's ONLY a Patriot who knows what we going through because we're all living the same thing, to those in DC we're nothing but inferiors... to support someone like Mitch McConnell that has been so long in DC is wrong to start with, or any of the others for that matter. They should be in service one round and that it's, we must remove everyone with nothing but PATRIOT conservatives, do not matter if we don't know them, we can investigate them, they don't need experience of govern, looking those in government today, their experience has lead us here, they been seating there for decades, and none of them seems to know the Constitution, a must to rule this Nation...only Patriots will support and defend the Constitution... so yes, I'm hard core conservative and I will NEVER site with party over GOD AND COUNTRY... thanks for your honesty.  After two years, your comment give me decision to enter in this site once again.



Ms Barbara I agree with you. All the RINO's have got to go. They have Homesteaded in Washington long enough. It's time for all to work together and kick them out. I'm for term limits but you know they'll never vote on that. Isn't funny how they go to Washington as a humble and poor person and when they decide leave or get voted out they leave as a arrogant and rich b**** or b******. Sorry for the bad language but that is how I feel as a everyday working American.

No request term limit. every two years, someone must go... remove "everyone" that has to face re-election with new blood, choose nothing but conservative patriots...look your guys self, you know more about what is wrong to this country and so others like you, than those in politics, those in the spot light are waiting for their moment to jump in the arena, they are politicians, saving their political status quo... patriots and nothing but patriots will protect this Nation, I will vote for you before I vote for a known name, because I do know one thing. YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY, you know THE CONSTITUTION, and you know what to do with the wrongs... Americans has choose known people, all of them are the same, you're the lamb, it's time to be the tiger or the lion not the lamb. That is how you force term limits... three elections every two years you take down everyone up for re-election and you have both houses clean.

  God bless.


Mr. Phillips.  Mitch McConnell is DONE.  You make this incident sound like you are the only person that knows about it.  McConnell as of yesterday has lost reelection In Kentucky.  And what do you mean there are no good choices in Kentucky.  You must have missed the interview Beck did yesterday with an awesome candidate (Matt Bevin) that is running against McConnell.  Freedom Works said he was the most constitutionally conservative candidate they have seen.  Military, business man and father of 9 children.  He also said he will self term limit himself.  If Kentucky votes McConnell back into office they will be doing a great disservice to all of America.  McConnell OUT - Bevin IN


This will shock you but there are people who are unaware of what happened.

As far as Bevin is concerned, hell will freeze before we endorse him. 

We can only hope that a real conservative jumps into the Kentucky race.  Otherwise the voters of Kentucky are left with two bad choices.

Why don't you like Matt Bevin?

I dont know anything about the guy so I am curious

Craig you just want this Liar  to run so he will be beat by the democratic  Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes running !!!!!

Why would I want that? I don't even know who Matt Bevin thats why I asked why Judson does not like him

Bevin has no record as a conservative or as a Tea Party activist.  He is at best another Todd Akin and at worst, worse than McConnell.  The only thing I have been able to find out than his tax payer bailouts is him praising the most liberal Democrat Senator in the Senate as a friend of small business.  Now those things alone would simply have me leave him alone and not really say anything.  After I endorsed McConnell, someone who is connected with his campaign contacted me and wanted me to change the endorsement to him.  When I refused, I was threatened.  I don't take threats well.  If a campaign has to threaten people, they belong in the Party of Treason.


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