Tea Party Nation today released its first poll on the Tennessee Senate race. It paints a surprising picture of a race that may well become a Tea Party victory.


Incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander is running for his third term as a U.S. Senator.  Alexander was the number three Senator in the Republican leadership until 2013 when he stepped down. One of the reasons he said he stepped down was so he could work more closely with Democrat Senators.


Alexander is one of the most vulnerable liberal Republican Senators and in many ways it is very surprising more national attention has not been paid to this race.


In the Tea Party Nation/Triton poll of over 1100 likely voters, Lamar Alexander leads Joe Carr by 44-20%.


That figure is stunning. 


Lamar Alexander is a fixture in Tennessee politics. He is the godfather of modern Tennessee politics.  He is the heir to Howard Baker.  He is running for his third Senate term. He was elected governor of Tennessee twice. He ran for President twice and was George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of Education.


He has almost universal name recognition in Tennessee and now two and a half months before the election; he is only polling 44%. 


In what is an even more interesting figure, almost 60% of the  voters said they would seriously consider a more conservative challenger to Lamar Alexander. 


What does all of this mean in plain English?


For an incumbent like Lamar Alexander to be polling only 44% two months out from the election, is a disaster.  A staggered 27% of those polled were undecided.  

One of the cold hard truths of politics is that at least 90% of undecided voters generally vote against the incumbent.


This is going to be a very close race.  If 90% of the undecided break for Joe Carr, this race will be very close.


Many people believe that George Flinn, a Memphis radio station owner, jumped into the race simply to help Alexander split the conservative vote.


Joe Carr also has one other amazing advantage that Lamar Alexander can only dream of having. He has a huge grassroots organization supporting him.  The Tea Parties of Tennessee all united to vet candidates in a lengthy process and Joe Carr was the unanimous choice.


There are two real Tea Party Senate races left this year.  One is Chris McDaniel’s race in Mississippi and the other is Tennessee.  Two months out from the election, Joe Carr is in the same position Chris McDaniel was two months ago.  Most polls now have McDaniel leading Cochran going into next week’s primary.


Joe Carr is a real Tea Party candidate with a very real chance of defeating one of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate.  Tennessee is a deep red state so who ever wins the primary will win the election.



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Add a donation window to your next post, we all need to support real TEA Party Candidates

I Will.

Let's hope and pray that Joe Car is able to pull it out and that Tennesseean's see the light on who should represent them in the U.S. Senate.  It sure isn't Lamar Alexander!!! Charles R. Kienast

It would be nice to win one!!! Getting rid of this Drift Wood would be nice. Too much slough in the Party, and considering none of them are Winners, with the exception of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, and a few others, why not try something new? Couldn't be worse, than these self absorbed, power hungry, fill- their- sack types. Term Limits should be voted in, therefore, not giving any of them enough time to make it a career. Career Politicians have proven themselves pretty worthless, like Rats and Cockroaches, hard to get rid of.

Too bad media figures like Glenn Beck have never mentioned this race even ONE time! How about start tweeting him @glennbeck to discuss this race?

Keep hearing good stuff about Joe Carr.  Hope he pulls this one out!

--Frank Nitty


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