The Washington Establishment has already begun its assault on the truth.   They are trying to push certain narratives that are simply not true.  And if we do not correct the record that is what everyone will believe. 


What is the latest story we are hearing from the Establishment and why must we point out the truth?


The latest narrative came in an op-ed in the Washington Times from Michael Taube.


The Republican Party is at a crossroads, trying to determine the best route forward for future elections. If the Tea Party movement wants to remain relevant, its members will have to do the same.

Right now, they’re not. If anything, Tea Party supporters are unwilling to accept responsibility for the Nov. 6 presidential election debacle. As Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation recently told Washington Times reporter Seth McLaughlin, “They went well out of their way to ignore us, marginalize us and pretend we did not exist, and they gave us the most liberal nominee in the history of the Republican Party.”

Let’s not go overboard. While Mitt Romney definitely is a political moderate, he’s hardly the GOP’s “most liberal nominee” as a presidential candidate. How quickly we forget Gerald R. Ford — or Thomas Dewey, for that matter. Meanwhile, most Republicans didn’t ignore, marginalize or pretend the Tea Party didn’t exist, though some of them definitely got angry, fed up and probably wished it weren’t around.

Tea Party activists have to accept their lumps for Mr. Romney’s defeat. It’s true many of them didn’t initially support his candidacy, but that’s irrelevant. The GOP uses a big-tent philosophy, meaning fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, moderates, libertarians, right-leaning independents and, yes, Tea Partyers have a role under the political big top. When there’s success, they deserve partial credit. When there’s failure, they must accept partial blame. That’s how politics work.



Let’s see.  The Tea Party warned the Republican Party early on that Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate.  We did not want him.   We warned the GOP that Romney was unelectable and would lose the election.


Yet somehow we have to take our “lumps” for Romney’s loss?


Many Tea Party groups reached out to the Romney campaign.  I know I did.  I met one of the top people in his campaign and told this person I would like to talk to the campaign about Tea Party support in the campaign.  I never heard back from them.


No other Tea Party group I am aware of heard from them either. 


The Romney campaign made it a point of ignoring the Tea Party.  The Tea Party was not even mentioned at the Republican Convention.  People who supported the Tea Party such as Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and perhaps the most egregious omission, former 2008 Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin were omitted from the convention stage.


Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan showed up at any Tea Party event that I know of.


For the Republican Party, this was no accident.  The establishment wanted to make sure their man won without our support and in spite of our opposition.


They gave us the most liberal Republican ever nominated and he lost.


Taube subscribes to the big tent Republican theory.  The only problem is that “big tent” they keep referring to does not include Ron Paul supporters, Sarah Palin supporters, social conservatives or anyone remotely associated with the Tea Party.


How is that working out for the GOP?


The big tent theory reminds me of one of the liberal protestant churches that advertises it does not matter what you believe, you can still join their church.


This is the huge problem the Republican Party has.  It is no longer the Party of Reagan.  It is the party of just showing up.  It is the party of “we are the other guys.”  It is the party of “We aren’t them.”


Unfortunately, the Republicans are no longer the Party of small government, low taxes, freedom and liberty.


Taube and the other establishment Republicans do not realize that the only way the Republican Party is ever going to be a majority party again is to stand for something. The Democrats stand for something.   It isn’t good but they do stand for something.


If the GOP continues to stand for nothing, it will continue to slide to oblivion. 


The Establishment is wrong almost as much as the left is. 


The only lumps the Tea Party should be taking is for listening to the Establishment as much as we have.



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Let's stop bashing GOP candidates.

I would love nothing better than to be more positive about things.  Ever since Obama was elected to begin with, there has been a pall over everything.  I think everyone feels it (except Democrats).  As to bashing GOP candidates, actually we need to bash them good up until time for the primaries.  Maybe then some of the RINOs will chicken out and not run.  But once the primaries start, we need to stop eating our own.  The primary in 2012 was brutal and used up a lot of time that could have been better spent.  We need fewer candidates but better ones.

Debrajoe SB, spoken like a true RINO.  Not buying it.  Ray

Just like I said after the ’08 election, “Well, we shall see.”.  I am even less hopeful this time!

For those of you who trash-mouthed Romney during the campaign, ARE YOU HAPPY?! FOUR MORE YEARS OF ODUMBO! Just freaking wonderful! And the two Republican senate candidates that shot themselves in the foot? Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! Their comments make me thing they wanted to loose!


That said, I do not believe the numbers. Not for a minute. This is why we need PAPER BALLOTS, filled out by hand! They can be read by machine, however, we have no paper trail with touch screens! Does that not sound like a recipe for corruption?


So, what’s next? Who is going to pick up the pieces when the UNITED STATES collapses? I’ve been telling you!  http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/the-change-our-founders-be... Let me know if you care; rd6475@hotmail.com.

Debrajoe, are GOP candidates really the best we have in this country? No they haven't been. The candidates that we have had are not the candidates the people really want. They are what is picked by the establishment. To just "go along" like everything is okay with us makes us part of the problem. I will continue to be clear on what is wrong with a candidate as he is portraying himself, if you call that "bashing" then so be it if the shoes fit. 

This is why and how we keep sliding to the left side slowly but surely, because we go along to get along.

Well, I disagree.  I felt all along that the one candidate who could win the national election was Mitt Romney, and he came fairly close to doing so.  At first I was hopeful regarding my own governor Rick Perry, but he crashed and burned.  The only one left in the field who I felt had any real chance was Mitt Romney.  All the others had issues that the Democrats could rip to shreds.  The only things they had on Romney were his dog, a silly college prank he played, and the fact that he was wealthy and a very successful businessman.  I love the Tea Party and feel that its principles must become more mainstream if this nation is to survive.  However, we are going to have to work on that as time goes on.  The best way to do it is to get more Tea Partiers... good ones, not freaky nutty ones.... into the House and Senate.


Becoming more mainstream is code for forsaking conservative principles.  The TEA Party must not melt into the GOP establishment, indeed, The TEA Party must overwhelm and replace the GOP just as the Republican party replace the Whigs in 1850! 

Vive la Revelucion!

Phillip, you are right. If we remain part of the GOP then we are part of them. To be a member means that you agree with their actions. 

I think we need to either form our own party, but everyone says that would take too long.  So if we can not form our own, then we need to over take the GOP.  More or less get enough of our own people into the Republican party to actually make it OUR PARTY.  If we could gain control, it would work that way, but we would need a lot of people to join and stand behind us doing it that way.  We gave got to find a way somehow..

I agree with Grandma!!!! There wasn't one GOP candidate that didn't cause my skin to crawl. Not one. We don't need religious zealots or mother figures who talk down in typical motherly ways, I agreed with many that Romney was almost robotic - straining to appear as though he understood people - when he probably doesn't have a clue what living on a lower fixed income consists of. One of the reasons I liked Alan West was because he seemed to have a lot of tenacity, was connecting with regular people, etc. - but, I didn't see him as being strong enough to defeat Obama either. I don't know what bucket all of the candidates came from...but, when Palin joined with McCain - it didn't just speak for itself - it screamed at a lot of us. McCain is nothing but a globalist RINO lapdog. As far as I was concerned, the connection told me all I needed to know about Palin. I knew quite a few Ron Paul fans - and I totally agree with him where the Federal Reserve and some similar issues are concerned....but, the rest wasn't very impressive. (I think he learned how to whine and never broke the habit.) I often wonder if the CFR meetings or some other Group doesn't actually determine who the next candidates will be with a plan in place to make sure that their destructive boat will be kept afloat regardless of who wins.

Conservatism works everytime it is tried but the Rs have forgotten that & try to be nicey nice & in the process they are not worth a darn, they are all a bunch of rinos as was Romney & McCain, I wonder how many more elections we will lose before they figure that out. They had a good conservative in Palin & Bachmann but they crucify them both & allow the Ds to do so also. Disgusting to say the least

You are correct, Pat. The Dems have moved so far left of center that the Repubs are moving farther and farther to the left in order to try and "work with" them in congress. What the Repubs need to do is move farther to the right and refuse to compromise on anything unless and until the Dems move more toward the center. Will the Repubs do this? Hell, no they won't, the idiots. Watch and see if they don't agree to some kind of tax increase now in return for promised spending cuts "down the road" somewhere.

I'm disgusted with both of them, but the Repubs more so. As to the Dems, you can't expect a tiger to change its stripes, but at least the Repubs don't have to start painting stripes on themselves!


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