The spin is out in full speed mode this morning.   In fact, if the spin gets any worse, I’ll need Dramamine. The media is exulting the “compromise” that averted a government shut down as a great thing.  The inside the beltway crowd is applauding John Boehner. 


Can someone please tell me how this is anything other than John Boehner hauling up the white flag because he is unwilling to fight? Can anyone please tell me how this is anything but a complete victory for the liberal Democrats, who want to keep spending this country into bankruptcy and poverty?


Conservatives wanted a few things in this budget.  We wanted major budget cuts.  We wanted Planned Parenthood defunded.   We wanted NPR defunded.  We wanted the EPA riders so that agency would quit killing jobs. 


What did we get?


We got an additional six billion in budget cuts.  The deficit is $1.65 trillion for this year.  I guess we can now be subtracting $39 billion from that number; assuming Obama’s Libyan war does not go over budget. 


Some how, that does not seem like much of a win.


According to Politico, there was a meeting in the Oval office yesterday, with Obama, Boehner, and Joe Biden.  Boehner was holding firm that Planned Parenthood be defunded.  Joe Biden looked at him and said, that was unacceptable and the Democrats “would take it to the American people,” and blame the GOP for shutting the government down on an ideological issue.  Boehner folded immediately.


It is always an advantage when you know your opponent won’t fight. 


Last year, Planned Parenthood gave a million dollars to Democrats.  Prior Planned Parenthood investments in Democrats have been good for them, as even during the times of a Republican controlled Senate and House, such as 2001-2007, Planned Parenthood received almost a billion dollars from the government.  They are a major liberal interest group that should not be receiving government money.  Yet they do and the Republicans in Congress lack the courage to turn the faucet off.


NPR remains the media arm for liberalism in America.  Why they get government funding is a mystery.  Actually, it is not.  The Democrats know how to support those who support them and the GOP lacks the courage to do anything about it.   In 2004, members of the drive by media told John Kerry, the favorable media coverage he would receive from the left wing media would be worth ten points to him in the polls.   Thanks to the media, Kerry almost won in 2004.  The media is lopsided enough as it is.  Can someone in the GOP please explain why they cannot fight for something as simple as defunding NPR?


I have already received a couple of emails this morning from friends telling me this is a great victory because we are going to get an up or down vote in the Senate on Planned Parenthood funding and Obamacare. 


I also have some ocean front property in Tennessee for sale too.


The GOP has a history of promising, “Oh, we will have a vote on this issue.”  That is supposed to mean something?  A vote is a joke.  We do not elect these people to vote on these issues.  We elect them to get something done.  Does anyone really believe that on either Obamacare or Planned Parenthood funding there will be four Democrats who will defect?   That isn’t a concession. That is a joke. 


Two days ago, I sent an open letter to Boehner about the budget impasse.  In that letter, I told him, you have a great opportunity here.  The Government Accounting Office, over a month ago, released a report identifying “hundreds of billions” in waste that could be eliminated from the Federal Budget.   Where is Boehner on this?  Where are any of the Republicans?  No one has done anything with this.  As I was talking to reporters yesterday, I mentioned this to several of them.  They all remembered the story and were very surprised that no one in DC had done a thing with it.   We could have a budget with hundreds of billions in cuts, at a time when we desperately need those cuts, and the cuts would have huge public support.  No matter where you stand politically, almost no one favors their tax dollars be wasted.


Now that the liberals have thoroughly defeated John Boehner on the budget, they are going to turn their eyes towards raising the debt ceiling.  Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has already said the debt ceiling needs to be raised by $2 trillion dollars and that will only get us to next November.  By then the national debt will be $16 trillion and we will hear the same chorus of voices saying we must raise the debt ceiling again.  If we raise the debt ceiling, Congress will continue to spend money. 


Our enemy here is the liberal Democrats who want to spend this country into bankruptcy.  We need strong GOP leaders who are willing to fight them. 

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"Our enemy here is the liberal Democrats who want to spend this country into bankruptcy"

>>>> This is WRONG. We are already bankrupt, and we have been for a long time. To say 

we're "going bankrupt" or "on the verge of bankruptcy" is a lie. [definition from Wiki]

Bankruptcy or  insolvency is a legal status of a person or an organization that cannot repay the debts it owes to its creditors 

We're already there, and we have no one to blame but ourselves....... 

Who are you to tell me what to do?  Who are you to tell other members of the Tea Party what to do?  An overwhelming number of members of the Tea Party support these issues.  Since you are clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, the "social issues" as you put them, are not simply social issues.  Defunding planned parenthood also attacks an income source for the party of treason.  Oh, you didn't realize that did you?  Did you know they gave a MILLION DOLLARS last year to elect liberal democrats?  No, you didn't.
Well, I agree with Kevin.  Who are you, Judson, to tell us what to believe?  It seems lately that all you can do is tear apart Boehner.  Doesn't he have enough progs doing that?  Do you have to pile on, too?  I'm not a member of the Tea Party for social issues.  I'm a member because I want fiscal responsibility and an adherence to the Constitution.  Did you want to see military families go without a paycheck or get a partial paycheck?  Is that what you wanted?  Did you want to hear the jerks on MSNBC never shut up about how the mean, awful Republicans crapped all over our brave military men and women?  Is that what you wanted, Judson?  Then what would you tell the GOP to do to counter ALL that VERY NEGATIVE publicity the Left would take great joy in spewing? 

...Debbie, the first couple of days I was here, reading the forum issues, I felt like you. But I've come to realize that TPN is forum wherein issues are discussed, sometimes argued ~ ideas are formed here, some are rejected, some are set in cement.


I don't see Judson telling anyone how to think... but he is giving you, me, and all members, the opportunity to speak your mind on all issues.

 Tom, you are right on!!!!

 We all have views to share and discuss with an open mind..

I don't agree all the time with Judson or others, But their opinion gives me something

else to digest.

I think it is time to start burning up the phones on these congressional and senate repubs, especially the leader's phones.  

Repubs suffer from one big problem and always have.  They do not get their message out clearly enough to the public and on a passionate and consistent basis.   Then they get scared because the media spin goes against them and they fold.  We need to convey the following to them:

1. We got your back if you stand up to the communist/socialist dems (if you do not, your gone)

2. Get your butt out on TV (consistently with your staffers and all with your message on why these needless programs need to be cut from the government pay roll), because we "joe public" can not carry your water in the PR realm 

3. Shape the argument for cutting these programs as what they are (Use the CEOs comments that came out of the mouth of the people heading NPR and PP.  They  stated not long ago "we do not need any government funding" , "we only get a tiny fraction of our budget from the government"  There they said they do not need it, then do not give it to them.  If they bring up the oh, poor little woman who can not afford birth control, tell them "you get the same services free from a health department".   Let NPR and PP find their funding through fund raising and other means, get them off the government pay roll.

The only way the military was going to go without a pay check would be by executive order of the president.  BO and the dems would have hell to pay if he made that move.  It was only to gear up their own military hating bases they stated that.  I know people in the military who told me the following "let BO stop our checks we have all the plans and bombs", what is he going to really do.  Another stated, "well we will just have to remove them from office".  They were not concerned about it.  As it has been stated over and over again when the government shuts down it is only partial.  All SS checks, Medicare, and Medicaid, and Military payments would be paid.  I was really hoping BO would make that move.  Because when 2012 rolled around it would have ended the democratic (Marxist) party for sure.   The dems knew they were losing the SS, Medicare, and Medicaid debate this time, so they had to throw in the military.
This is what these Totalitarian Liberals do best call for more and more $$$ for stupid programs that put $$$ into their Progressive Bank. I say Cut  the head of the Snake now before we don't even have the Country I fought to Preserve for my children and grand children. After all I'm at the 58 yard line and I'm waiting for pay Dirt!!!!
I think that you define the problem much too narrowly when you concentrate on these two issues. It wouldn't be a panacea, but I think that a reform which outlawed campaign contributions from entities that receive tax dollars and their dependents would do a lot of good. Just like forced unionization, taking money from people to support politicians or causes which those people would never support voluntarily is one of the most profound violations of our sacred liberty that I can imagine.
...Gary, I'm also in favor of only letting people who actually pay taxes vote!  Maybe even give 2-votes for veterans...

Judson,,,I saw you on TV the other day,,& you did  OK.  Just don't listen to blond baby-cakes like Powers,,,she is a shill for the Dems & obama.  shesaid sheis tired of people calling BHO a Socialist,,well I got one for her,,,If you are raised ,,tutored & mentored by Family & friends who are Marxists ,,,then I do believe you can't change your stripes,,,you (BHO ) are also a MARXIST.

My opinion only,,,,,& keep up the good fight

Au Contraire!   The Democrats set up programs to funnel  money to social programs  not  through government agencies but to private inteties, such as Planned Parenthood to fund activities that  the law prohibits  government from offering to the public.  Planned parenthood  pretends to be merely a woman's health provider, but of course ,includes abortions under this rubic.  If this were occasional and not a major part of their business model, then they could get away with it.  But in fact it is a very important part of their business since they perform  one-fourth of the abortions done in the United States.  In effect ,the Congress has contracted out abortion services. Furthermore, the states do much the  same.  The basic problem is that liberal Republicans follow their wives  in this matter and do take the pretensions of Planned  Parenthood at face value. Witness Nancy Reagan and Barbara and Laura Bush.who are very much social liberals and want to protect such organizations:




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