The Internet is one of modern marvels of the world.  It started out as a simple government project to allow the government to be able to communicate with other parts of the government in the event of a major disaster like nuclear war.


When it was opened up to the civilian world, it became the major economic engine of the early 21stCentury.


The Internet works amazingly well, so what are those geniuses we sent to Washington want to do? Here is a hint.  The word “fairness” is involved.




These idiots want to tax it.


That’s right.  They want to impose taxes.   There is a bill pending in the Senate to tax the Internet.  It is called the “Marketplace Fairness Act.” 


You don’t need to know anything else other than when you see the word fairness in a bill it is a disaster waiting to happen.


Liberal Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander is leading this charge, along with Liberal member of the Party of Treason Dick Durbin and Mike Enzi (RINO-WY) are all trying to sneak this bill into the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow states to collect sales taxes from businesses on the Internet.


We are facing massive tax increases at the first of the year and these guys think we are not taxed enough!


These three clowns act like teenagers on a shopping spree down at the mall.  They want to spend more so they run to the ATM.


Unfortunately we are their ATM.


First, what does this bill have to do with Defense?




This is one of the huge problems in Congress.   Bills are created that are thousands of pages long.  They have provisions in them that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the bill.  Yet, politicians hook these extraneous provisions in there so that they can be included in a bill that must be supported, such as the National Defense Authorization Act.


The other matter is this bill will kill business on the Internet.  Right now, companies that sell on the Internet only have to pay local taxes if they have a physical presence in a state.


If this scheme to tax the Internet goes through, businesses will not have to simply deal with Federal Taxation and the state or states they have a physical presence in, they will now have to deal with every one of the 46 states that has some type of a sales tax.


This will create massive new costs for businesses and will put some small businesses out of business.


One of the biggest advocates for this new Internet sales tax is Tennessee’s liberal Governor Bill Haslam.


He has been working with Lamar Alexander to push this bill through the Senate under the radar.


The fact that some of the biggest sponsors and advocates of this bill are Republicans should tell you how out of touch Republicans are with reality today. 


While we need to address the issue of the insanity of the Republican Party and replacing the GOP with the Party of Liberty, right now we need to work to stop this terrible bill.


The taxing trio tried to attach this bill to the NDAA but the Senate has closed debate on that bill without the “Marketplace Fairness Act” attached.   These three will probably try to attach this bill to some other bill to get it passed because the “Marketplace Fairness Act” would never pass on its own.


Call your Senators today and tell them to vote against any attempt to add the “Marketplace Fairness Act” to any other piece of legislation. 


Call Senator Lamar Alexander’s office as well as Senator Mike Enzi’s office and ask them why they are sponsoring a bill that will dramatically increase the tax burden on small businesses that operate on the Internet.


Lamar Alexander’s office number is 202-224-4944.  Mike Enzi’s office number is 202-224-3424


As with most bills in Congress today, this one is another really bad idea.  Let’s start calling and make sure we kill this bad bill.


(Hat Tip Tennessee Campaign for Liberty)

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The "Marketplace Fairness Act" also would force all internet venders to comply with each of the many thousands of local sales tax rates, somehow. Often different between neighboring small towns. And distribute said funds to each locality. Some are not even on the Internet! What, send a check by "snail mail"? The stamp, envelope and preparation might cost a buck, for a $.30 tax!

This also hits the little guy the hardest....Amazon and their ilk might be able to deal with it, but not the "mom and Pop"...

As well, this is a matter of State and Local taxation! Not a matter for Federal legislation in any way.

There have been multiple versions of this tax proposed: I've not read the more recent integrations. But any way you cut it, there is no justification for killing this, the one big growth area in our free market system!


Just so you know, modern technology freely available on the Internet seamlessly integrates with any checkout or shopping cart platform automating sales tax calculations, collections and remittances for any jurisdiction in any state. It actually now easier for business to process sales tax in thousands of jurisdictions than deal with the complexities involved in shipping. Even better for small merchants is the proposed Federal legislation provisions merchants receives full indemnification against any audit defense arising from faulty sate tax data.

This legislation actually adheres to the tea Party's mission of creating efficiency, eliminating legacy bureaucracies, and restoring Individual States' rights. S.1832 the Marketplace Fairness Act simply Grants States' rights to choose efficient collection of tax already due. Tax designated and honorably reemitted to fund the many ballot initiatives supported by residents/patriots. Many states also realize that tax automation enables the elimination of costly legacy bureaucracies (a primary mission of the Tea Party) ensuring more of every tax dollar honorably remitted funds intended programs and services. Most importantly small businesses, such as mine, are no longer burdened by old fashioned manual tax processing. New found efficiencies and profits now allow business owners to focus on growing their businesses instead of being bogged down by unecessary bureaucratic procedures. 

As a conservative and business owner this is one piece of legislation that is long overdue. I strongly support and urge Congress to immediately pass S.1832 the Marketplace Fairness Act. 

Welcome to TPN, I see that this is your first reply. I would note:

  • S.1832 does nothing to facilitate dispersion to municipalities not connected for receipt thereof.
  • Sales taxes are entirely a State and / or local matter. Where in the enumerated powers is any involvement of the Federal Government empowered to become involved?
  • In point of  fact, the “Marketplace Fairness Act.” flies directly in the face of the 10th amendment.

You "strongly support and urge Congress to immediately pass S.1832"? Perhaps you are on the wrong website. In all cases, we oppose further expansion of Federal unconstitutional powers .

Dang, they are moving faster than I thought. Well the nice thing is that we can finally get this liberalism thing over with that much faster. To be honest I am getting tired of waiting for the Civil Unrest and or other massive issues to happen. I thought that we were going to have to wait until after 2013.

When the liberals now have to pay MORE out the money that we have to hand to them, and they can't get as much as they wanted and then demand more from us, and NOT get it.....they are going to FREAK!! And those that think that they are liberals learn that what they thought they were is bad for them....Forget it...it's all over. The Companies are going to have to charge MORE for their product and they might even have to let more people GO!! It's not going to be pretty, but at least this is all going to roll down hill....FAST so we can get moving on rebuilding America to where she WAS and where she was happier.

Here is another example of Republicans acting like liberal Demorats.  Tax and spend is the mantra of both parties.  How many more examples do we need that Republicans and Demorats are essentially taking us down the same path?  One party is just trying to get bigger government, more control over the sheeple and higher taxes more quickly than the other.  It's time for a third party.

Can you say RINO? Time to start the Liberty party. We have precious little liberty left.

Maybe they are not stupid and this is actually a plan to ruin the country.

I have a much better idea.

The USA is on a financial cliff. As good Americans We The People know that you, my paid political servant, and all Congressional members, paid political servants, will share in spending cuts.
Immediately, cut (stop) all Congressional benefits and perks. We cannot afford them because Obama has to have his frequent vacations. Air Force One is expensive.
1. Cut all of the Congress salary 50%, to be effective January 1, 2013.
2. Stop paying for the Congressional Health Care benefits, effective January 1, 2013.
3. Cut BH Obama's salary until he proves that he is eligible to occupy the Oval Office.
    3 a. Cut BH Obama's staff and his appointee's until proof positive is in the hands of the American people.
4. Take Air Force One's keys away until proof positive that BH Obama is eligible to be President.
5. We the People do not pay green fee's for BH Obama - effective immediately.
6. Cut all servants to Michelle Obama. We The People did not elect this person. Nor did we elect her parents who are living at the expense of We The People.
7. Charge Michelle Obama, her off springs and her family members for the use of Air Force One. We did not elect this person nor her family members into office.
8. We The People do not pay animal trainers fee's nor grooming fee's for Bo - "first dog."
9. Itemize a bill of all expenses by the Obama family and give the Obama's 30 days to pay in full or the bill will go to collections if the Obama's can not prove that BH Obama is eligible to be in the Oval Office.
10.. Fire all of the un-elected, un-wanted CZARS, effective January 1, 2013.
11. Fire all staff members of the un-elected CZARS, effective January 1, 2013.
12. Cut the pensions 50% of all retired ex-Presidents, Vice Presidents, House of Representatives members and Senate members.
13. Cut all benefits, health care, etc., to all retired ex-Presidents, Vice Presidents, House of Representatives members and Senate members, After all they did create the financial cliff.
14. We The People demand that you, John Boehner, step down as Speaker of the House, for cause.
15. Stop all benefits for illegals in the USA. That is rewarding criminal behavior.
      15a. Housing, food stamps, health care, legal fee's, education for their off springs.
      15b. Charge the illegals for the legal cost of deporting them.
      15c. Close the US borders, immediately.
16. Pull out of the UN. We are a sovereign nation.
17. Stop all foreign aid to all Arabic nations, ASAP.
18. Cut all ties with the Federal Reserve System. We have the Constitution that permits us to print our own money.
     18a. The Federal Reserve Charter expires December 23, 2012, do not renew that charter.
19. Charge Ben Bernanke with Treason.
We The People will no longer tolerate an government that does not adhere to the laws of the USA. We The People will not tolerate being ignored by our paid political servants. You are thereby put on notice.

How would We make it happen? That is the problem.

AND, . . . . . . Debrajoe  Smith - Beatty,  just  ONE  MORE THING, . . . . rather  than  Federal  judges  being  APPOINTED,  let's  ELECT  the  %$^#@ s !    Let's  make  them  to  ANSWER  TO  THE  PEOPLE, . . . . . .  THIS  way,  they  will  NEVER  reach  the  level  of  THINKING  THEY'RE  GOD !     GRRRRRRRR, . . . . 

Nope, David. Our founding fathers had the right idea!

Judges should be divorced from the political process. Their decisions should have nothing to do with their future employment. How better to arrange their selection seems yet to be offered. And the Constitution has usually served fairly well for a couple of centuries or so!

Lamar Alexander has always been a RINO. The people of TN need to get rid of him.  We need to identify all the RINO's and get to working in all of our respective states to out them, then remove them.  Let's start a "RINO Party" and publish their names here.


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