Strange Bed Fellows: NPR ... Steele ... Fox, you connect the dots!

Strange Bed Fellows: NPR ... Steele ... Fox, you connect the dots!

I am not at all happy with Fox News this morning! For the Second time in 12 hours a Fox Talk Show Jockey has made reference to the Tea "Bag" Movement? I ignored the first shot across the bow last night and now sitting here on my day off watching Fox & apparently not so "Friends" Talk Show Jockey Brian Kilmeade makes reference to the Tea "Bag" movement and then passes it of as an opps? Call me thin skinned, but I for one do not see this as an opps! This little NPR cartoon comes out the other day slamming the Tea "Bag" movement at the expense of not only our tax dollars but at the expense and utter insult to each and every person that is trying to save our Country from the Tyranny at hand in Dragon City! Michael Steele comes on Fox Monday and states that if he was not in the position he is in in the RNC he would be a part of the Tea Party Movement. What does his position have to do with being involved with we the unwashed? He who utilizes the man power of the Conservative Movements (and there are many that need to come together as ONE), has a great tool! I have not been impressed by Michael since he has been in his position and I invite him to join our movement or is he as afraid of us like the Criminals running our Great Country? I am just a simple guy, but I find that this group to be Strange Bed Fellows NPR ... Steele ... Fox, you connect the dots! I for one have already sent an e-mail to them!


If you agree with me that this is to convenient feel free to drop an e-mail to FOX & FRIENDS and let them know what you think! I for one am not at all happy with them ... Are You?

Don Holton
Don't Tread On Me

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Remember that Republicans are part of the problem also, they play the game to, so some of the elected Repub's may not like the truth or what the TEA PARTY stands for, either. It's not about party affililiations it's what the candidate stands for and do they have the integrity to stand up for what is right and constitutional even if the stand alone. Obama and other politicians LIE, LIE, LIE to get elected, then do as they wish once elected, this must not be tolerated under any circumstances, they must be held to the constitution.
I think it's past time that we took our protests to News Corp in public, in Manhattan.
Organize it, They Will Come!


Don't Tread On Me
Don Holton

I agree 100%, there are allot of Republicans that are RHINO's just like what happened in the NY 23rd (which I am still sick about) but also not all Democrats are the problem either as there are allot of Conservative Democrats that are just as upset as you and I, with where this Administration is taking us down a very slippery slope to Socialism. I am not saying that the Democratic Politicians who are voting in lock step to support the Socialist agenda or taking bribes to get what they want are good people either! The Bribes are Treason spending our money that we do not have weakening our country to the point it can not be repaid and each and every one of these Politicians need to be held accountable for their actions! The vast majority Politicians on both sides from Local to State to Federal levels have forgotten that "they" work for "We The People". I do believe that many any good people have gone into Dragon City but they drank the water from that Evil Power Well (or right out of the Potomac your choice). Pelosi just admitted yesterday that it is their belief that they can be a "Liar" and it is OK!

I just experienced a response from your afore mentioned Obama on another group LOL hope he and his human skin wearing lizards is banned before they eat the rest of the Constitution!

I am not attacking Fox in anyway here! They are as good as it gets and they are a business and as a business they do build things up to keep their numbers Hi from both sides and maybe just maybe that is the reason for these comments however it is up to each and everyone of us to tell them they are out of line!

Don't Tread On Me
Don Holton
Okay --- Fox is far better then the rest

Tea baggers is not a slander, for the unknowing.
slander is spoken.
It is not slander for those that are ignorant, however it is for those with intent!

Don't Tread On Me
Don Holton
Trust me it's the only media we have right now. You did the right thing e-mailing them if we let these people get away with this we would seem weak. WE the PEOPLE are a hell of a lot stronger then most of the morons on TV. I went to the rally in Foley SQ. didn't see that on fox but there was a crew there filming. We have to call them out whenever we feel their wrong.

As I searched for where to put this recent announcement--I felt that the title of this discussion was appropriate in light of this story!

Fox hires Jesse Jackson’s daughter


Just another platform for the radical left to spew their vitriol-IMO.

Did you know this?

Michelle admits she grew up in Jesse Jackson house; Obamas seek advice from him [frequently]

. . .Michelle Laverne Robinson, and Jackson's daughter, Santita, were best friends and remain so. Jackson's daughter is godmother to one of the Obama kids. . .

I can connect the dots.  I will use green ink, as in money, because in the end thats all these folks care about.  If they think the New World Order will work for them (and I believe they do) then that is where they will go.


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