What is the primary conservative goal right now?  It is to make certain a conservative is nominated to face Barack Obama this fall.  Since we want a conservative that means we must stop Mitt Romney.


With Newt Gingrich trailing now in the polls, should he get out of the race or should he stay?  Which one of those choices helps us stop Mitt Romney?


The answer is, Newt needs to stay in the race.


Some folks will simply say you just support Newt.  That is the reason why you want Newt to stay in the race.


Yes, I do support Newt.  I remain absolutely convinced that he is the best candidate out there and he is the one candidate who can change Washington and pull us back from the abyss that the Party of Treason has deliberately pushed us towards.


However, the real issue now is stopping Romney.  Even Newt admits his primary goal is to stop Romney. 


Do we have a greater chance of stopping Romney with Newt in or out?

The answer is with him in.  


That is not just opinion either. 


Right now the vote is split three ways.  What if it were a straight Romney-Santorum match up, as Santorum wants.  The answer is not good.  According to a poll done for Fox News, in a one on one match up, Romney beats Santorum 49-44 percent.


49% is the magic number for Romney.  If he gains 49% of the remaining delegates he wins.  Right now, the split is Romney 38%, Santorum 32% and Gingrich 13%.  In short, Newt’s followers would not automatically go to Santorum as Santorum assumes. 


If Newt drops out, it guarantees a Romney win.  The same is true in reverse.  If Santorum drops out, it guarantees a Romney win as well.


Newt and Santorum need each other right now. 


This is a message for those who are screaming that Newt should get out of the race.  If you want Newt out of the race, unless you want Romney, you are making a huge mistake. 


Right now, we are going to need a deadlocked convention.  Newt pointed out yesterday that the last primary happens in June.  There are two months from the last primary to the convention in Tampa. 


That gives conservatives time to work something out.


Perhaps the candidate should be Newt.  Perhaps it should be Santorum.   Perhaps it should be a conservative we have not considered.  One thing all conservatives should agree on.  The candidate cannot be a failed liberal from Massachusetts. 


If we nominate Romney, we see the end of the Republican Party as a conservative party.  If we nominate Romney, the GOP will become a center left party instead of a right of center party.   If we nominate Romney America will have a far left party and a center left party.  


If that happens Conservatives will be both homeless and voiceless. 


We cannot allow that to happen.

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Defeat of Obama remains Paramount. But a close second is defeat of Romney, to conservatives who have studied the candidates. A brokered convention remains our last, best hope.

Romney remains at best a "moderate". But Mitt only rises to even that level if viewed from the viewpoint of one who favors maintaining a big government approach! Which I believe makes him nearly as far left as Obama, or ObamaLite.

This Fox video remains central to Romney's positions. No way to wriggle out, really. It's among the things he believes in!

Good Vern!  Love Megan!

Mitt-sanity has hit new highs. Looks to me that a divisive primary means  4 More Years!! 4 More Years!!

Conservatives are going to reject the center-right and blow up this coalition for what??

Santorum who as the majority whip during a Republican Presidency, Senate, and House pushed through the very spending that gave birth to the Tea Party!!

Gingrich who is now the historian of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and wants to return to the White House for moon colonies!!

My friends the reason we can't agree is there was not a true tea party candidate. If we are going to settle, Why can't we include the moderate in the coalition??

I see no best chance in trying to lead a floor vote that will kick the candidate with the most votes and delegates to the curb.  Anyone who believes a successful tag team effort to squash Romney will not alienate a large swath of Romney supporters if fooling themselves.

Conservatives can close ranks around the coalition that led to a Republican resurgence in 2010 or shatter it and break into sub groups waiting for the next Reagan.

I for one want to win in November.

Or we can hope the delegates reject all three at a Brokered Convention and insist on a Conservative candidate.  It has happened before that a Candidate who did not run was nominated.

Just curious would you know the win rate for that candidate?

It seems extremely risky when we have the Presidency, Senate and House all in play.

Before we had Primaries all candidates were chosen at Brokered Conventions, and Democrats have had the most Brokered Conventions.  The last Brokered Candidate to win the Presidency was FDR.  When the Democrats don't have a clear frontrunner, they have had a habit of selecting wierd candidates at their Brokered Conventions that do not win. 

Gerald Ford barely avoided a Brokered Convention to defeat Ronald Reagan.

On years when Republicans don't have a clear front runner, they have found ways to avoid a Brokered Convention.  Unfortunately that happens when the Republican Establishment is not listening to their base, and they can be counted on to pick a loser.

We can only hope this year will be different.


Mitt Romney, like Ron Paul uses the GOP brand only for their own personal advancement. Neither considers themselves "republicans." Neither considers themselves "conservatives." Almost nothing in Romney's record as Governor was acceptable to more than 50% of self-identified republicans and most of his record is anathema to at least 40% of self-identified conservative republicans.

This nomination fight is but one battle in a war for the heart and soul of the Party of Lincoln.

I completely agree and hope someone figures out that the candidates who should not even be running on this ticket, Romney and Paul, are who should leave.

Ron Paul has been a growing spoiler candidate whose percentages now are affecting the scales, and he's not even a Conservative.  This is a takeover of the Republican Party.

And when you think about Iowa, who went negative?  Romney and Paul.  That's all they have.  It's pretty easy to see who shouldn't be in this race, and it isn't the two who are far more conservative than Romney and Paul.

Amen to Kevin.  The expression "I'd rather be right than President" seems to be the Tea Party Nation's mantra. To even begin to equate Mitt Romney or anyone to Obama is so off the mark and misplaced thinking that I can't fathom any thinking adult thinking such a thing never mind saying it. If I didn't know better I would think that the Democrats are paying you to defeat the GOP ticket in 2012..

It boggles my mind that your organization would want to re elect Obama but that is exactly what your effort is causing. Why wouldn't you stick to the reason that your organized to begin with and that is ISSUES. To demonize Governor Romney is beyond the pale.  I found the enemy and it seems to be you all.  Please stop the insanity and let's talk about replacing President Obama. How's that for a constructive concept? 

My, my.  Firstly, I don't believe anyone here is equating Romney to Obama.  Some are simply comparing one against the other and frankly finding them too close for comfort, most especially on the topic of healthcare. 

Secondly, your post seems to indicate that, in your opinion, a vote against Romney is a vote for Obama.  Have you concluded that Romney is the only candidate who can possibly beat Obama in the general election?  I hate to shock you but your opinion is just that - an opinion - and is no more valid than any other presented here.  

Thirdly, if you wish to communicate your opinions to other members of this site, and have those opinions received as intelligent, insightful, thoughtful, and informative, then it would be wise not to alienate those members by using verbage designed to make them look STUPID.   Just a thought.

Thank you Juls for the sanity you are trying to bring back to our discussion.


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