What is the motto that Barack Obama, the left and the Party of Treason have been using this year?  Well, that’s not a fair question.  The left has been wrong about so many things, they have had to change their motto and their lies so many times, it is hard to keep up.


But there is one that claim that the Obama Regime and the left have made that really pegs the hypocrisy meter.


What is it?


One of the comments Obama made during the campaign was the need for “shared sacrifice.”




When is Obama going to start sacrificing?


The answer is never.


Obama, just like all socialists, does not believe in shared sacrifice.  He believes in other people sacrificing, not his cronies nor himself. 


Under Obama, $1.4 billion is spent per year for the Office of the President.  Some of that are understandable expenses.  The President has a massive level of protection.   There is no argument about protecting the President.   He is the number one target in the world. 


But many of the expenses are simply excess.  It is an excess that America cannot afford.


If George Bush were in the White House and we were spending $1.4 billion in the middle of an economic depression, the press would be all over it.    But we have the Obama Propaganda Media that will not criticize Obama.


Obama has two full-time movie projectionists.  What the hell?  Hasn’t this guy heard of Netflix?


He has a dog handler for his dog “Bo” who makes over $100,000 a year.




First, what kind of narcissistically insane person names their dog after themselves?    The dog is simply a prop he brings in for photo ops, much like Bill Clinton had a dog because a dog would make people like him better.   Clinton needed that during impeachment because his pollsters told him it would help him with impeachment. 


If Obama wants a dog trainer on his staff, let him pay for it.  He’s a millionaire.  If you or I want our dog trained, we pay for it out of our own pocket.   Why can’t Barry do the same?


America is about to go off the fiscal cliff and Obama is taking his family on a four million dollar vacation.




A lot of real Americans would like to take a vacation.  Not a four million dollar vacation but just a vacation.  Perhaps even just a long weekend.


They can’t.




Because of the Great Obama Depression.


Obama and the Party of Treason has talked about shared sacrifice.  When are they going to sacrifice?  When are the Senators and Members of Congress going to give up their perks to help America?


The answer is they are not because they are no longer our public servants.  They are our rulers.

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None in Congress will question these expenditures sally - otherwise someone might get the bright idea to start asking the members about their lifestyles.

He was given a FREE PASS TO TAKE WHAT HE WANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was he GIVEN that?  What happened to responsible leadership?

OOOH! Silly question!

If we want the liberals to ever "share sacrifice", we must organize more effectively to defeat them in 2014 and 2016.

That means not waiting until the primary or general election, and not concentrating on politicians, lobbying, and candidates.  We need to focus on the local organizing work at the precinct level to bring voters together and make the case for basic conservative principles such as limited government and individual responsibility.  We need to grow the base of principled conservative voters and find good future candidates at the local level before we ever get to the primary process for state and federal elections.  Think of it less as a "tea party" and more like a "block party" - bringing neighbors together in targeted precincts of districts which conservatives should be winning, but aren't.  Find principled independent volunteers and donors who won't just throw their money at the party or whatever candidate they are told "can win".  Be supportive of good Republican candidates, but be selective about it by making sure that they are really representative of the people of their districts, whether we personally like their positions on specific issues or not.  In other words, if we can't persuade the voters of the district to support our point of view, then we shouldn't win, and shouldn't whine about it.  It isn't up to the politicians to "sell" voters on their positions, as if elections were just a big promotional campaign for whatever the candidates want to push at us.  We need to do the difficult voter outreach and organizing work to make sure that candidates are truly representative public servants, rather than simply pushing their own or party agendas.

It's time to Awaken America - not to accept unchecked rule by progressive politicians.

Bruce, Too little too late!

Bruce, you are right on! It's either that or we give up...and that's not a viable option!!

One hundred percent correct Bruce Donnelly



By law, all presidents receive special medical care. On the other hand, those in Congress will be subject to Obamacare instead of the luxury plans they previously had.

WRONG!!!! Congress is still as of this date exempt from Obama care.

Oh now I get it why congress wants to ban the use of the word "lunatic" I think its an acuate discription of our Gov. Today. 

I refuse to admit and to acknowledge that Obama is my ruler.

I second that Debrajoe. . .can't even bring myself to say his name or look at the smart @$$ grin he always has on his face! 

Someone needs to corner him and ask him exactly how is he sacrificing this holiday season. . .how many folks will be without food/clothes/shelter/tree and all the trimmings while he and his family have 50+ trees put up in the WH; will be going to HI for vacation on our dime (how many folks had to fore go going on a vacation these past years since he's been in office?); the extravagant dinners held at the WH while so many must go hungry?  How does any of this contribute to governing; it doesn't it's simply a blatant excess by 2 people who feel they are "owed" everything they have stolen from the taxpayers. 


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