Secession fever is spreading across the nation.  Citizens from all 50 states have filed petitions on the White House website asking that their state be allowed to peacefully secede from the United States.


There is one question that is not being asked that maybe should be asked.


What is this shocking question?


We all assume that the Obama Regime will say no or simply ignore the petitions.  After all, these petitions are unofficial. No state has yet even filed a resolution in its legislature to secede.


What would happen if the Obama Regime said yes?


Imagine for a moment if the Obama Regime suddenly announced that if they wanted, the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama could peacefully secede if they want.


The immediate reaction from people is that Obama would never agree to that.




What makes you think that?


First, let’s look at Obama.  What is his primary goal?  He wants to take America out of the ranks of the world’s superpowers.   Breaking up the United States would be a great start to taking America down from its status as a superpower.


But for Obama and the left, this could be an attractive option from another point of view.  If those states left the Union, it would radically change the balance of political power in America.


Those are nine states.  They have eighteen senators.  16 of them are Republicans and 2 are Democrats.  If those states left the Union, it would leave the Senate with a 53-29 Democrat majority.  Puerto Rico just completed a vote as the initial step for statehood.  If Puerto Rico were granted statehood, its two Senators would almost certainly be Democrats and that would give the Democrats a 55-29 majority.


In those states, there are 74 seats in the House of Representatives.  59 of those are Republican, while only 15 are Democrats.    If those states left, it would give the Democrats a 183-175 advantage in the Congress.  The Democrats would have a 2/3 supermajority in the Senate and a majority in the House. 


Why would Obama go along with this?


This would permanently change the balance of power in the United States.   Not only would there be a change in the majority, but also if something like this were to happen, many conservatives would flock to these conservative states that would be leaving the union.


For the left, this would be the ultimate dream.  There would be no conservative impediment for the left to increase taxes and create a real socialist state.  Imagine if Obama were to be able that?


Such an option may be unlikely but who says Obama might not go for it?


Secession is a question that is inflaming America.  Perhaps is a question that deserves consideration before we start going down this road.

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But realistically Jeff, is there such a thing as a "Conservative Democrat?"

John McCain is a Conservative Democrat he is on both sides and the one thing I kinda liked about him

Heck, Mitt Romney qualifies for that tag as well...

It's why he didn't get elected!  The ignorant and unresponsive
GOP leadership cannot or will not see this.

This was a good information exchange. People are beginning to see the utter futility of our continued connection to these Socialist traitors. Are they our "fellow countrymen?" Sure, as long as we allow them to exploit us!  

Secession is actually not farfetched! But, it will never be supported by the Republican Establishment. In fact, it will not be a Republican only initiative. It actually can't be!  

For any separation movement to succeed, we must come to grips with the fact that we have already lost our country. I don't think that we can win another general election for the presidency. Here's why:

Democrats control the media. Democrats control the national bureaucracy. Democrats resist every possible overture for creating a fool proof voter validily system. It doesn't take "Einstein" to figure out why! With photo I.D.'s as a requirement for voting, it takes "cheating" off the board as a path to victory for them! People who fail to come to grips with this are viewing America through "rosy colored glasses!"

The American people have carried the entire world for the past 100 years. A small group of International bankers, largely Northeastern and Europeon held a secret meeting in Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1913. They created the Federal Reserve. Since then, our people have bankrolled World War One, The Bolshevik Revolution, The Great Depression, England's Social Welfare system of the twenties and many other worthwhile endeavors in the name of world peace and prosperity. These master manipulators have used inflation as a "backdoor tax" on the American people!

Certainly the Republican Establishment would never want to enter a discussion that might lead to a number of states seceding and ultimately repudiating global banking debt! Most would say, "that was a long time ago and you can't think that way!" But we are still paying for it! Meanwhile, these globalist bankers have lined their pockets ar our expense. Collateral damage has included tens of millions of people dead in the world over the past century! 

We need a "reset."

It starts with a more literal interpretation of the 10th amendment. Then, we need to reduce the voting electorate. After all, the United States was founded as a Republic, not a Democracy. I have outlined an alternative course which can be reviewed. Please visit yesterday's post "Charting a New Direction" at www.eaglesforamerica.com 

Obviously career politicians are not going to be our friends. But, we may have a few who are actually "statesmen." The problem with the politicians is that they personally have the most to lose! Look at their salaries! Look at their benefits packages! Are they going to enjoy the "fruits" of Obamacare? I don't think so!

Secession in 1861 was not an overnight thing. It had been brewing for years. Even when the first seven states departed, there was a lull between the last four joining them. Unlike 1861, it won't be confined to the South! This isn't about sections of the country. It's about ideology.

Look for it to begin in Texas. Louisiana and Oklahoma are "joined at the hip" with Texas. They will quicly follow. These are three key energy states with hundreds of miles of coastline.   

Expect Mississippi and Alabama to be states four and five. Both have been dreaming of secession since Appromattox.

Arizona will likely be the sixth departee. Their state is in danger of being overrun with illegals. The administration has demonstrated a posture toward Arizona that borders on "hostile."

After that, nobody knows! There will be heavy sentiment in favor of separation in Georgia and the Carolinas.  How fast they would move is another thing! Florida and Virginia have Republican Governors and Congresses', Expect them to take a "wait and see." Virginians feel that Fairfax County swung the election for Obama. Most Floridians conclude that Obama, through massive voter fraud "stole" the election in their state!

Would Obama act? He might do what Judson suggested in this post. Nothing, other than look at the departing states as an opportunity to gain a super majority in the Senate and retake the House! His inner circle is composed of his wife, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Eric Holder and David Plouffe. None are military experts. 

It could come down to two small states: Kentucky and West Virginia and what course they decide to take.

Both Kentucky and West Virginia are major coal producers. Both have consistent, yet waning Democrat parties within their states. Both have Democrat Governors and Attorney Generals. Their Houses and Senates are largely controlled by D.I.N.O.'s(Democrats in name only). Obama lost both states by more than twenty points. People in the "Mountaineer State" and the "Bluegrass State" feel Obama's green energy initiative is a threat to their way of life! 

Each have a somewhat unique U.S. Senator. Rand Paul has many of the same "Libertarian tendencies" his father holds. Joe Manchin in a 1960's style Democrat.

Of course, the Democrat party of John F. Kennedy no longer exists. Rand's father, Ron Paul had a solid following. But Establishment Republicans considered him a "Libertarian," not a "real" Republican. Rand, is a dedicated "constitutionalist" and budget hawk.

In short, if this new Republic emphasized a more "literalistic interpretation" of the 10th amendment ,Paul would be in. If the Republic placed focus on low cost college tuition and healthcare, while placing added attention to vocational education in the public schools, Manchin would come aboard. They would justify secession as a "matter of survival" for their states.

These two relatively new Senators could lead their states out of the Union. Once that happened, look for every state South, East and West, including Indiana and part of Illinois to exit. Then, all attention will turn to Ohio and Michigan.

 A "national right to work" law in effect, could save both states. It might get ugly,! But in the end, the private sector unions would compromise the public sector unions. There is a seething anger toward the public sector that showed it's face in Wisconsin last summer. Without question a "restriction on public sector collective bargaining rights" would gain traction throughout the Midwest! 

The "domino effect" of states might not stop short of the Sierras! If it stopped at all!

There will always be those who say, "it wouldn't, couldn't or never will!" The American Colonists heard that same sober rhetoric 250 years ago! But, secession is most definitely legal.

Judith H. Benjamin, Jefferson Davis' Attorney General, considered the "finest legal mind in the south" at that time, was an intense student of the subject. His conclusion found secession "unequivocally" legal, a "natural safeguard against an unwarranted encroachment" by the Federal government. Countless others have since concurred. One of them is Ron Paul!

In realtiy, the only thing illegal about the "War Between the States" was the North's illegal invasion of the South. Technically, it wasn't even a "civil war." When Lincoln blockaded Southern ports, he effectively recognized the Confederacy as a hostile nation!   

Our people today must face the cold, hard fact that the country they love is vanishing before our eyes! Even if we had won the election, it would have taken more than a "consensus" approach. We need to dismantle much of our central government. Currently, we are looking at "slow growth" at the very best, ala Japan! It's due to a government that is simply too big.

In a new Republic we can begin afresh, We can keep the good and reject the bad. Within three to five years, those states foolish enough to stay with Obama will be crawling to us, begging for reunification. And we'll allow it. On our terms!

If this is true then we must secede now    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH36iIHfpgE&feature=share


There are a lot of things wrong!

Even if the man was legitimately American(which many doubt), there would be other questions: Such as his ties to Saul Alinsky and the Fabiens. Not to mention the spiritual connection to confirmed racists. There are thousands of reasons to dislike the President.

Fiscal issues alone create grounds for "peaceful separation." We cannot afford Obamacare! We cannot afford Cap and Trade. We cannot afford these massive regulations. We cannot afford this administration. We simply don't have the money! 

Amazingly, those supporting the Administration are some of the world's wealthiest! It lends credence to the truth behind the New Deal: "A way out for the wealthy and socialism for everyone else."

We have the biggest crisis in American history staring us in the face. Yet, our political leaders are hesitant to call it for what it is. Perhaps it's the fear of their own personal financial loss. Maybe we don't have any true leaders in the baby boom generation. But, we are only in the introductory chapter. A lot can happen quickly. For now, we must ignore those who attempt to downplay and dismiss this looming shadow.  

Secession feels like a road not to take, but I do think about it. One seeks to have power over whatever we can. Looking at it from another angle, America is experiencing a secession from lawful government supposedly in force for us to be governed. The Federal government is full of people whose attititudes are secession from the Constitution and a constitutional republic. They have done away with it. The people and the States might as well respond to what is already happening. 

Couldn't have been said better, Dr. Smith!

Our central government has seceded from the Constitution. Our President has definitely forgotten his oath of office. His party has done away with the constitutional republic that our founders brought forth! So what are the remaining options?

The very thought of secession is a little frightening. We immediately begin thinking about Social Security and Medicare. The latter has been seriously compromised by Obamacare. The former is a Ponzi scheme. A new Republic could focus on saving both! Especially, if other costs weren't there!

A "reset" would allow us to not create much of the bureaucracy that is costing so much. If our people were forced between the choice of compromising Social Security and Medicare, versus eliminating much of the Washington central bureaucracy, odds are, they would choose the latter.

Could we live without an Education Department? Or an Energy Department? Or a Commence Department. Or an E.P.A.?" Would the world come to an end if we eliminated the Justice Department?

These are questions that would surface.

A new republic could focus more on practical solutions. We need low cost college tuition. We need a healthcare plan that lowers costs for all while making it feasible for Doctors to stay in the profession. We need our public schools to turn out more skilled craftsmen and tradesmen. We need to bring public sector wages in line with private sector compensation.

We need to make certain that we remain a Republic.

Jeff Waller raises an excellent point.

"If voters perceive that the Tea Party is here to stay, they will come."

The question is, "Which Tea Party?"

The Tea Party that I joined warned that discussion would be restricted to "fiscal not social" issues. It would seem that most original members came with common concern over an out of control spending pattern in Washington D.C..

This, in itself is a winning, bi-partisan issue. However, those in control in Washington, D.C. don't honestly agree! True, some may give it lip service! But, their path points toward "Greece." Try as we may, we are going to have a very difficult time reversing that dubious fate!

Part of the problem centers around a government that is too big. But shrinking it is easier said than done! In fact, under this administration, don't look for it to happen! Obama will "grow" the government with unrestrained zeal! He knows that every time he creates a job, he creates a vote!

The Tea Party is the counterweight. But, until we offer more than merely "austerity measures", our appeal will be finite. We must begin thinking "coalition."

To do this, we must determine "who" we are! I felt a kindred spirit to the "constitutionalists" that Senator Rand Paul referenced in his book, "The Tea Party Goes to Washington." It is probable that most Tea Party members consider themselves more close ideologically to "Constitutionalists" than "Neo-Conservatives."

The "Neo-Cons" control the Republican party. They will not relinquish control, now or ever. Their position is simple: "The Tea Party doesn't have any place to go."

They're right; under the present landscape. That present landscape amounts to Obama ruining the country forever while we stand around "bitching, complaining, and doing nothing more!" However, there is another option.

A coalition can be built from three groups. "Constitutionist Republicans, John F.Kennedy Democrats and Libertarians."

Knowledgeable "Neo-Cons" such as Bill Krystal and Karl Rove would say "it could never happen!" But are they certain?

Jeff, your conclusion is valid. And, I think that the right mix of voters could take the country. The question becomes, "which country?"

In present day America, there is simply too much inertia. We are not only going against the "Obamabatts ," we are taking on the "Neo-Cons." The odds against us are long, if not impossible.

The good news is, those three referenced groups actually account for about "two-thirds" of the population. However, to truly bring them together, we must find a common cause. And we must have that fleeting "estoterical element"  that motivated our forefathers to stand up to Great Britain.

Our court system has disappointed us in recent times. But it is benign in comparison to where it was in the 60's! The biggest single threat to our American way is what might happen to the courts under a second Obama term. It's horror beyond horror! 

When anyone begins talking about a "peaceful separation," they are immediately scoffed. Those "aginers" would suggest that "it could never happen!" But honestly, what are our alternatives?

The Republican Establishment will conclude that we need to "modify our message." In other words, "moderate." Did this work in 2008? Was it a winning formula this year? Yeah, Romney may have actually won the election. But he was facing an opponent who mastered the art of voter fraud. Do we honestly think things will be different in 2016?

Obama and his cronies know how to win elections. They are masters at manipulation. But could they handle a potential split in the union? This is a question that everyone should ponder. Barack Obama is not Abraham Lincoln! He might surprise everyone and say to the departing states, "don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

Do we want this?

Some of us do. Google the Southern National Congress. They have been preaching such action for years! 

There is also the question of whether other parts of the country might break away. There is a movement in the Pacific Northwest that would amount to Washington, Oregon and British Columbia forming, "Cascadia," a separate, soveregin nation. This is highly significant. If a breakup of the U.S. crossed the Canadian border the South might find itself aligned with energy states that would include Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Things are changing in the Midwest. Indiana is now a right-to-work state. The Michigan legislator just made a historic vote. We remember what happened last summer with the Scott Walker recall attempt in Wisconsin.

Once the separation started, it might not end with a few states. Many Pennsylvanians are contending that their election was stolen. New York is a prime candidate to split. Obama could ultimately be left with a string of east coast cities and suburbs that would be "long on humanity and short on resources."

California? They are obviously large enough to be their own country. But would they be able to afford themselves?  Probably not! A more likely conclusion would be a split. The Northern part might join Cascadia. The Southern half would become a state in the new Republic. Or, should we say, the "new and improved United States of America."

It would be an America where Marxism was cited as "a malignancy that should be rooted out and vanquished."  Marxism is, after all, the Obama vision.

The first thing we must do is relieve ourselves from this nuisance notion of "political correctness."  The term "political correctness" came from Marxism. Then, we need to begin openly weighing our options. Do we think that we can fix Washington D.C.? Wouldn't it be easier to start anew? Wouldn't it be satisfying to simply eradicate the "Saul Alinskyites and the Fabiens" from our society?

I think it's a "no brainer!"


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