Secession fever is spreading across the nation.  Citizens from all 50 states have filed petitions on the White House website asking that their state be allowed to peacefully secede from the United States.


There is one question that is not being asked that maybe should be asked.


What is this shocking question?


We all assume that the Obama Regime will say no or simply ignore the petitions.  After all, these petitions are unofficial. No state has yet even filed a resolution in its legislature to secede.


What would happen if the Obama Regime said yes?


Imagine for a moment if the Obama Regime suddenly announced that if they wanted, the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama could peacefully secede if they want.


The immediate reaction from people is that Obama would never agree to that.




What makes you think that?


First, let’s look at Obama.  What is his primary goal?  He wants to take America out of the ranks of the world’s superpowers.   Breaking up the United States would be a great start to taking America down from its status as a superpower.


But for Obama and the left, this could be an attractive option from another point of view.  If those states left the Union, it would radically change the balance of political power in America.


Those are nine states.  They have eighteen senators.  16 of them are Republicans and 2 are Democrats.  If those states left the Union, it would leave the Senate with a 53-29 Democrat majority.  Puerto Rico just completed a vote as the initial step for statehood.  If Puerto Rico were granted statehood, its two Senators would almost certainly be Democrats and that would give the Democrats a 55-29 majority.


In those states, there are 74 seats in the House of Representatives.  59 of those are Republican, while only 15 are Democrats.    If those states left, it would give the Democrats a 183-175 advantage in the Congress.  The Democrats would have a 2/3 supermajority in the Senate and a majority in the House. 


Why would Obama go along with this?


This would permanently change the balance of power in the United States.   Not only would there be a change in the majority, but also if something like this were to happen, many conservatives would flock to these conservative states that would be leaving the union.


For the left, this would be the ultimate dream.  There would be no conservative impediment for the left to increase taxes and create a real socialist state.  Imagine if Obama were to be able that?


Such an option may be unlikely but who says Obama might not go for it?


Secession is a question that is inflaming America.  Perhaps is a question that deserves consideration before we start going down this road.

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Sucession is not the answer. The answer is to totally disband the way the US government is operating now

How?  Half the people (give or take) voted for it.  Even if voter fraud accounts for the win, the shift in demographics is not in our favor.  I don't see the libs being stopped politically.  They've stolen the culture and the rest follows.  Does it not?

Not that I'm agreeing with either secession or disbanding, but to answer the question you asked, the answer is a Con-con.

A Constitutional Convention would effectively disband the entire government. That being said, you are correct to point out that the libs have stolen the culture. Such a conference would rewrite the Constitution, and it likely would not be in our favor.

Given that the liberals are still in power in the Senate and that they are utterly without shame, I don't think we'd be able to raise any level of scandal to such a degree that Obama could be impeached or would feel compelled to resign. And if that's the case, we're only left with three alternatives - two of which involve violence and force of arms against a sitting President. The third option is to hunker down and wait out the storm as best as possible, praying that God deliver us from the consequences to our country. In choosing this third alternative (which to me seems to be the only viable option, given that the other two are illegal, immoral, and stupid.), we must address ourselves to a more pertinent question:

How do we retake the culture? This is where I think the true battle for our times must be fought and won.

I agree completely Michael.  Well said.

@ Michael J. S.....So you are saying that our founding fathers were all crazy criminals and immoral?

There is no difference from this evil Government today then when we secede from England.  The one thing that is different is that there is this little thing called war crimes.  I do not believe that God wants us to sit around and permit this to happen.  in the bible God Had Holy wars and stood by his people.  I feel we need to secede from the evil within our country and humble him.  If we do not try to secede peacefully there will be a civil war soon when they try to take our gun.  Most gun owners I know say they will only get them out of their cold dead hands. Think about when God wanted his people freed from Egypt it was tried peacefully, when they tried to get them back God protected them.

How immoral is it to let a crime continue with doing whatever you can to stop it?

I can appreciate what you are saying. If we were dealing with an opponent who held a minimal amount of compunction, this might be the correct course. Unfortunately, we' re not! We are dealing with the powers of secular humanism. They see "God as the government."

I agree that a "Con Con" is not the answer. And, a peaceful separation can be just that: peaceful. But only if the other side respects the outcome if the separation became unpeaceful.

To "hunker down" and hope that things work themselves out is wishful thinking. I wish that we could retake our culture with time, patience and prayer. It may be that we are being tested by God!  

Well-stated, thoughtful & concise assessment.  Thank you.

Someday I think, I may have to face my grandchildren (and with any luck my great-grandchildren) and explain to them what happened in 2012 and the years immediately after.

What will I say to them?  Will I tell them that I decided to hunker down and ride it out?  Or do I look them straight in the eye and tell them that I stood my ground, that I fought with everything I had to protect and secure their God-given rights as had all the generations before me?  

This is what I pray about Michael.  I pray that should the need arise, God will give me the strength and courage to do the right thing so that someday I will be able to look my grandchildren straight in the eye when they ask me what happened. 



Half of the People?

If you subtract 1,000,000  Democrat votes from graveyards, another million from rigged electronic voting machines and at third million (give or take) from forged absentee ballots, you may have somewhat less than "half the People.

Can I get a witness?



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