Anyone want to scare the left?  It can be fun.    Do you want to see liberals running and screaming like kids frightened by scenes at a Halloween haunted house?


There is one issue that terrifies the left.   This one issue gets them in such a lather that it is fun to watch.  It is also revealing that they are so terrified by the issue too.


What is it?


Mitt Romney hit it yesterday when he joked that no one needed to ask to see his birth certificate.  The left reacted like Pavlov’s dog, slobbering on anyone who had the misfortune to be within a mile of a TV set with MSNBC tuned in.  Granted that was only four people, but still.


The idiot brigade that constitutes the drive-by media was aghast.  They called Romney’s joke “gutter politics.”  Salon hysterically announced that Romney had gone “birther.”  One CNN reporter tweeted that his “jaw hit the ground.”


I guess he is easily amused. 


Unfortunately Mitt Romney has not learned that leadership means standing up sometime.  Instead of doing any number of things he could have with the dust up, things that could have helped his campaign, he just lamely said, hey it was a joke.


The birther issue sends the left off the deep end.  Why?


Collectively they know what kind of a problem it is for Obama. 


The issue worries them so that they must attack it every time it comes up.  The left claims that birthers are a joke and they like to point to people like Orly Taitz, the attorney who will file a law suit over the issue anywhere she can find a client and a courtroom. 


If the birther issue is such a fringe issue, why does the left go into overdrive to try and silence it every time it comes up?  Why did the left wing media accuse Romney of “gutter politics,” “racism,” and going “full birther” when he made a simple joke yesterday?


 The issue is one that will not go away for the left.  The left simply claims that Obama was born in Hawaii and we are supposed to take their word for it.  They offer no proof of this and they will not even defend the badly forged so-called birth certificate that Obama offered last year when Donald Trump was hammering him on the issue.


Why did the Obama Regime feel the need to give out such a badly forged document if there is nothing really going on?


While the left has tried to make something out of Mitt Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns for months, the left and the drive by media have refused to even discuss why Obama will not release his college records. 


According to the left, anyone who dares question the fact that Obama has not released his records is a fringe nut case.  Stonewalling on one’s personal records, while demanding your opponent release everything including the vet records for your dog, has become standard Democrat practice.    Eight years out we are still waiting for John Kerry to honor his promise to release his records.  Kerry at least promised to release his records and then simply lied by not releasing them. 


Obama will not even discuss his.


The left is terrified because they have a candidate who is little more than a façade.  They have a candidate who if he were vetting like Republican candidates are, could never stand the scrutiny.


The birther issue is gold for conservatives.  As I have mentioned before. If Obama can be proven to have been ineligible for President, everything he did as President is void. 


Unfortunately for America, the Republican establishment acts like it is some kind of faux pas to even think about this issue.  This rates right up there with not wearing a sports coat to dinner or wearing white after Labor Day. 


The Obama campaign is doing its best to push Romney back on his heels.  Why won’t Romney fight back by asking the question; Why did that publicity piece from the Speaker’s bureau that represented Obama for years say he was born in Kenya? 


How about hitting back with a comment or two addressing the rumors that Obama attended college as a foreign exchange student?


How about fighting over this issue.  Imagine wiping out everything Obama did, from Obamacare to two Supreme Court appointments to hundreds of federal judges. 


Unfortunately the Republicans treat Obama like he is a member of the club and there are just certain things you do not do to members of the club.


That is unfortunate as there are millions of real Americans who want to see Obama sent packing and everything he has done to bring down this great nation, undone.


Will Mitt Romney step up to the plate and do what needs to be done?

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BHO is apparently so proficient at unsealing other politicians records, why can't we unseal his records BEFORE this election?

Seems they are skating the real issues ,doesn't it?.I have given plenty of real info and have not heard MITT use any of it ,and all he would have to do to verify it is talk to the people , they have put their comments on You Tube.There is enough lies being told by Barack and Michelle that could shoot any thing Barack said down.

He would have NO COME BACK.

I don't think Mitt has the right stuff to bring any of this up or he has a lot of Barracks people working for him.

He better get fired up soon. Let Paul speak up he can  do it very well.And let MITT stand back with a big grin on his face.

OR, . . . . let's  just  have  a  BROKERED  CONVENTION,  &  put  GOOD  OL "  NEWT,  in  there !   NEWT,  ladies  &  gentlemen,  will  PLAY  HARDBALL ! . . . . grin, . . . .

REALLY good question, Alton!  This is exactly what we should have been doing long before now, but it STILL needs to be done. The fake Pres. must be held to ACCOUNT in order to undo all the damage he has done!

Romney can crack jokes because a) he doesn't feel he's on the ropes and b) he can see a better future than our present.

Americans are tired of the grim, unflinchingly dishonest propaganda machine. It's not helping them that their daily lives, and their futures, look equally grim. Romney is going to let the Democrats host their grim, scare-mongering "Abortion-palooza," as one pundit phrased it.

And Mitt's going to go on explaining the basics of economic recovery to our disillusioned country.

Hi Judson,


Personally I'm thrilled and pleasantly surprised that Romney even mentioned it.  The left doesn't know waht he will say next, and that's worth a LOT.


God bless you and everone else who reads this.


Yeppers! Good for Mitt!


Well,  Folks,  even  if   Obummer  WAS  born  in  Hawaii,  he  is  STILL  only  a  " jus  sanguinous "  citizen ;  the  thug  is  NOT  a  " jus  soli "  citizen,  which,  by  the  way,  is  the  ONLY  type  of  citizenship  which  QUALIFIES  a  person  to  be  president, . . . .   A  " jus  sanguinous "  citizen  CANNOT,  CANNOT,  CANNOT  be  PRESIDENT, . . . .

AMEN! Why do so few people know that?

Yes, I thought only those born of TWO American citizens were considered eligible to be President.  So regardless of where HE was born, his father is still, definately, NOT a U.S. citizen.  period.

The citizens can by simply NOT voting to put anyone who is NOT a natural born citizen on the ballot! Actually, SCOTUS HAS defended it. It has been spelled out and defended 4 times!

 It was

(1) stated in the Constitutions, 

(2) enacted by an Act of Congress in 1875

,(3) ruled Constitutional by SCOTUS in 1875, and

(4) once again enacted in an Act of Congress in 2008.


A President Must be a Natural Born Citizen. This means BOTH of his parents MUST be US citizens. Obama has NEVER declared that his father was a citizen and it is well known that he was NOT!

How many times do we have to prove this?


You hit the nail on the head; I'm going to borrow that, "The left doesn't know waht he will say next, and that's worth a LOT."



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