Soon, the Republican National Committee will vote to select a new Chairman for the RNC.  Michael Steele is, at least for the moment, still in the running.  We are convinced that we must have a solid conservative take over the RNC.  We must rescue the RNC and the party from those who would make this party Socialist-lite.  We have come to the conclusion the best person to be chair of the RNC is Sarah Palin.


We are sending her the following letter.


Dear Governor Palin,


John Kennedy once said, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”


Right now, your country needs you as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.


We are in a fight for the survival of our country.  The Democrats have walked off the socialist cliff and are driving the country headlong into the abyss.  Unfortunately, there are many on the Republican side who do not seem to get it.  They are the embodiment of the old political joke that says, with the Democrats you get more of the same and with Republicans you get less of the same.


We need you as Chairman of the RNC.  You have shown in the past no hesitation to take on the establishment.  You did it in Alaska.   If we end up with establishment control of the GOP and their support for an establishment candidate in 2012, Obama and the socialists will have won.  An establishment candidate will not work to repeal Obamacare and the other programs Obama, Pelosi and Reid have put in place.  We need someone who will put conservatives in control of the party apparatus, not RINOs.


Michael Steele has spent Republican money with the gusto of a liberal.  You showed in Alaska, you know how to put the brakes on unnecessary spending.


Finally, you are a superstar.  You have an unbelievable ability to light up a crowd and to raise money.  Both of which the Republican Party needs.  Something is really wrong with the GOP when the RNC cannot fund a get out the vote campaign for mid-term elections.   The GOP needs a conservative who can raise money and energize the troops.  You are the only one out there with these unique talents.


We, the undersigned, are asking you to ask yourself what you can do for your country and to step up and become a candidate for Chairman of the RNC.


Thank you for your consideration and for what you continue to do for this great country.


Judson Phillips, Founder - Tea Party Nation



This letter will be sent to Sarah Palin in the next few days.  If you think she is the one who can help save the Republican Party so it can fight the party of socialism, forward this email to all of your friends.   Join us on Tea Party Nation.  Add your name on the message forums and send your own message to Governor Palin.   We will take all of the messages, along with the original letter and send it to her later this week.


Come help us in this fight, because if the Republican party goes Socialist lite, there will be no effective opposition to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis of fiscal evil and there will be no serious effort to roll back socialism.


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I agree with this approach. Sarah has the charisma to take over this position and ingnite the Republican party once again. She is a good choice.
I would suggest you research what she has actually done since her public life began many years ago. Look at her family background, as well as the way she was raised. I think you will find you are mistaken regarding her "qualifications". My criteria is to find the person that does not really want the job, yet feels they must serve if required - everyone seems to be talking about future elections as they have been - its different now.
I have looked very hard at her qualifications in earnest hope she was ready but, she clearly is not. Compare her record with John Bolton's and you'll see the vast difference.

In fact, why don't you ask her if she believes she's ready for the highest office of the land.
What are you suffering from ADD? We know about Bolton but this is about the RNC Chair.
Most likely Sarah Palin quit the governorship in part because of the endless law suits that she had to fight and pay for. In Alaska the governor doesn't get free legal support as in most of the states. That was in essence a successful asassination of her governorship.
On the other hand, as smart, down to earth she is, there are more knowledgable possible candidates that are more electable too. If she were to run, I would vote for her, but I can't speak for the standard issue republicans. Or independents.
This is how John McCain lost - many-many republicans didn't like him, and didn't go to vote for him. They rather let an ultra-liberal to win. Or we still think, Obama is better than McCain would have been?
Chris, John Bolton is the real deal and would be exactly what the rest of the world would not want in the white house - that fact alone makes him a damn good choice. As far as asking Gov. Palin myself, her number isn`t in my rolodex- I know folks that live in her area and have first hand knowledge of her - she is exactly as she seems to be, honest, plain spoken- and loves her country beyond herself, care to name ANY public figure in the last 25 years you can honestly say that about? regarding the RNC chair - I covered the RNC meeting in Orlando that she was the headliner for- (www.starznbarz.com) she was professional, on topic, yet you got the feeling you were sitting around talking with a friend- I think the RNC chair would be a waste of her talent - too much political gaming and fundraising, she is a problem solver not a talking head.
DD, I have met and spoken with both Dr. Paul and Michelle Bachman- patriots both. You may want to research the reasons Gov. Palin quit the governorship- it is one of the reasons I think she is qualified for potus. as far as life experience, that is the highest reason she is qualified- honesty and integrity.politicians got us where we are- politicians cannot fix it.
There are NO good reasons for quitting the governorship. She took an oath of office and betrayed it, period. That automatically disqualifies Palin for pretty much any elected office. She is a loose cannon enjoying an enormous wave of popularity and media exposure. Even worse, she speaks in bumper stickers and is as light as they come intellectually. We need leaders who can face political friends and opponents alike, think on his or her feet, and lead. Sarah Palin is the antithesis of that.
What no one talks about is that the left was bankrupting her. She was making $140K as governor and because of all of those frivilous ethics complaints, she had to hire her own lawyer. As I recall, her legal bills were over $500K and she was not getting reimbursed by the state. She could not continue.
Some of those complaints were made by Republicans, like Andree MacCloud. Sarah Palin is hardly the first person on the right or left to hold public office and have her integrity questioned. They're not all rich and they don't all quit. If she managed her office better and avoided questionable associations, appointments and uses of her power, she may have avoided a lot of controversy. Fact is that she quit the only half-way decent job on her resume, despite taking an oath to serve. She left to follow her star and make a lot of money. Good for her. That may qualify her for her own reality show, but it in no way qualifies her to a leadership position in government and politics. Quite to the contrary, in my opinion, it disqualifies her.

You certainly have a right to your opinion, but your opinion is full of allegations of "questionable associations". 


That's right, Sarah Palin took an oath to serve and when she no longer could serve (due to on going court cases lodged by the unscrupulous, that would monopolize all of her time in court, though the cases were frivilous).  All of those costs were impacting her family.

"She left to follow her star and make a lot of money"  You write as if your opinions are fact-because the outcome for Sarah Palin was favorable. 

I will agree with you on this point:  "good for her"!

I'm glad my opinion counts as much as yours. 

I just disqualified your opinion with my opinion:)



I agree 100% and if the truth be known I would bet that Obama and his supporters were behind all those lawsuits in the first place to get rid of her because she was a thorn in his side. His tactics are so akin to those used by Hitler that it is not funny. Control of the media, wants control of the internet, control of the newspapers, wants control of radio, etc. Everyone needs to wake up and realize what they are dealing with and fight, fight, fight!!!! Thanks to you and the Tea Party for trying to wake up this great Nation of ours.


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