What did you think of Obama’s Good Friday and Easter proclamations?


Having a hard time remembering them?  That would be because he did not issue any this year.  He issued neither a Good Friday nor Easter proclamation.


Presidential proclamations are one of the ceremonial things that every President does.  Obama seems to take delight in doing them badly.  He has issued proclamations for every Muslim holiday.  He issued an incredibly politically correct and inclusive Easter greeting last year to every faith.


Hello?  Easter and Good Friday are exclusively Christian.


By an overwhelming majority, Americans are at the very least culturally Christian.  Many of them are practicing Christians.  Obama issued a lengthy proclamation for Earth Day, but of course that is an environmentalist religious holiday.


The White House spokesman made a big deal of the fact that Obama went to church on Sunday and did an Easter egg roll.  Of course the Easter egg roll would ordinarily be absolutely a no go. But Obama atoned for his sin by including convicted felons.  


Obama’s church adventure is as deliberate as everything else he does.  Every Church Obama goes to is a church that has a racist pastor.   Obama’s trip to the Shiloh Baptist church was complete with preacher Wallace Charles Smith announcing that his four week old grandson was complaining that the constitution, as written considered him only to be a 3/5 person.   I suspect the kid just needs a new diaper. 


Smith at one time compared Rush Limbaugh to the KKK.


Obama is not incompetent.  His oversight of the Easter holiday is not an accident.  Most Americans celebrate Easter.  We take Good Friday off and many Americans only go to church on Christmas and Easter.    Obama ignored Easter because it represents traditional America to him.  It represents everything about America that he hates.


Some think Obama is a Muslim.  After all, he issues proclamations for all of the Muslim holidays.  He has a radical Islamist on his White House Advisory Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  He made outreach to Arab-Muslim countries a priority.  He even told the Director of NASA his mission was to make Muslim countries feel good about their contributions to science.


Obama is not a Muslim. 


He is an Islamist sympathizer.  Obama, who is a Marxist, has no real religious beliefs.  He is most likely an atheist.   He sympathizes with the Islamists because they are the enemy of the people he also hates.  Islamists hate Christians and Jews. Islamists hate America.  Islamists hate freedom and anyone who would stand against their evil.


Don’t expect another Easter proclamation from Obama.  To be honest, I don’t care.  I simply want the un-American President gone from the White House.

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When Obama just "decides" to ignore the law and do whatever he wants to, it is way way past time for someone to call for his impeachment.  Debbie Roziki has it right.  Obama now considers himself as untouchable...he is a king with soverign riegn.  Whoever will stand and call for his impeachment could simply "walk away" with the presidency in the 2012 election.  If Jim Demint were to confront him on his 'high crimes and misdomeaners' and really push the issue, he would be president in 2012....or almost anyone else.  The trouble is that noone has the cajones to stand up to the Chicago thug who occupies the White House.  I totally agree with a statement that Michelle Obama made..." America doesn't deserve us."  I want to see Barack, Michelle, Reid, and Pelosi lead away in handcuffs and put away for life.  America is on the brink of implosion because of them and their policies.  For all of his supposed education, he never learned that you cannot borrow your way out of debt.
I don't know of a single soul with the exception of Trump, that has the gonads to stand up to obama or any of them.

t seems we are the only ones that think this rat in the W.H. is a muslim..  All TV including Fox, the Republicans, Democrats,  and now Judson says he is not...I wonder why this is... If it looks, acts, smells, and talks like a muslim, it must be a muslim.  Are we all nuts or is everyone just being politically correct?  For myself, I believe he is a muslim.

I just don't know what to think of this double talk...


You only think that because this president decided to dodge out of the National Day of Prayer. He honored Muslim Ambassadors during Ramadan, he takes off his jewelry (which is a religious tradition of theirs). he refuses to make a declaration on Easter, he chooses a guy, Rick Warren who will include praying to several gods during his inauguration, he declares we are no longer a Christian nation to Turkey, he takes off his shoes to bow down in prayer while in the middle eastern countries, he refuses to bow the the Queen of England and he hates the flag, will not wear the symbolic pin and wants to change our national anthem to "I''d Like to Teach the World to Sing," and he acknowledges Muslim contributions to the world with honor. I just don't get it.
You got the word right. They are encouraged to lie if it is to further the cause of Allah by either convincing someone to convert or to befriend him or her until it is time to end their life. We all know the only way to have peace in the world according to Islam is to rid the world of all infidels. Then we will have peace. But what about the women in bondage? When do they get to have peace? In most cults ,they are treated as lesser humans.

To be fair, and I do want to be fair - Obama did lead a prayer meeting for Easter.  Here is the link to his remarks:


He said:

"Our second Easter Prayer Breakfast.  The Easter Egg Roll, that’s well established.  (Laughter.)  The Prayer Breakfast we started last year, in part because it gave me a good excuse to bring together people who have been such extraordinary influences in my life and such great friends.  And it gives me a chance to meet and make some new friends here in the White House.

I wanted to host this breakfast for a simple reason -– because as busy as we are, as many tasks as pile up, during this season, we are reminded that there’s something about the resurrection -- something about the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ, that puts everything else in perspective. 

We all live in the hustle and bustle of our work.  And everybody in this room has weighty responsibilities, from leading churches and denominations, to helping to administer important government programs, to shaping our culture in various ways.  And I admit that my plate has been full as well.  (Laughter.)  The inbox keeps on accumulating.  (Laughter.)
But then comes Holy Week.  The triumph of Palm Sunday.  The humility of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.  His slow march up that hill, and the pain and the scorn and the shame of the cross.

And we’re reminded that in that moment, he took on the sins of the world -- past, present and future -- and he extended to us that unfathomable gift of grace and salvation through his death and resurrection.

In the words of the book Isaiah:  “But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities:  the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”

This magnificent grace, this expansive grace, this “Amazing Grace” calls me to reflect.  And it calls me to pray.  It calls me to ask God for forgiveness for the times that I’ve not shown grace to others, those times that I’ve fallen short.  It calls me to praise God for the gift of our son -- his Son and our Savior.

And that’s why we have this breakfast.  Because in the middle of critical national debates, in the middle of our busy lives, we must always make sure that we are keeping things in perspective.  Children help do that.  (Laughter.)  A strong spouse helps do that.  But nothing beats scripture and the reminder of the eternal.

So I’m honored that all of you have come here this Holy Week to join me in a spirit of prayer, and I pray that our time here this morning will strengthen us, both individually as believers and as Americans.  And with that, let me introduce my good friend, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, for our opening prayer."


I don't think it does any of us any good to call him a Muslim, so I'm glad you said you do not believe he is one.  Because that has not been substantiated.  I think it hurts us.  People laugh at the Tea Party because of this "he is Muslim" stuff!  It would be bizarre if he were secretly a Muslim - what would have been the point of that?  All those years ago, they decided to hide it because in 40 years he was going to run for President?  It just makes no sense.  Nobody could have foreseen that.  Who could possibly have thought he would become President?!  I sure as hell didn't!   And then he attends a Christian church for years and years but is secretly a Muslim?   I think he has courted the Mideast and appealed to Muslims.  Yes, he has done that.  I don't know if that was right or wrong.  But I really don't care about religion. I don't care if the president makes a proclamation about Easter, good grief.  What does the president have to do with Easter, anyway?   I found his speech about it, so, okay - he cares about Easter.  I don't!  I care about the deficit. I care about the Constitution.  I don't care what religion people are, as long as they don't try to shove it down my throat, and as long as I am free to worship as I please, because this is America. 

I stand corrected. Taqyyia. He did make a statement about the Savior of the world. He has learned a scripture. I wonder how many scriptures he remembers from the Koran? He has quoted that to the middle eastern nations while with them, speaking in Arabic of course. A Muslim is told his religion will allow him to deceive others if it is to further the cause of Allah.  Do you not know their ideal world includes taking it over? Do you not know they don't care if you have a religion or not? If you do not believe as they do , then they will just kill you or are allowed to kill you and it will not be considered murder. I have read this in their book. I think it is Sura 5:29. Not real sure. I have it written down somewhere. You have the freedom to worship as you choose in America, but not in the Islamic countries. You will suffer persecution for Christ if you are a Christian there.

Seems as though some of us are becoming brainwashed.  If you hear something long enough, you start believing the subject...

The man wrote in his own book, when the winds change, he would go with the muslims.(something to that effect).. Shoot, I guess muslim just came into his mind.. (out of all the other countries in the world)

The man is ruining our great Country, he is turning it into a third world country, leans towards all muslims and you just think this is coincidence? 

I do care about religion and I don't want sharia law, and to be forced to worship islam..

You say he was in a Christian Church for twenty some years, you had better check out that Church and its teachings.

(remember god damn america)??  Some Church!

Another thing, I truly wonder who wrote the speech on Easter Sunday.  You might also remember, he is

now campaigning..

I hear lies and more lies. If you remember correctly he lied to all Americans and now look what we have.


Frankly I don't believe any TRUE believer (true Christian) would proclaim (in a Muslim country) that the U.S. is NOT a 'Christian country', exactly what Obama did. Whether he's a Muslim or something else he SURELY is NOT a Constitution loving American. He wants to DESTROY our Constitution... plain and simple, and thinks it needs to be 'rewritten'. That is NOT the kind of person we want nor NEED as our president! I think he's far more of a Communist in his heart than anything else.

And as far as you not wanting to be 'forced to worship Islam' Carolyn that's where the 'rubber meets the road' so to speak for true Christians. We will NOT worship Islam even IF Islam was to be forced upon us! That would be the point in time when we are put into prison OR put to death for our faith. If it comes to that I pray the Holy Spirit gives me the grace and STRENGTH to die for my faith in Jesus!

Thank you!
MARK .. I think lying about his citizenship would go a long way towards cutting his presidency short. Best always, John
...could be his "long form bc" lists him not only as a muslim [his father would have insisted on it], but also as a citizen of Kenya, same as his dad...


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