There is one thing you can say for politics.  The more it changes, the more it stays the same.


That is especially true with the Republican Party which we might as well officially rename, the party of stupid. 


The Republicans are once again committing political suicide and they are paying the Democrats for the privilege of killing themselves.


What is going on?




But oh, this gets worse.


Sources today are beginning to release some of the details of the of the Immigration Amnesty plan. 


The Republicans are giving in on a pathway to citizenship.  The Democrats are salivating over the prospect of getting 15 to 20 million new voters that will make it impossible for a Republican to ever win the Presidency again.


What are Republicans getting out of this?


Perhaps the border will be secured?




The original deal had a provision that none of the provisions of the amnesty program could be implemented until a commission made up of officials from southwestern states certified that the border was secure.


Now we find out this commission will have only an advisory role and amnesty can go forward, regardless of whether the border is secured.


Does the Party of Stupid ever learn?


In 1986, we went through this.  Ronald Reagan, in one of the worst mistakes of his Presidency agreed to amnesty for three million illegals.  The deal was the illegals would get amnesty and then the border would be secured.


The illegals got their amnesty but 26 years later, the border is still not secured.


The Republican members of the so-called “Gang of eight” have sold America out for the promise of the border being secured. 


Twenty-five years from now, the border will not be anymore secured than it is today.


Someone needs to tell the GOP to buy a clue.  Creating 15 to 20 million new Democrat voters is not going to get more Republican voters. 


Democrats are once again laughing as the Republicans hand them victory. 



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Find out who the GOP are that vote for Amnesty and don't vote for them.

The GOP is already "drawing green flies" as we country boys call it.

The GOP:  Born 1856    DOA: 2012    RIP




just another career politician tactact to guy votes by spending our tax dollars. here comes more food stamps, free medical and other entitlements

Good luck on that.  I have tried to talk to mine and they don't even knowledge That I exsist, but they sure come around at election time.


The Republican Party continues to solidify my reasoning for no longer supporting them. As usual, they continue to dis their base. For the first time in decades of voting (holding my nose for the cause) I was one of the millions who stayed home on election day. And no, don't even start with **but Romney was better than Obama.** That doesn't wash any more. It was the party who got Obama re-elected. NOT me and the millions who joined me. I had a sliver, and I mean a sliver of hope for 2014, but that sliver just went out the window. The party of Reagan is dead. As Russia said in the 80s ... We won't have to fire a shot at AmeriKa. They will implode from within. Don't ya just hate it when our enemy is right? BINGO!

Hey, just out of curiosity, how'd that strategy work out for Russia? Still Communist, are they? Still our enemy (well, I know Romney thinks so)?

if any think they are not seeing the death of the rep. party i have a bridge in washington dc i need 2 seel u. cheeeeeeep!


Doesn't do me any good in PA.  I have a Dem. Representative, a Dem. Senator, Rep.Senator and all have F ratings with both Numbers USA and FAIR.  My finger tips are numb from tapping the phone and my computer in utter frustration.  These RINOS and DIMS still don't get it yet.  Once they get the ball rolling, the illegals will continue to get the jobs that "legal" Americans can't, welfare, food stamps, free entrance into our schools, free medical care, housing and every other opportunity due the hard working constituents of these corrupt legislators.

God, I am so sick and tired of this charade.

The GOP plan involves getting more Hispanics to vote GOP. At the recent meeting they agreed to stop talking "funny" about them during election season and are planning outreach campaigns with Rubio and others.

That sounds like a brilliant political plan.  The GOP wants to get enough illegal aliens (newly made legal) to elect another NON-Natural Born Citizen (Marco Rubio).

Marco is most likely a conservative (a disappearing subset of the GOP) but he was born in 1971 and his father applied for US citizenship in 1975.  He is NOT and never can be a Natural Born Citizen.

People who trash this immutable part of The Constitution can never be trusted to "support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Thanx,  VGS

And your saying Obama is legal? Why can't the repubicans do the same as the D'crats?

I NEVER said the thing in OUR White House today is legal.  "It" is NOT.

Are you suggesting the repubs should wallow in the mud of the destroyed Constitution along with the d'crats....???

I believe that is exactly what they are already doing and that is the problem.  All we have on the national political scene is an echo...NOT a choice.  (credits to Goldwater, the first presidential candidate I recall supporting.)

What we need is a choice, and not this echo.

Thanx, VGS


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