Fresh of their latest round of unilateral surrender, the Republican leadership is reassuring America that in this Congress, they will fight!


From the Hill:


President Obama will get a fight over government spending with a hike to the debt limit "whether he wants it or not," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wrote Thursday. 

In an op-ed for Yahoo, McConnell wrote that Republicans would focus on reducing spending in the next Congress, and in conjunction with the debate over raising the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling. Congress will likely need to take action on the debt limit within the next two months.

"The president may not want to have a fight about government spending over the next few months, but it’s the fight he is going to have, because it’s a debate the country needs," McConnell warned. 


McConnell called legislation he helped negotiate to avoid the effects of the so-called "fiscal cliff" earlier this week "an imperfect solution" and said the debt fight is the "perfect time" to confront the issue.



Obama has warned that he will not tolerate another extended debate over the debt ceiling. The negotiations over increasing the debt ceiling in summer 2011 resulted in an extended standoff between Obama and Republicans, the threat of a government shutdown and a credit downgrade for the country. 



A fight?




I’m sure Obama is quaking in his boots or his burka, depending. 


So what happened?   Did someone give Mitch a testosterone transplant in the last 24 hours?


He’s going to fight Obama on spending?


I realize a lot of us were born in the dark but Mitch apparently thinks that was last night. 


It would be really great if the Republican Party suddenly discovered a backbone.  It would be great is Mitch McConnell and John Boehner suddenly morphed into these great warriors for conservative values and beliefs.


Unfortunately, I’ve lived through the last two years.  Every time we needed the GOP to stand up and fight, they folded faster than Kim Kardashian going for a new headline.


Hope springs eternal and it would be great if it would happen, but some how I think my chances of winning the lottery are greater than the chances of the Republican leadership putting up a real fight on a crucial issue.

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Its just more hot air by the spineless RINO's.

That is more than air coming out of his mouth.

They gave the last election away by allowing the debt to climb higher and higher unabated. Obama sees the sell off of GM shares as his safety net for spending, that money will never see being paid back against the debt. They will spend it as fast as they can get their grubby hands on it. Boehner is in and we have to keep the pressure on them praying they find some backbone and standup for America.

Who's going to attend Obama's inauguration?

not many, the hotels are not booked for the occasion.  However, the security has ordered busses to keep the massive crowds away from His Highness.  It appears the administration is banking on a huge crowd, which may happen if they can use the busses for protection as a means to bus people in from the nearest 7 states.

I was really disappointed, I did not receive an invitation!

I'm waiting to see how well they defend the second amendment. I may send Mr. Priebus my voter registration card cut up in little pieces. I've been a registered Republican since 1963 but what I'm seeing now isn't what I signed up for.

Mine already hit the trash can.  I'm now one of the sought after independents.

Amen, Monday morning I'M changing my registration to independent. 

Mine hit the can about 6 years ago.

Mine hit the trash can close to 25 years ago, right after Reagan's presidency.

gop dead party. I've already to preibus to KMA., the gop have no stones and do not deserve AMERICAN support! The gop would not even respond to my concerns prior to the last election. Yet they wanted the TEA PARTY to rally behind their planted candidate! BS


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